2021 ScreenCraft Comedy Competition Semifinalists

by ScreenCraft on July 7, 2021

Listed below are the Semifinalists of the 2021 ScreenCraft Comedy Competition. These exceptional screenplays were selected from almost 3,100 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting!

Stay tuned for the Finalist announcement on August 4th here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the Semifinalists:

"Single A.F." Tosin Morohunfola
Agnostic Kyra Brown
Alert Level: Silver Danielle Schwartz & Briana Shucart
Amateurs Vishnu Akella
And We Danced Weston Funk
Baby Gay Joseph Servodio
Bad Business Andrew Adams
Badass Noni Salma
Baggage David Lamberston 
Band Freaks Jeff Hupp
Band of Boyfriends Steve Anthopoulos
Blackmetal Patrick Byrne & Kevin Cronin
Blue State Liz Beall
Borderline Depressed Amanda Verwey
Broom Goes the Dynamite Jeffrey Field
Butch Holly Austin & Zoe McDonald
Callbacks Bryce Marrero
Chivalry James Yantko
Christopher Pan James Yantko
Chubby Lubby Antoinette Scherer
Cicada Summer Andrew Adams
Colorless Lisa Camilla La Colla
Communists Irving Ruan
Considerable Shortcomings Brenda LePage
Cornfield Horrors  Shar Carter
Crazy Cat Lady Carrie McCray
Cusp Sid Patwa
Dog***t: A Love Story Layla Jaye
Dad Band Michael Harlow & Jeff Melvin
Dammit, Dina! Christina Shaver & Diona Oku
Did You Say Blood? James Yantko
Diet Starts Monday Sam Fickman
Don't Worry About It Melissa Kong
Emotional support Veronica Reyes-How
EPIC Fail Tom Morris
Erogenous Zone Sunny Sawhney
Every Little Thing I Wished I Said To You Taylor Whitehorn
Exorcist Stage Left Neer Shelter & Tai Scrivener
Exposure Michelle Aldridge
Family Fortune Elizabeth McKenzie
Family Planning Howard Waxman
Fermentation Christine Garver
Fernando's Last Stand Jason Harriman
Finally Ever After Cristina Williams
Finding Ben Debby Huvaere
Fishbowl Marisa Martinez Rodenbaugh
Gan-Gan, Get Your Gun Bailey Inman
George + Dolly 3374 Charles Maclay
Get Happy Thomas Douglas Mann
God Save The Queen Michael "Mickey" Falcone
Good Tidings From The Realm Dan Tappan
Grand Junction Patricia Parisi
Greener Pastures Steve Messner 
Ham Mel House
Happy Camper Adam Rottler
Her Name is Cherry Caitlin Bell
Hit the Road, Jack Paul Hand & Brett Stanning
Hoe-Mission Eric Pou
How To Snatch A Crown Dan Hass
I Love You, Margot Robbie Sav Rodgers & Taylor Gates
Imaginary Friends Amanda Prager
IT Girls Jess McLaughlan
Jaded Sid Patwa
Kaijus & Yous Benjamin Lewis
Killing for a Living Sherice Griffiths
Leave Me Be Philip Weinman
Life Coach Karl Williams
Life On My Knees Robin Uriel Russin & William Missouri Downs
Lila Tov Elana Rubin
Little Bob Robert Troccolo
Little Dick Rafael Friedan
Love Big Lydia Fiore
Lowdown Dirty Tricks Conor Walsh
Madison P.I. Harry Ford
Magical tTinking Ely Kreimendahl
Magnet For A Miracle Michael Gibney
Make New Friends Rodney Uhler
Mediocre Man! Lyric Fergusson
Meta Kathi Castoro
Mexicans Are White People Too Jonathan Lopez
Minimum Rage Brandon Burkhart
Monster Control  Keith Schneider
My Mom's Fucking Pete Davidson Chelsea Gray
No Laura Stubbs
Oh My Darling John Flynn & Jimmy Flynn
Old Soul James Vasco
One More Time! Paul A. Mendelson
Out to Pasture Carlton Norris
Over My Dead Body Amal Awad
Pants on Fire Aidan O'Loughlin
Paul Rudd's In Trouble Nick Williams & Marty Abbe-Schneider
Peasants Kristina Grosspietsch
Polarized Tom Mishra
Politically Incorrect Lindsey Gudritz
Prideless Ethan Rushmeyer
Proud Marys Jennifer Paz
Quest for the Madeleine Anthony Butters
Rap Therapy John Lowe
Re-takes Moira James-Moore
Reaching for Rye Andrew Guerrero
Recovery Room Michael Lopez
Related Tevin Knight
Riftworld E. R. Roberts
Road to Bernal Guillermo Lozano Martínez
Rocky Road Amechi Ngwe
Running On Sand Yoav Hebel, Asaf Zelicovich, Sarel Piterman & Adar Shafran
Sanmouth P-P.D. Douglas Lennox-Salinas
Saturday Night Lesbian Tracie Laymon
Secret Putin  Mackenzie Horras
Sexual Ealing Sammy Sultan & Bec Pecaut
Slush Turtles Celia Ramsey
Smallwood David Page
Soft Serve Jordan Wilson
Something Murdered Liz Benham
Spies Among Us Andrew Lee
Suburban Queen JJ Duffy
Sunset Oaks Noah Miller
Superfreak Sierra Hall
Sure-Fire Michael Goldburg, Dave Chan & Steve Wisniewski
Tales of Ardrardobard Alyssa Scholl
Taller Than You Karthik Raj
Tanuki - Man!  Jordan Guingao
The "Someday..." Play Russell Paris
The Amicable Horror Brennan Gilpatrick & Erin Walsh
The Barn Mitzvah Ilisa Aaron Parrish
The Big One Dru Johnston
The Big Swindle Greg Fortier
The Cast Party Adam Patla
The Devil You Know Chris Weber
The Documents! Johnny Cruz
The Family Business Eva Wakeford
The Fat Trap Kasi Brown & Brandon Walter
The GarbageMan Dru Johnston
The Grandmother Robert Rossetti
The Half Alan Kelly
The One-Fifth Lisa Lewis
The Privateer John Graney
The Psychedelic Fist Nicholas Sennott
The Sitch Maxson Davis
The Sleigh Bell Curve Steven Butler
The Squawker Craig Peters
The Trials of Job Curt McCray & Kent McCray
The Understudy Jenna St. John
The Worst Years Gianfranco Cuoco
Toonmates Seth Finkelstein
Twenty-Five Years - To Life Monica Schimmer
Two Fine Lines Hannah Cha
Ungodly Gracie Schufreider
Vagrant Jeanette Campbell
Walden Jamie Laski
Wannabe Allison Torem
We Got Spirit Leslie Chacon
What About the Ghost? Nate Huntley
When Horror Met Sally... Ervin Anderson
Whittier Blvd. Roxana Altamirano
Write Me Off Alex Tackett
Yes, And...No, But... Christine Sneed
Youth Ministry Laurie Magers

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