2021 ScreenCraft Comedy Competition Quarterfinalists

by ScreenCraft on June 9, 2021

Listed below are the Quarterfinalists of the 2021 ScreenCraft Comedy Competition. These exceptional screenplays were selected from almost 3,100 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting!

Stay tuned for the Semifinalist announcement on July 7th here and on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the Quarterfinalists:

"Single A.F." Tosin Morohunfola
@MurderHouse James Mulcahy
#Karen Nicole Jones
12U Erika MacArthur
1999 Jessica Durand
20 Something Tashja Turner
23 and We Jessica Kinsella
24/7 Eric Schinzer
6-0-Pho Restaurant Danny Van
8 Days Sammy Sultan
94 Shawn Djavadian
A "Skeleton's Tale" Robert Peters
A Brief History of Tim Timothy Edwards
A Carol and Ethel Production Julian Rosenblum
A Christmakkah Miracle Zoë Morgan Chiswick
A Day In Nogales Joyce Regalado 
A Fate Worse Than Death Izzy Hyams
A Girl and Her Witch Rachel Cox
A Hooligan's Guide to Volunteering Nicole Rodriguez
A Peek Behind the Curtains Brian Schwab
A Stroke of Genius Alexander Fichera
A Wedding in Sorrento Karen Lothan
Acrobatshit  Jack Olin
Adults Paige Fernandes
After Villainy Aidan Keefer
Agnostic Kyra Brown
Alert Level: Silver Danielle Schwartz & Briana Shucart
Alessandro's Vintage Andrew Baron
Alexi I Alex Murawski
Alice, Everywhere Minda Wei
Alien of Extraordinary Ability Rishan Dhamija, Edwin Joseph & Sola Fadiran
Aliens Don't Need Spaceships Sarah Sommers
All Hope Commune Kerrod Williams
All Roads Lead To Rome Sharon Samson
All Together Wild Dympna Jardine
Alligator Women Rachel Hoiles Farrell
Along For the Ride Rosario Pellerito
Altarcation  Hal Katkov
Alternate Ending Mike Carrier, Matthew D. Lieberman & Bill Posley
Amateurs Vishnu Akella
Amauteurs Chris David Smith
American Dirtbags Liam McEneaney
American Searchers Rachel Puchkoff
Amy's in the Freezer Venita Ozols-Graham & Brigitte Graham
An Unlucky Man Christian McDonald & Seth Hatfield
And No One Mourned Ky Rogers
And We Danced Weston Funk
Angels Harper Oreck
Another Coming Aaron Rutt
Anti-Hero Jacob Hamilton
Any Given Sundae Jackson Davies
Aphrodite & The Apocalypse Stacie Gancayco-Adlao
Arce Org Kelly McInerney
Asians Can't Play Jazz Carlos Gutierrez & Michael Goldenberg
Attila and The Pope Asif Mohammed Khan
Austentatious Charmaine Colina
Baby Gay Joseph Servodio
Baby Queen Max Rasmussen
Back to You Peter Berube
Bad Business Andrew Adams
Bad Influence Kevin Revie
Bad Romance Chad Wellinger
Badass Noni Salma
Baggage David Lamberston 
Band Freaks Jeff Hupp
Band of Boyfriends Steve Anthopoulos
Barnstorming: A Story of Sex and Baseball Ronald Drescher
Be Like Spike Matty Milne
Behind the Scenes Jordan Tandowsky
Below the Line Suzy Paradise, Drew Janda & Andy Curd
Best in Universe Ian Irvine
Besties Julie Bray, Angela Larson
Betting the House Steve Belanger
BFFs Never Say Die K. Jennifer Ilagan
Big Boy Chello C. Houston
Big Church Emily Fontenot
Big Mama Clara Martínez-Lázaro
Big Money Lauren Ferebee
Big Winner Mike Anderson & John Clavier
Bikini Blues: My Summer at Fat Camp Christina Lopez-Hidalgo
Bitch Got Out  Shauna Sperry
Bittersweet Andrea Reindl
Black In The Days Gilletta McGraw
Black Sheep Claire St. James
Blackmetal Patrick Byrne & Kevin Cronin
Blood Toasts and Holy Ghosts Chris Aresco
Blue Magic Jenna Dorian
Blue state Liz Beall
Blue-Collar Billionaire Robert Schultz
Blunt Civility Gregory Lakhan & James Canellos
Bombay Boy Sid Mehra
Borderline Depressed Amanda Verwey
Borrowing Time Nate Herzog
Bottomfeeders Sarah Melick
Bounty Lee Ehlers
Brazilian Wax Fabio Lattes Romeiro
Breach of Promise Gail Parent
Breaking the Fourth Wall Luke Sorge
Broom Goes the Dynamite Jeffrey Field
Brown Bag Special Garrett Schwindt
Bubbeleh! Rosie Yadid
Bucksville Rec Liza Behles
Bucky Johnson James Barnes & Garrett Vanderwielen
Build-a-Prince Jennifer Melear
Bull Boy Ryan Ebert
But Where Did You Last Put It? Andy Harrison
Butch Holly Austin & Zoe McDonald
Calamity Jen Geoffrey Scheer
Callbacks Bryce Marrero
Cam Girls Virginia Hendry
Camp Machane Ariane Friedman
Captain F*ck It Melanie Holmes
Carbon Zero  Matthew Scheffler
Carnies Mike Knox
Chasing Impala Dylan Volman
Cheaters Brittany Harris & Caitlin Gallo
Chinesetown Andrea Apuy
Chivalry James Yantko
Christmas Envy Ilan Saragosti
Christmastime Wonderland Sarah Soderquist & Kallie Tenney
Christopher Pan James Yantko
Chubby Lubby Antoinette Scherer
Church Bus Matthew Singleton
Cicada Summer Andrew Adams
Clap or Coil? Barbara Vonau
Classic Clown Paula Harer
Clean Slate Indigo Hinton
Coach Matthew Stewart
Colorless Lisa Camilla La Colla
Coming of Rage Elliot Clifford
Communists  Irving Ruan
Community Service Alex King
Comrades Melissa Milich
Confessions of a Zombie Girl in a Human World  Karma Christine Salvato 
Connections Johnny Griffith
Considerable Shortcomings Brenda LePage
Conversation Killers! Dominique Reid
Cooper Adler's Romantic Comedy Jeff Opdyke
Cornfield Horrors  Shar Carter
Costa Del Monstruo Ben Hyland
Crazy Cat Lady Carrie McCray
Crazy, Sexy, Ghoul Rissa Thomas
Crazy, Sexy, Murder  Jesse Klein
Crutch Brandon Morganstein
CUSP Sid Patwa
Cyclers Therese Ramstedt
D.I.N.K (Double Income, No Kids) Xan Wynne-Jones
D0G ***T: A Lover Story Layla Jaye
Dad Band Nick Wakeham
Dad Band  Michael Harlow, Jeff Melvin
Daddy Issues Jamie Kessler
Dalston Junction Chris Craymer
Dammit, Dina! Christina Shaver & Diona Oku
Damsel Avery Girion
Dave Deserves It Steve Kolock
Dead Enders Brent Hartinger
Dead Parents Society  Aliki Raisis & Emma Rosenthal
Debbie's Dry Spell  Vanessa Every-Burns
Detectin' Tara Carbone
Devil in the Details Olivia Fasullo
Did You Say Blood? James Yantko
Diet Starts Monday Sam Fickman
Disappointment Asians Jean Kim
DNA  Heather Farlinger
Dog Mom Tamra Teig
Dog Person Nikki Saltz
Domesticated Jeremy Black
Don't Worry About It Melissa Kong
Dr. Jackie & Ms. Heidi Diane Lansing
Drinking Games Ashley Olds & Hillary Schoelzel
Dying To Love You Rena Varghese & Mathew Varghese
Earth to Heaven Aimée Kwan
Easy Money Chris Keppel
Eddie's Complex Anna Carolina dos Santos Israel
Eleanor of Ellendale of Earth  Hunter Ridgway
Elvis Escobar & Juniper Lea Shreyas Ayaluri
Emerging Lanes Fred Lanzetta
Emus in the Outback Rabia Shinawi
Enjoy Your Stay Joe Rene
Entertainment 74 Ryan Falcheck
Eon Marine Mondelot
Epic Fail Tom Morris
Epic Occasions Alana Grace
Erogenous Zone Sunny Sawhney
Eternity Cruise Jane Schuelke
Every Little Thing I Wished I Said To You Taylor Whitehorn
Everything Has Changed Sufian Abulohom
Ex-Life Kevin Walsh & Brian Biancardi
Exorcist Stage Left Neer Shelter & Tai Scrivener
Exposure Michelle Aldridge
Extracurriculars Grace Shaffer
Fake It Till You Make It Hedyeh Bozorgzadeh
Falling In Line Anita Chandwaney
Family Fortune Elizabeth McKenzie
Family Planning Howard Waxman
Fangirls Jessica Jolly
Father McNulty's Discount Exorcisms Brendan Boogie
Fearless Leader Jarrod Bogan & Emily Clark
Feelin' Horny Megan Burr
Fermentation Christine Garver
Fernando's Last Stand Jason Harriman
Figuring It Out Tracy A. Whitaker
Final Spree Mike Bianco
Finally Ever After Cristina Williams
Finding Ben Debby Huvaere
Fire and Ice Julian Bridges & Bernadette Bridges
Fire House 5 Joseph Baker
First Comedian Ross Copeland
Fish & Chip Gianmarco Giacomelli & Doug Barden
Fishbowl Marisa M. Rodenbaugh
Fix Mariah Wilson
Fix Daddy Tex Gresham
Flavorite Son Kristopher Keyes
Fog Merchants Sean Keating
Foodie: The Begrudging Palate of Berwin Trug Xan Wynne-Jones
Fortified Ross Compton
Foster City Defne Gencler
Fowl Road Matthew Flynn
Frayed Amber Lane
Freerunner Calvin Starnes
Fresh Start Doug Williams
Furniture and Textiles Tony Akio Cohen
Gan-Gan, Get Your Gun Bailey Inman
Ganny's Ashlee Bell Caress
George + Dolly 3374 Charles Maclay
Georgia Peach Michi Broman
Get Famous Vincenzo Lucciola
Get Happy Thomas Douglas Mann
Getting Bi Daisy Margolis
Ghost Mom Kiran Hefa
Ghosted Zach Grossman & Sasha Grossman
Ghosted Kate Beacom & Lacey Jeka
Ghostpital Benjamin Lewis
Giddy Up Karis Clark
Gimme Danger Lacey Jeka
Girl and her Monster Terry Newman, Orso Vesperini & Carole Starcevic
Girl Dad Scott Champion
Girl On A Swing Shanna Reed
Girls In Bands Ellen Waddell
Gita's Fish Emily Kron
Go Darts Tim Corrao
God Knows Jack Karen Smith
God of Desire Judi MacKenzie & Irv Rich
God Save The Queen Michael "Mickey" Falcone
Gold Diggers Alex MacDonald
Golden Boy Maria Edible
Good Tidings from the Realm Dan Tappan
Good Times at the Old Town Funk David Wingert
Goodbye Pal Kevin Barry
Gospel According to Admin Grace Fetterman
Grand Junction Patricia Parisi
Grandudes Christopher Petty & Michael Hagan
Granny Annie's Michael Lemme
Great Ape War: Destroy the Ape Fortress! Dylan Cheely
Greek Kat in America  Despina Moraitou
Green Wars Warren Clarke
Greener Pastures Steve Messner 
Griffith Park Zeke Farrow
Hall of Presidents Alasdair Mcmullan & Louis Ferrante
Ham Mel House
Happy Camper Adam Rottler
Hashtag Winning Emma Kidd
Hater House Jace Serrano
Haunting with the Hunts Jacob Korell 
Head Over Heels Mary Anthony
Heart Land Lauren Ciaravalli
Heavy Metal Heat Sam Hergott
Heisteded Steve Dawson
Hellbeing Inc. Danny Dalah
Her Name is Cherry Caitlin Bell
High Rollers Erik Howard
Hippity Hoppity Troy Sloan
Hit the Road, Jack Paul Hand & Brett Stanning
Hoe-Mission Eric Pou
Holiday H.O.A. Kate Longoria
Holiday Help Karl Erikson
Home Sarah Mack
Home for Hanukkah Aviva Peltin
Home Schooled Sam Wiles
Honeypot Erika Sheffer
House Ghost Lynnette Kraft & Abigail Kraft
How To Play The Game Candice Currie
How To Snatch A Crown Dan Hass
Hubble TV Pilot ' Hubble Trouble' Loren O'Brien
Hugs Not Drugs: Pilot Edward Dorsey
I am the Half-Sister Rebecca Greene
I Didn't Kill Your Dog Antonio Hontoria
I Love You, Margot Robbie Sav Rodgers & Taylor Gates
I Would Like To Thank Benedict Ransley
I'm a Prisoner in an Alien Zoo! Adam Kaiser
I'm Your Boogieman Daniel Shepardson
Illuminati & Son Kyle Vorbach & John Horan
Imaginary Friends Amanda Prager
Impossumible Rich Swingley
In The Loop Chad Savage
In-State Lincoln Anderson
Inconceivable Sean Coyle
Influencers Adam Somang Karlson
Intergalactic Academy Sunny Karnan
Interstellar Investigators  Nicole Delprado & Joanna Beveridge
Isle of Adolescence Adam Breseman
IT Girls Kelsey Ross
IT Girls Jess McLaughlan
It's A Rental Michael Mamrak
Jaded Sid Patwa
Jane Dough Peter Quinn
Jay Walking in Vegas  Stephen Montagne
Jenny-Z Sean Conrad
Jewtoring  Max Lorne
Jezebel Saves the World Meghan Ross & Spencer Magloff
Johnny Ferrari Jon Harrison Taylor
Jos Ethan Cvitanic
Josh & Davy's Psychedelic Jungle Journey Alex Kellerman
Judy The Executioner Jason Kemp & Chris Thoman
Judy's search for God Dave Wade
Jumpers Ben Hyland
Kaijus & Yous Benjamin Lewis
Karen, The Spy L.J. Sellers
Kill Your Selves Vol 1 Enrique Quintero
Killer Wives Susy Kane
Killing for a Living Sherice Griffiths
Killing Kelly Katy Erin
Killing Polly Brian King
Krum & Volley Matthew Taylor
Ladies & Gentlemen  David Zuckerman & Benjmin Goodwin
Lainey Goldling's Story of the Day Aaron Ruttenberg
Leanne's Man L. Andrew Cooper
Leave Me Be Philip Weinman
Legacy Wars Michael Danon
Less Actives Adam Broud
Life Boat David Watson
Life Changes Garrett Wright
Life Coach Karl Williams
Life of an Instamodel Jax Dell'Osso
Life On My Knees Robin Uriel Russin & William Missouri Downs
Life or Death News Charlie Fay
Life, Death, and Derek Justin Butler
Life's So Sweet Thomas Palmer
Lifeless Patrick Dinicola
Lila Tov Elana Rubin
Little Bob Robert Troccolo
Little Dick Rafael Friedan
Little League Nicholas Piccirilli
Live at Five Risdon Bonnell
Local Caroline Connolly
Local Talent Joshua Brine
Lord Ockley & The Alien Stan Evans
Lost Souls Paul A. Mendelson
Love & Lasers Ervin Anderson
Love and Other Beautiful Messes Stacie Shellner
Love Big Lydia Fiore
Love Rolls Jimmy Kelly
Loving Ebeneezer Gene Wolande & John Wright
Lowdown Dirty Tricks Conor Walsh
Lucky Thomas Sturm
Madison P.I. Harry Ford
Magical Thinking Ely Kreimendahl
Magnet For A Miracle Michael Gibney
Make New Friends Rodney Uhler
Man Heaven Alexandra Ares
Mansplaino Dava Whisenant & Steve Young
Manthropocene  Andrew Dahlquist
Mara Palermo Discovers America Louise Lynch
Marge and Deborah's Haunted Halloween Hayride Johnathan Brugal
Marshall Jack Boswell
Masters of Reality Kiara Taylor
Match Made In Heaven Serita Stevens
Maybelline Leanne Porter
Mediocre Man!  Lyric Fergusson
Meet Me at Maxim's Adam Korbitz & Anastasia Korbitz
Mellow Drama Eric Cheng
Memorabilia  Robert Mearns
Mergers and Acquisitions Emmett Loverde
Meridian Claire Kane & Katie Verde
Messy Christian Grier
Meta Kathi Castoro
Mexicans Are White People Too Unnamed
Minimum Rage Brandon Burkhart
Misconduct David Ferris
Mobbed Up Angelique Gray
Modern Arcana  Ivan Beste
Mom Job Kira Soltanovich
Monastic Diana Aydin
Monotony Seth Koury
Monster Control  Keith Schneider
More of Me Jade Shine
Morning Talk Anthony Canavaciol
Mortified Andy Knuth
Mosquito Jake Schick
Most Magical Kaleigh Koenig
Mother Nature and the Doomsday Prepper  Laurie Criego
Motherf**ker Wilder Carnes & Austin DeShayes
Motherhoofers Chris Oneill 
Mr. Darcy & Me Madeleine Chalk
Mr. Pupular Hamish Johnson
Murder Included James Oliver
Murder Most Unfortunate Polly Morris, Brian Harries
Murder She Raps John Lowe
Muslim AF Aminah Bakeer Abdul-Jabbaar
My Best Friend's Love Story Ushmey Chakraborty
My Favorite Idol Andrew Liou
My Mom Solves Mysteries Kirk Damato
My Mom's Fucking Pete Davidson Chelsea Gray
My Wedding At Auschwitz Evelyne Werzowa
Myth Squashers Molly Vogel
Nannies of Belle Meade Jessica Walter
Nasty Gabriela Tollman
Nearly Dead M. K. Martini
Neurotique James Chatterton
Never Trust Santa Kimberly Pierce & J. Pierce
New Hope stephanie wain
Nip + Suck Judd Schlossberg
no Laura Stubbs
No Escape: "No Escaping Each Other" Casey Black Lybbert
No Homo Nicholas Gutierrez
No Thank You Nina Concepción
Not so Nun, "Dirty Panties" Ricardo Lopez
Nunners Olivia Roos
O.L.D. (Old Lady Dicks) Karen T. Hartline
Oakville Elementary Jordan Rowe
Oedipus Hex Paul Newton & Cheryl Bealer-Wynton
Oh My Darling John Flynn & Jimmy Flynn
Old Soul James Vasco
OMG, Same Terence Brody
Once Upon A Crime Gary Sharp
One More Time! Paul A. Mendelson
One-Night Stand   Shaneequa Cannon
Onny  Nonie Shiverick
Out to Pasture Carlton Norris
Out-of-Wedlock Reid Winston-Stephens
Outclassed Nat Roberts
Over My Dead Body Amal Awad
Pam Does College Amy Haeussler
Pants on Fire Aidan O'Loughlin
Parish Hayes Matthews
Patoma Fitness Belton DeLaine-Facey
Paul Rudd's In Trouble Nick Williams 7 Marty Abbe-Schneider
Peasant Sid Patwa
Peasants Kristina Grosspietsch
Penmar By The Sea Michael Leavitt
Penny For Your Thoughts Natalie Marye
People Persons PJ Audenzia
Persephone Pan Heidi Hayward
Pet Project Jimmie Pelyhes
Placebo Kate Johnson
Please Gamble Responsibly James Grisdale
Please Please Please Renee Swindle
Polarized Tom Mishra
Politically Incorrect Lindsey Gudritz
Pope Jane David Bush
Poppy Nepa Khatun
Practical Ones Liz Van Hoose
Prideless Ethan Rushmeyer
Private Di Alex May
Proud Marys Jennifer Paz
Puppy Love Thomas Douglas Mann
Pursuing Piper Jennifer Ball
Qubit Darren Moran
Quest for the Madeleine Anthony Butters
Radical Evan Despian
Re-Takes Moira James-Moore
Reaching for Rye Andrew Guerrero
Rearranged Shari Ortner Middleman & Shelby Siegel
Rebound Dan Grove
Recovery Room Michael Lopez
Red Light, Green Light Cameron Thrower & Joe McKernan
Red, White, & Juan Ross Fischer
Redo: This Mediocre Life Rebecca Greene
Regal Pete Tellouche
Related Tevin Knight
Rennies Jeffrey Cleary
Respect Your Elders Angelica Gregory
Retired Carlos Nahuel Cerutti
Revengers Megan Kingsbury
Revolution Kevin Curran
Rez Life Jazz Pitcairn
Ride Sharing Jenny Walton
Riftworld E. R. Roberts
Rinku's Sister's Wedding Leena Manro
Rino Lauren Wright
Rise & Grind Levi McCachen
Rising Above Mania kelly karam
Rival Hearts Jon Ramsten
Road to Bernal Guillermo Lozano Martínez
Robot4President Colm HIll
Rock 'Til You Die Adam Allen
Rock Bottom Scott van Beever
Rock Hard Dan Healey
Rock Me (Like a Hurricane) Stanley Pomianowski & Elimarie Pomianowski
Rocket Girl Kevin Noonan
Rocky Road Amechi Ngwe
Roll Call Anngelica-Marie Eshesimua
Rossi, Rossi, & Rossi Charles Stockman
Running On Sand Yoav Hebel, Asaf Zelicovich, Sarel Piterman & Adar Shafran
Russell the Sea Monster Zef Husain
Safe Zone Rubyn Warren
Sammy Joel Momberg
Sanmouth P-P.D. Douglas Lennox-Salinas
Sasquatch Love 1975 Kent Shave
Saturday Night Lesbian Tracie Laymon
Saving Barkimedes Drew Homchick
Scavengers Monica Graves
schismatic.FM Jon Ramsten
Schoolgirl Gangster Timothy Patrick O'Neill
Screws Michael Knox
Second Chance Sahib Bathla
Secret Putin  Mackenzie Horras
Security Patrick Ross - Spurrell
Seeing Stars Fabio Bondi
Senioritis Julian Berger
Seniors Sammy Sultan & Shirley Miller
Serial Drive Charles Bartley
Serial Kyla Xan Wynne-Jones
Settling Sounds Nil Unerdem Riedmiller
Seville Paul A Mendelson
Sexual Ealing Sammy Sultan & Bec Pecaut
Shabadoodah L.E. Coleman
Shade Tianna Maye
She's Out Of This World Kristina Felske & Ellie Race-Moore
Sherwood Amanda Prentiss
Shipped Stacy Ochoa-Luna
Side Quest Michael Tannenbaum & Louie Aronowitz
Siena Christina Wollesen
Sign Spinners Matt Hausmann
Silicon Girls Ellen Ancui
Silk Champs Alyssa Jaffe, Gregg Jaffe & Bobby Brower
Sin List Hattie Soykan
Singletown Alex Klein
SK8 Neima Patterson
Skyview Crossing Collin Gossel
Slush Turtles Celia Ramsey
Smallwood David Page
Smart Puck Ryan Anker
Snowflakes Ryan Costello
Soft Serve Jordan Wilson
Something Murdered Liz Benham
Son of a Beach Dali Carvajal
Sorry for Your Loss Matthew Campanella
Southwest Ryan Falcheck
Space Case Hannah Lewis
Space Cats Walker Bickmore
Space Suckers Derick Otto & Rebecca Arnold
Spies Among Us Andrew Lee
Spinner & Marie Joanne Thomson
Sponsored Alec Scholzen
Sports News Network John Frey
Springa Nick Rile
Squat! Bo Bennett
Squirt Stacy Dackson & Stephen Dackson
Stage People Teddy Fischer
Steven Kim Is Having a Really Bad Day Haley Hwang
Stoned Out Ben Daves
StoneDead Matthew Corley
Stripped Hershel Tamboli
Stuck In Rewind Jonathan Sohn
Stuck-Up Scumbags of the 8th Grade: Illustrated Luke Johnson
Stuffed Mark Keavney
Stupid American Rob Sitter
Suburban Queen JJ Duffy
Sugar Lips Amanda Scherker
Summoner Sam Downes & Claude Des Forges
Sunset Lanes Elena Weinberg
Sunset Oaks Noah Miller
Super Grand Old Masters Oren Shafir
Superfreak Sierra Hall
Supermarket Zombies (You are what you eat!) Rick Dunning
Sure-Fire Michael Goldburg, Dave Chan & Steve Wisniewski
Surviving and Thriving Allison Reese
Suspicious Minds Adam Bulger
Sweet Valley Spy Sierra Hall
Tales of Ardrardobard Alyssa Scholl
Taller Than You Karthik Raj
Tanuki-Man! Jordan Guingao
Telemedicine Patrick Tierney
Thai-American Sex Comedy James Moore
That Ain't Kosher  Greg Goldberg & Michael Giampa
That Girl From the Video Rick Elliott
The 'Pause Karen T. Hartline
The "Someday..." Play Russell Paris
the 1 & only MJ Girls Mario (Mars) Wolfe
The Alien Within Isaiah Fitzhugh
The Amicable Horror Brennan Gilpatrick & Erin Walsh
The Aspergerers Karen Nussbaumer
The Barn Mitzvah Ilisa Aaron Parrish
The Bastard Prince Stephen Notley
The Bet Kyle Berman
The Big Leagues Curran Sullivan
The Big Leagues Miguel Maldonado-Velasco III
The Big One Dru Johnston
The Big Swindle Greg Fortier
The Block Kwame Johnson
The Boy in the Bubble Rob Thorman
The Bull Baby Ziyad Saadi
The Bully Squad Perrin Spychala
The Cast Party Adam Patla
The Christmas Toast Jocelyn Osier
The Clean-Up Jabez Olssen
The Crew Chester Howie
The Delegate Mark Joyce
The Devil You Know Chris Weber
The Do-Over Tia Devlin
The Documents! Johnny Cruz
THE Dooling Twins Robert Rogers
The Early 2ks! Michael Langer
The Exchange Students Lisa Penner-Dang
The Expat Randy Steinlauf
The Fabulous First Ladies Fabio Borges
The Facility Ariel Schmiedhauser
The Family Business Eva Wakeford
The Fat Trap Kasi Brown & Brandon Walter
The flight of the tits Esther Di Raimo
The Flutist Justin Rubner
The Fool's Errand John Murphy & Chris Bramante
The Franchise Yoni Schanzer
The Furry Fortune Justin Ward
The G.O.A.T. Sid Patwa
The Games We Play - Pilot Kate Trgovac
The GarbageMan Dru Johnston
The God of Social Media Tom Kalaj & Jason Reif
The Goods Scott Wegener 7 Irvin Castillo
The Grandmother Robert Rossetti
The Greatest Race Adam Somang Karlson & Joe Hayes
The Grove Sammy Pisano
The Half Alan Kelly
The Hanukkah Games Jordyn Rochwerg
The Hell Househusbands of Hollywood Hills Marisa Martinez
The Incredible League of Incredibly Practical Superheroes Kristen McNaule
The Influencer Competition Adam Hersh
The Interrogation Unit Andrew Young 7 Edward Pritchard
The Last Chance Detective Agency Bill Meeks
The Life of Paula Pablo Rivera
The List: A Single Lady’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Baby Daddy Brit Cowan
The Log Book Marrissa Coccaro
The Loophole Nathen Fullmer & Kory Banning
The Love Jinx Ervin Anderson
The Madam Giovanni Porta
The Madresa Nesa Huda
The Mancini Funeral Donato Sardella
The Mustangs Lizzy Hogenson
The Mythical Golden Trout  Craig Peters
The Newspaper Club Matthew Dalto
The Oddfather Adam Farhi
The One and Only Joseph Rein
The One-Fifth Lisa Lewis
The Orchard Zach Sharma
The Other Brother Thomas Douglas Mann
The Other Mikey Vlad Peters
The People Team Jerry Hsu
The Pick-Up Ben Gillman
The Present is Female Lulu Cheri
The Privateer john graney
The Psychedelic Fist Nicholas Sennott
The Purpose of a Lighthouse Gabe Berry
The Queen Annes Elizabeth J. Musgrave
The Real Dance Moms Of Hackensack Craig Donnelly
The Real Witches of Salem Vanessa Pegram
The Red Dahlia Elena Zaretsky
The Revengers Alex DiTullio
The Searchers Dana Rosendorff
The Seaward Benjamin Lewis
The Sitch Maxson Davis
The Sleigh Bell Curve Steven Butler
The Slump Travis Kennedy
The Spiderlings Matt Friedman
The Squawker Craig Peters
The Stand-Up Lou Wollin
The Summer at Beddington Shores Colin Hanner
The System Is Broken Bad Ryan Quinn
The Trials of Agnes Brown Sophia Birks
The Trials of Job Curt McCray & Kent McCray
The Understudy Jenna St. John
The Valley Ben Gaudette
The Wife Taker Frank Pasquine & Jack Picone
The Worst Years Gianfranco Cuoco
The Wrong Sisters Sara Culver & Tim Hodgin
Thief Depot David Rivas
Thirsty David Koutsouridis
This Is Me Leaving You Ellie Bambach Morello
This Land is Our Land Austin Rodriguez
Three Nights at a Lodge Ben Mansbridge
Thunder Ripper Jeff Walsh
Thursdays with Earl Michael Maitland
Time Holes Steve Szlaga
Tinseltown Morgan Evans
Titanes Seth Gilbert & Julieta Gilbert
Toilet Hooch Josh Jashinski
Token Gods Roxana Altamirano
Toonmates Seth Finkelstein
Total Witches Christine Lawless
Train Buddies Paolo Chianta
Transplanted Matthew Conlin
Treating Tom Maahir Khan
Trippin' Dana Rosendorff
Tripping With Mom Nicole Cannon
Tug Valley Carla Cackowski
Turnkey Lauren Gilbert
Twenty-Five Years - To Life Monica Schimmer
Two Fine Lines Hannah Cha
Two Wolves and a Lamb Dan Berenholz & John Basenfelder
U-Haul Max Foley
U2TERUS Melanie Jeffcoat
UFO Phil Eric Huffman
Uncle Dick's Fortune Jesse Liila
Under The Influence Heather Colvin
Undercover L.A.P.E. Christopher Prince
Underwood Adam Fowler
Undressing Becca Ayers
Unfinished Business Meredith Dietz
Ungodly Gracie Schufreider
Ungraceful George Acavalos
Unhoused Daniel Ferrell
Unladylike Alena Chinault
Unscriptured Jaron Watts
UnSocial Nick Coffman
Unsuccessful Sarah Beauchamp
Untitled Detroit Project Josh Gibert & Charlie Newhart
Untitled Life Jenn Liu & Susan-Kate Heaney
Untitled Penpal Project Haley Daniels & Owen Thiele
Untitled Veronica Reyes-How  Veronica Reyes-How
Unwell Hannah Rae Dillon
Vagrant Jeanette Campbell
Vamp Elko Jordan
Van Kiki Bowman
Van Life Paris Adkins
Very Special Bill Meeks
Village People Steven Fisher
Virgins Sophie Hessekiel
Vote & Die Maggie Mae Fish
Walden Jamie Laski
Walt Robert Troccolo
Wampus Cat Jessica Wei
Wannabe Allison Torem
Wastman's Fun Camp Reuben Glaser
Watch It! I'm a God! Kimberly Pierce & J. Pierce
Watering Holes James Barker
We Call It Family Zander Janjigian Colbeth
We Got Spirit Leslie Chacon
We Made A Zombie B. Isabella Bodnar
We're Not A Cult, Per Se... Kevin Engelking
Wendy the Domme Rachel Music
Whacked Melanie Holmes
What About the Ghost? Nate Huntley
When Horror Met Sally... Ervin Anderson
Whittier Blvd. Roxana Altamirano
Why Are You Like This? Samuel Oh
Why Goofy Hates Mickey Rick Helin
Why in Wyoming? Matthew Baetz
WiFi Not Available Brett Cline
Wingman Andrea Apuy
Wingmom Kelly Shanley
Wit Happens Tracy Curtis
Woke Up In A War Jon Mishner
Wolfoyotes (or how half-wolf half-coyote monsters almost destroyed the world) Johnathan Brugal
Woman in Progress (WIP) Nathalie Hernandez
Working Relationship Matt Warren & Aaron Nelson
Worst Christmas Ever Brenda LePage
Worst Top Chef Matthew Dalto
Write Me Off Alex Tackett
WTF Is Happening? Kiana Butler Jabangwe
Yes, And...No, But... Christine Sneed
Yes, Chef Nicky Guerreiro & Ethan Simon
Yo, We're Dying Keisha Prince
You Belong With Me Joe Stevens
You Can't Scare Marge Packman Rachel Taenzler
You Work, I Party Will Bannister
You're Killing Me Mike Carrier
Youth Ministry Laurie Magers
Zenda Paul A. Mendelson 
Zombidiots Michael Grebb

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