2020 ScreenCraft Drama Competition Quarterfinalists

by ScreenCraft on August 26, 2020

Listed below are the Quarterfinalists of the 2020 ScreenCraft Drama Competition. These exceptional screenplays were selected from almost 3100 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting!

Stay tuned for future announcements here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages within the next few weeks! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the Quarterfinalists:

'Round Midnight with the Ku Klux Klan Mark Ruffin
"Anesthesia" Matt Fuller
(Hysterical Silence) Corbin Godfrey
(True) North HF Crum
#Karen Nicole Jones
1066 Ben Mansbridge
45 Stories Eric Berg
A 21st Century Rock Star Vineel Yarlagadda
A Couple of Months Deborah Riley
A Grim Reality Ryan Turk
A Legacy of Lines Renee Padmore
A Life's Unraveling Michael Aparicio
A Little Bit More Dennis Hennessey
A Little South of Sanity Ross Abdelnour
A Little Victory J Bird Lathon
A Lo Mío Ester Song Kim
A Man Called White Randy Hines
A Name You Can Trust Andrew Murga
A No Fly Zone John Helms
A Place To Call Home Luke Fuller
A Reindeer Story Jay Johnson & Lisa Juslin
A Relative Unknown Lynne Logan
A Revolutionary Act Lisa Russell
A Road Well Traveled Jay Robert Scott
A Safe Space Erica Sinclair
A Satisfied Mind Emily Rutkowski 
A Shore Odyssey Alexander Guerriero
A Solitary Soul Ronni Peck
A Spectacular Boy Scott Boxenbaum
A Stranger To Violence Andy Smith
A Tent on Jupiter Derek Nicoletto
A Thin Blue Line Gabriel Gonzalez
A Treasured Curse Fiona Stuart
A Wolf on Fairmount Travis Cox & Robert Williams
A Yemeni Alyssa Amer
A.L.L.-timate Super Power Tim Morrill
Ability Bryan Sisto
Abs of Steel Shivan Giri
Adeliz A. S. Thompson
Adverse Effects Taylor Gruenloh
After You Phaylen Fairchild
Agency Rebecca Lieberman
Airmed One Ty Strange
AJAX Aaron Kadkhodai & Matt Kawecki
All Good Men George Rubino
All is Not Lost Ruth Johnson
All Of The Everything Anne Carmack
All That's Left Nakeia Pugues
All The King's Horses Sandra Landin
All the Planes Fly to Rio Ilaria D'Elia
All This Wind Shakes No Corn Mitch Yapko & Allen Rueckert
All We Have Michael Corleone
Almost Heaven Alex Kramer
Alpha & Amie Radia Hassan
Alto Pictures Presents Archer Miller
Always We Begin Again Nic Cohen
America's Noble Vincent Fuentes
American Blue Jen Bieser
American Infamy Takeo Hori
American Massacre  Joe Bousquin
American Psyche Richard Nguyen & Vinita Mehta
An Image Of Mourning Alex Goulea
An Incredible Journey Eryka Alanna
Anartist Haynie Walker
Anastácia John Kuri
Anderlecht Omar Khalifa
AnDREa Tiffany Brooks
Animal Lovers Only Tom Ecobelli Heather George
Annabella James Marios Ellinas
Anne Bonny Hannah Silverman
Anon: An American Tragedy John Mercado
Architect Rich Murray
Arnaq Nicholas Edmunds
Arthur: Once and Future King Emily Stepp
As You Were Stephanie Lewis
Ascension Nick Moschetto
Ashes Kevin Fox
Ashes of War Homero Bueno
At Home Marissa High
At The Displeasure Of The President Brian Cohen
Attack Therapy  Warren Clarke
Atticus Jeremiah Lewis
Audrey's Children Julia Fisher Farbman
Away With My Heart Hoyt Richards
Awoke Jeremy Engler
Backbone Annette Cohen
Bad Hombres Filup Molina
Bang Bang BOOM Flossie McKnight
Barking Mad Kathleen Eccles
Barron's Cove Evan Kelman
Beasts of Burden  Thomas Gaunt
Behavioral Sink: Pilot Episode Thomas Muller, Eugene Mont
Bellyache Andy Compton
Belonging Kirk John-Williams
Betsy and the Emperor Staton Rabin
Better Late Kristy Ellington
Beyond Fatima Jenny Fumarolo
Biba + Tru Martina Muhoberac
Binding Mike Sheriff
Birth Robb Juarez
Birthright Charlie Spencer
BITCH Joy Frelinghuysen
Bitterroot Kiefer Lloyd
Black Monk Time Robert Jordan
Blackout Wesley MacInnes
Blank Canvases Peter Sreckovic
Bleach, Please Urvashi Pathania
Blind Justice Ramona Taylor
Blood Dog Audrey Lorea
Blood Libel Jenn Jeffers
Blood Red Light Andrew Saunders & Tim Saunders
Blossom Sanjna Bharadwaj
Blue Comedy Vincent Accettola
Boat People David Kane
Boxcar Racer Leticia Ayroza
Boxes Shawn Maus
Boys Will Be Anne Carmack
Bracketing Stephanie Alban
Breakwater Chris Gibbon
Brides and Goddesses Yasmeen Alkooheji
Broken Land Ricardo Lira
Broken Mirror Lori Stansal
Broken Pieces Allison Rose Meek
Brooklyn of the South Ashley P Jones
Bugbear Thomas Krygier
Burdened Tess Meyer
Burning Sea Christos Kardana
Burning Woman Harrison Pierce
Business J.P. Meyboom
Butter Bridge Darren Teo
By The Book Andrea Lawson
By the Light of the Moon Quinlan Orear
Camera Ready Stephen Montagne
Capsized Scott Corbett
Carlos/ The Prisoner Justin Ferrato
Carolina Cruel Brandon Sparks
Carrion Sarah Stunt
Carry Me Back Claire Fortier
Casserole Martin Wathen
Casualties of Truth & Lies Brian Thompson
Changing Views Kari Mote
Channel Bibi Rajan Gill
Chaos in Paradise Jay Smith
Charlatans Jimmy Prosser
Che's Granddaughter Jim Littlejohn
CHICXULUB John Houston
Children on The Edge of Forever Roberto Fuertes
Chokepoint Tamra Teig
Chong Julie Lew
Chulo's Hideous Jacket C. Victor LeBreton
Classified Peter Rivera & Justise Ortiz
Cloud Of Witnesses William O'Leary
Club House Adam Simmons
Coal William Fowler
Coaled Blood Sean Perry
Columbia Jesse Martin
Coming of Age Kate Royal
Coney Jesse Klein
Confessions of a Police Clown Chris Zeth
Convicted Randall Wolff
Cool New Town Julie Sharbutt
Cope Jasmine “Jaz Imani” Davis
Copper Ridge Rebecca Ghusn
Corolla Jackson Chow
County Road 44 Aaron Michael Bailey & Troy Fresch
Court Order Raynard Goodman
Courtesan Dan Williams
Cowboy Mak Thomas Hand
Crashing Cars Jeff Cole
Criminal Studies Brady Morell
Cruel Pecans Jonny Flores
Cruelty by Design Joe Holt
Cry For Me Michael Gaty
Cuddabuh Leah Bognanni
Cure Penn Javdan
Curls Jamie Morris, Aaron Sheer
Cutting Board Francesco Battaglia
Dance Of The Celtic Wild Brook Simmons
Dark Irish Erin Kathleen
Daughter Shiyan Zheng
Daydreamers Soma Helmi
Deadstick Stephen Barber
Dear Brown People Mauricio Costa
Definitely Not a Monster Brea Cola Angelo
Destiny's Road Kameishia Wooten
Devil's Rain Tami Ryder
Die Before You Die Timothy Parr
Dig David Vieux
Dilation Mike Sheriff
Disconnect Katie Constantine
Distillation Olivia Appleby
Dollar Princess Emily-Anne Mikos
Driftwood Jonathan Melikidse
Ducklings Krusan Sivanayagam
Duty To Warn Courtney Hill
Election Day Kyle Bown
Eliou, My Son Escapes Joel Juarez
Elite Carson Russ
Empire Dustin Brown
Enabled Michael Scott
enCounter: north John Kuri
Entangled Jeffre Lowe
Eva's American Dream Isabella Bodnar
Every Note Played David Mandell & Monet Clayton
Everything Allowed in Heaven Blake Braden
Exiled Becca Mann
Exit The Sheep Jeffre Lowe
Expatriados (Limited Series Pilot) Tom Richard Santos
EXPATS - Episode 101: "Expats (Pilot)" Bilal Raychouni
Eye On The Sparrow Marcus Bleecker
Faint of Heart Jeremy Palmer
Fair Game Kev Quaid
Fair Game Kent Reason
Fall Kids Trevor Benoit & Robert Benoit
Fallen Leaves Jonathan Hopson
Falling Paul Locander
Family Reign Stephanie Magni
Fate Ball Richard Sirianni & Adam Jones
Fatty Arbuckle Steven Hartman
Fear of Hurting Others Igor Ivanov
Fear of the Fetch Jonah Jones
Felony Murder Jeffre Lowe
Fig Season Alexa Eve
Finding Satoshi Shruti Saran
Flesh of my flesh Matthys Boshoff
Flicker Adam Bryant
Float Me Up Daniel Talbott
Focus Laura Dobre
Fool's Errand Christina Tucker
For A Price Ella Stuart
For Good Clayton Vila
Forced Journey Rosemary Zibart 
FORCED: A Love Story Y.S. Kim
Forgotten Patrick Badescu
Foundtown Chelsea Totten
Fourteen Days Nicholas Tass
Frayed Amber Lane
Fumes Cameron Gibson
Ganga Mata Karim Khan
Gangsta Love Jill Gurr
Gene (A Dance Story) Katie Altman
Georgia in Hawaii Rose Lichter-Marck
Glass Jaw Katherine Chloe Atkins
Go Away Matthew Burns
God Rides the Bus Here Dan Topiol
Gods and Guns Ken Floyd
Going Country Tom Levesque
Going Over Brett Orr
Good Bad Money Debbie Simmons
Good Mother, Lavender Vine Stacey Pierce
Goodnight, Cowboy Lauryn Eisenstein
Grandstand Jordan Dumbroff
Great White Way Lawrence Fecho
Green Motels Linsay Rousseau
Greenwood Nathan Patton
Grip Steven Bennett
Grit Chanel Glover
Grynszpan/Thompson Hal LaCroix
Guns in Space David Manin, Rene Donnard
Happiness Therapy Ornella Ohayon
Happy Medium Marianne Betonio
Happy Medium Aaron Lieben
Happy Reparation's Day July Sharon Nash Alexander
Harley Andy Lyberopoulos
Harvest Jazmyn Wright
Hated J.R. Howell
Haussmann Geoff Faugérolas
Have A Good Summer Jimmy Niming
Haven Hannah McCarthy
Headed South in a Hurry Nick McMurdy
Headspace Noelia Veras
Heard Alex George Pickering
Heavy Kameron Lunon
Heavy, Pilot Collette Legault
HESSE Jill Bayor
Hideaway - Pilot Lamar Lewis
High Ground Thomas Thonson
High Watch Sam Holst
Hold West Mack Velle
Hollywood, Madam Michelle Somruthai D'Angelo
Holy Light Varun Bhuchar
Home Bodies Warren Sefton & Chris Carter
Home is Where Terra Joy
Homegrown Abhishek Raghavan & Chad Hermann
Hometown Pride Maggie Callis
Homeward Brother Alec Garcia
Honorable Men Kevin McGuinness
Hour of the Moon Garret Mathany
How Beautiful It Is, How Easily It Can Be Broken Anne Lann
How to Care for Crickets Jessica Hilscher
Hummingbird McKinnon Powell
Hype Reigh Casimir
I Am A Gentleman Nicole Calloway
I Am The Wolf Adam Groff
I Enjoy Being a Girl! Brandon Krajewski
I was Beautiful Patricia Smith
I'll Give You My Heart Tamara Steren
Ice Cream Wars Martin Glegg, Graeme Campbell, Liam Young
If I Needed You Joey Rayburn
If Not Now Melissa Emery
If Only! P.J. Restivo
Ignorance Is Bliss Patrick Grizzard
Illegal Justice Kathleen O'Neill 
Impetuous Stuart Forrest
Imre Matthew Lashua
In a foreign body Guy Aharonson
In our Image David Steiner
In The Quiet Dark Sean Vaccaro
In The Valley Justin Palmer
Infatuation Alexa Eve
Insight Hell on Earth Joe Murkijanian
Insurrection (feature) Simon Bowler
Invisible Shards Ari Dassa
It Happened in Salt Lake City Harley Robertson
It Was Written Valeria Vallejos
It's Time for Christmas Jon Warner
Izzat Reeyaz Habib
Jolene Erika Flores
Journey to Fisterra Alan Lambert
Jubilee Mason Thomas Freeman 
Judy Stardust Mads Feldballe
Justice Douglas Hall
Kathir Sathish Easwaralingam
Keep Coming Back Mark Rosman
Keep Punching - Round One: The Sylvester Stallone Story David Davies
Keeper of Stories Amihan Krystal
Keeper of the Winds Cara Rogers
Keriah Renee Rothstein
Kill Him Ryan Jeffrey
Killing Che Alexander Vargas
Killing Vincent James Valko
King Ludd Natan Dotan
King of Swing Alessandro King
Kiss of Darkness Michael McClung
Kit Michael Lazovsky
Kitchen Fires Liza MacKinnon
Kristen & Maggie Jo Agricola, Jared Ruga & Amanda Stoddard
Kugandu Nicol Ramsauer
La Famiglia (The Family) Frank Hays
Lady Reporter Michael Lucid & Michael Lannan
Last of My Name S.M. Namkoong
Late Bloomers Paige Morrow Kimball
Leah Rose Colin Larkin
Legacies Forgotten: Battling Bitches Of Bataan Keleigh Kremers
Levity Tyler Miles
Liberty or Death Whitney Ellis 
Lifeblood Tommar Wilson
Lifesaver David Beck
Lights Out  David Rocchio
Lilly Rachel Feldman
Linkin's Storm Anich D'Jae
Lions of Florence Ken White
Listen William Angel
Little Girl Lost Julian Renner
Little Things Mean a Lot Michael Monteith
Long Harvest Paul Snow
Look at Me Jessie Holder Tourtellotte & Dan Gallun
Lost and Found David Woll
Lost Treasure John McCarney
Lotus Kareem El Arab
Love in the San Joaquin Matthew Casado
Love in the Time of Corona Catherine Delaloye
Love Poems Leelyn Cruddas
Love Reset Tomasz Aleksander
Lukewarm Diego Fuentes
Lullaby Sage Wells
Lumière in Motion Quentin de Jubécourt
Luna Nicholas Olson
Lysistrata Cell  Lisa Scott
Maccabee Justin Miller
Mad City Tiffany Bratcher
Mad Honey Taj Musco
Maddi Leanne Burke
Made Wright Tedros Habib
Maestra Susan Polk
MAGA - "Us vs. Them" Elfi Martinez
Maggie Comes Home Alexandra Conway
Magpie Maria Edible
Mai's Mother Kate Niemuller
Main Drag Ryan Thorsen
Mammoth Robert Buscemi
Marcelle Zoey Dawson
Maruta Felix Halim
Mason and Alexa Bobby Bachman
Mass Ave Omar Kamara & Jalmer Caceres
Maybe It's Only Us Teddi Shaffer
Mayfair Lady Shaun Raad & Amanda Raad
Melting Pot Richard Nguyen
Memoirs of an Alien Tazeen Chowdhury
Michael And The Waterfall George Freund
Miles Away From Home Brit Cowan
Mind Games Matthew Manson
Minneapolis Mozart  Paul Jarnagin
Mississippi Rattlesnake Jason William Lee
Missives from a Midlife Crisis Jennifer Croslow 
Modern Art Laurence Fuller
Moirai Alessandro Guarino
Molepeople Nathan Elston & Nicholas Pratt
Monochrome Josh Feibus
More Pamela Ryckman
Mountains and Mo Hill Doug Nelson
Mr. Butterfly J.R. Wicker
Mr. Miss Peacock Mac Hawbaker
My Father's House Nathaniel Lezra
My Fellow Americans Alejandro Valbuena
My First Snow Stephanie Palacino
Mysterious Ways Jamie Roberts
Naked Ambition  Candice Edwards-Marchrones
Narcissus Michael Ouzas
Nashville Fairy Tale Patricia Blanquies & Candace Boulay
Near-fall Robin James Habil
Neon Shroud Aaron Silverstein
New Adventures In Connectivity David Hailes
Newspaperwoman Vivian Kerr
Nice Girl Manifesto Ashlee Stormo
No Score Ride Felix Pena
Nobody Wants To Be Here and Nobody Wants To Leave Caleb Samples
North Bay High Graham Goldstein
Nostromo Bryan Reich
Not Animals Zoheb Khan
Nowhere Maria Bruzhayte
Oasis B. Farrell McClure
Of Ash and Ice Doree Olson
Old Photos Paul Coleman
On Consignment  Orges Bakalli
One of Them Laksmi Hedemark
One Year His Ex Pascaline Dubois
Otis N' the Dough Boyz Alexander Etseyatse
Our Better Angels Steven Michael
Our Father is a Spy Gabb Schivone
Ouroboros Max Benowitz
Out of No-Where Amir Sommer
Owen Burns David Allen
Oxygéne Bernhard Pucher
Pablo Diablo Alex Parker
Paddy's Tonsorial Emporium (Feature) Ronald Milburn
Paladin Strong  Marti Martienssen
Palm Beach Arcade  Michi Broman
Parcel Paul Ryan Hobson
Paroxysm Juan Manuel Cabral
Passed Imani Jade Powers
Passing Throgh Craig Clyde
Past Caring Sam Ferguson
Past the Sky Ross Ostroff
Patient Meg Steedle
Pendulum Edie Casille
Penned Steven Pierce
People Like Houses Kate O'Shaughnessy
Perfect Flower Brent Delaney
Phoenix Chaise Gerber
Pillow Talk Roman Belenky
Piney Lake Kevin Blakely
Please Don't Tell Anyone  Raquel Potenza
Plums Taste Different Here Sarah Reader Harris
Polynia Vera Neverkevich & Daniel Libman
Popular Marley Schneier
Power & Way Paul Locander
Praying for Hannah Ruth Trippitt
Precious Cargo Justin Radley & Laura Radley
Pressure Drop Scott Cramer
Princes Highway Dana Rashdan
Prodigy Brandon Clutton
Products of War Dominic Burgess
Prohibition Man Andrew Judge
Project Bastien Mike Shugert
Project Fog Adva Reichman
Proof of Existence Adam Matalon
Pros and Cons Andrea Lawson
Providence Tatjana Marjanovic
Pueblo John McCarney
QPID Owen Weber, Hunter Bradley
Quash John McCarney
Quatervois At Sea Natalia Sagar
Queen of Newburgh Lisa Cole & Veronica Moody
Queens of Clarendon Chantal Eyong
Rain for Jo J.L. Reed
Rapprochement Jerry Orihuela
Razor True Norm Winter
Razorburn David Rodgers
Reclamation Peter Rívera & Justise Ortiz
Red Plains Liam Razzell
Red Terror Redemption Jesse Thompson
Refuge, The Barbara Farrell McClure
Repair the Carrows Johnny Cruz
Reparations In Black & White Erica Ruhe
Requiem for a King Hugh Blewett
Rescue Madison Bishop
Return to Spalding Drive Kevin Bruner
Reynmar Kaith Karishma
Riding Shotgun Nafi Ayvaci
Riding With Charlie Shintaro Ogai
Rita & The Evil Eye Linda Gallant
Roach Dalton Wayne
Rock the World Anne Christina Saabye
Ronnie Ryan Ederer
Rose Oliver Alexander
Rough Magic Will Dalmatian
Ruby Jessica Rowlands
Run By Night Kevin McMahon
Russian Warriors ksenia tolmazin
Ruthless Earthlings Michael Basha
Salem's Diary Sonja Verpoort
Salt and Sand Bilal Raychouni
Sarah Anita McKernan
Saskatchewan Claire Boeglin
Savages Griff Jones
Saving Ivy Loretta Caravette
Saving Mark Twain  Staton Rabin
Scars Simone Hawthorne
Scars Anna Carolina dos Santos Israel
Seaside Samurai David Mahmoudieh
Secession Stuart Wolferman
Secret Lives Of Youtubers Britain Valenti
Sedger Mor Catherine Wright
Self Made Sydney Gabel
Seven Hills Yvonne Sewankambo
Shattered Faces Ariane Hahusseau
She Dances Under My Skin Sam Gill
Shotgun Ashes Krsyten Resnick
Silent Hope Tyler Tremblay
Silent Night Lowell Thomas
Singin' the Blues Tim Venable
Sins of the Fathers Bryan Becerra
Sketches of an Alternative Sixties Icon Nick LaTorre
Skylab Stan Adrian Powers
Slip Jig Megan Meadows
Smoke as Directed Greg Scharpf
Sociopath Jacqueline Marett
Soiled Dove Leslie Ann Coles
Sojourning Lamar Lewis
Sorry, Truly. Franziska Tometschek & Renee van Velthuijsen
Soul Bound Jeannie Stivers
Sound and Color Nicholas Gutierrez
Spartan Mansion Stacey Spivey
Spirit Maarifa King
Squad Tevin Knight
Squatter Waheed Naddafi
Stained Violet Lauren Massuda
Stars Fell On Alabama Gwendolyn Pate
Steal D.B. Cooper's Money Mark Price
Steve Wants to Die Josh Corrigan
Stop Snitching William Horace
Storme John Lowe
Strange Fruit Jordan Traylor
Street Basics Malcolm Walker
Subversive Susan Shepherd
Sun Woman, Moon Man Lyndal Simpson
Sunflowers (Habibi) Robert Pranga
Sunrise Andres Valentin Lopez
SWEAT Megan Olsen
SWEAT (El sudor) Jordan Jacinto, Hugo Diego Garcia
Sweet, Sweet Jayne Theresa Batalogianis
T.A.S.P.O Peter Rivera & Justise Ortiz
Tanny Helen Maury Driftmier
Tapestry Mark Furney
TAR Scott Jemison
Tatsu Adam Bradley
Terminus Joel Gregoire
Tesla Barry Ambrose & Christopher Krumlauf
Thanksgiving David Lombroso
The 30 Billion Dollar Woman  Elizabeth Dean
The Academy Brit Cowan
The Accent Sandra Aka
The Age of Contentment  Christen R. Carter
The Age of Desire Suzanne Griffin
The Alibi David Chrzanowski
The Aloha War P.K. Silverson
THE Applicants Justin Ballheim
The Art of Losing Steven Lankenau
The Art of Lying Amy Teague
The Art of Small Death Sevyn Cole
The Ascetic of Lincoln County Philip Atlakson
The Assault on Booker T. Washington Montae Russell
The Barrio Blair Cosby
The Beast of Bedburg Jennifer Grand
The Believers Courtney Porter
The Best Pie You've Ever Tasted Carson Campman
The Big D MIchael Weinreb
The Bishop of Carthage Gary Giudice
The Black Caucasians  Jesse Wilson
The Blood in Our Veins Garrett Hemmerich
The Bones of Minnie Lee Martine Moore
The Book of Monk Michael Bockman
The Boy And The Fox Gianmarco Giacomelli
The Boy with the Pink Triangle Amy Reedy Asbjørnsen
The Bridge Steve Rooney
The Bridge Between Us  Katterina Powers
The Cap Nick Marley
The Chameleon Doug Burns
The Chrono Maniac Dirk Belien
The Circus Doesn't Stop Here Anymore Scherrie Payne
The Coachman Mack Lewis
The Confidant Jessica Bartholatus & Valerie Bartholatus
The Coward of Hickory County Julia Maddox
The Cowboy Ryan Clark
The Coyote Andrew Yusi
The Creator Ben Everhart
The Death of Me! Debra Jarvis
The Defender Gary J Hewitt
The Depths Michael Dwyer
The Devil's Workshop Justin Malone
The Factory Kevin Brunner
The Farrell Girl Lyndal Simpson
The Fearless Tigers Gavin Daniel
The First State Samantha D'Amico
The Followers Dylan Bank
The Forge Howard W. Robertson
The Gift John Thompson
The Girl With The Paintbrush Christie Allen
The Golden State Natalija Vekic
The Gully Path Sue Clifton
The Heart of a Tiger S R Kui
The Hive Kristine Scruggs
The Holy Grail is in Granite Peaks, Montana Joshua Laufer
The Hospitalist Patrick Tierney
The Indifference League Richard Scarsbrook
The Infinite Field Jon West
The Itch Jeremy Bradford
The Last Doctor Kathryne Isabelle Easton
The Last Ones Carl Peterson
The Last Shootout of Calamity Jane Laura Morton
The Life Book Jay Smith
The Liuetenant Nun Matt Bernstein
The Lotus Alister Brooks
The Madman & The Drunk Joshua Traywick
The Man Above the Kitchen Ben Asser
The Marrow of Tradition Adam Stier
The Missionaries  Dean Poynor
The Mona Lisa William Holmgren
The Next Victim Debbie Simmons
The Night Keeps Secrets Mac Becraft
The Night Watchman Thomas Gaunt
The Night Witches Darren Silva
The Night Witches Natasha Dadlani
The Nightfall Dolls Amanda Smith
The Ninth Seal Brian O'Neill
The Octopus Sierra Falconer
The One Nikki Wheeler
The Only Piano in Afghanistan Ryan Dingus
The Passion Protocol Liam Hooper, Matilda Wild & Carol Van Hemelrijck
The Passions of Marie Stopes Katie Greening
The Protagonist Patrick Veihmeyer
The Protégée Sean Fitz-Gerald
The Ramp Craig Proudley, Kai Pantano & Vincent Pickering
The Reboots Andrea Lawson
The Rig Dan Williams
The Road Home Alexandra Day, Sam Day
The Road to Animal Farm Kenneth Payne
The Russian Adoption Alia Ashkenazi
The Sandbox Jake Schwencke
The Set List Ross Ostroff
The Shadows of Truth Darla Drendel
The Sheets Nicole Newman
The Shetlander Martina Muhoberac
The Silent Russian Roger Short
The Skid Julie Sharbutt
The Sledge Patrol Reed Arnold
The Sleeping House Suzanne Griffin
The Snail and the Crow Philip Dantas Whitney
The Sociopath-Saint Daniel Choi
The Storm Michael Richey
The Surveillance of Ordinary Things Susan Brunig
The Telltale Light Joshua Rebell
The Tenements June Escalante
The Terror of Trenton Lea Goldman
The Three Lives of Angel Fleming William LiPera
The Tinwife Travis Neufeld
The Traditional Plan Alyson Titkemeyer
The Traveler Jameel Saleem
The Treehouse David Berman
The Uncanny Helen Maury Driftmier & Chris A. Bolton
The Unfavored One Ruby Smith
The Unknown Colors K.C. Fitzgerald
The Vanishing Point Nedra Roberts
The Warriors' Concerto Jamaal Pittman & Lila Hood
The Watson Sisters Linda DeMetrick & Maaren Edvard
The Way Home Kevin Blakely
The Way to the Sea Ruth Russ
The Wayfarer Aditya Vempaty
The Weight She Carries Elbert Wyche III
The Whaler's Daughter Matthew Snyman
The Witch of Pungo J Darin Wales
The Yard Aminah Hughes
The Yay Deion Higginbotham
The Young and Old Evan Larson
Them Hector Figueroa
There Used to be Sirens Steve Hunt
Thick Skin: Millennial Swan Song Karyn Peyton
Thin Blue Line Rosemary Griggs
This Is Me Aslı Bildirici
Those We Leave Behind Will Stewart
Those Who Wait Rhonda Grimm
Thunder Valley Colin Nickell
Tierra Paz (A Pacified Land) Eugene Michael Santiago
Til Death Two Us Part Brandon Stroughter
Timberline Mike Cosgrave
Timbuktu Lee Aubry
Timeriff Zach Roe
Tinian Jon Davis
To Afghanistan With Love Richard Herstek
To Catch The Sunlight Lucinda Spurling
To Die For Graeme Benson
To Kill a King Brett Gaul
To The Depths Benjamin Fraser
To The East Ambika Subramaniam
Torch Jason McBeth
Torn Direction  Tameka Bob
Tourists Shaun Seneviratne
Train Renoir  Scott Cramer
Trust Jennifer Levinson
Turnaround Martin Schwartz 
Tussad Cat Youell
Two-Week Program Hyasha Kogge
UMBRAL Erik Botelho
Unbought and Unbossed Travis Carr
Undertaken Jamie Severson
Undertow Elena Perez
Unforgettable Carolyn Prousky, Erynn Marcus
Unmotherly David Snee
Unprepared Steven Demmler
Unstoppable Gerald Large
Upbringing Justin Conrad
Valley Rats Kalley Hoshaw
Vernissage Wade Smith
Victim Jack Lerner
Vindicated Victor Simone
Vine Street Kent Hagen
Violet Sarah Deakins
Violet, Violet Rachel Leyco
Viral Nasrul Ekram
Voice Levi Buchanan, L. Kris Gowen
VOICES ('Wake Up' - Pilot Ep.) Janine Pecenkova
Waiting for Skinderella Robert Gilbert Goldsmith
Washington Parish Sergio Zaciu, Oliver Zaciu & Paul Kennedy Jr.
Wasose Woman Kate Niemuller
Water Strider Barbara Ward Thall
Waterfield Hall Andreas Vatiliotou
Wayward Heart Erin Mazzei & Chris Mazzei
We Never Sleep Peter Bettinelli & Matt Nickley
What Would D.B. Cooper Do? Joey Rayburn
Whatever Will Be Craig Siebels
When October Goes Kyle Colavitti
Where He Buried Me Joe Bousquin
Whisky Charlie Two - 'Jack' Harriet O'Neill
Whisper Creek Jordan Vogeney
White Buffalo John Collins
White tuna Peter Marshall Smith, Stanton Hill
Whitley Kiss Kate Efomi
Why, Arizona Isaiah Mouw, Mark Botts
Wild and Precious Lives Christa Avampato
William Chris Van
Winter Tes Noah Asfaw
Witch Jessica Scalise
Womanhattan Domhnall Smith
Worlds Apart Cynthia Riddle & Julie Kohner
WORLDS APART - Time and Again Thomas Gaunt
Written in Blood Rebecca Lieberman, Lexi Lieberman
Year of the Horse Brandon Carbaugh
Yes - A screenplay, based on a true story Catherine Fargher
Yesterday's Gone Andrew Petrilak
You and (A)I Sharmini Kumar
You Know You Love Me Amy Goddard Smith
You Would Do It Too   David Victori & Jordi Vallejo
Your People Guljan Toktogul
Your Time Has Come Gary Champagne
Yugoslavia Danijela Topalovic
ZEBRA Jill Wallace
Zone Zero Deborah Meister
이중주 (DUET) Kelly Li

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