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2020 ScreenCraft Animation Competition Semifinalists

by ScreenCraft on September 16, 2020

Listed below are the Semifinalists of the 2020 ScreenCraft Animation Competition. These exceptional screenplays were selected from almost 1,300 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting!

Stay tuned for future announcements here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages within the next few weeks! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the Semifinalists:

A Bedtime Story Robert Walcott
Adaria and the Village of Souls Claire Bosnich
Albert Joshua Young
Animanda Pilot Nicholas Faiella-Phillips
Anti-Christ(A) Phillip Rogers
Antipop James R. Bell III
Apollo Star Eric Montgomery
Arthur & Sputmonkey Justin Patten
Ashmodiel, or How to be a Better Demon Jason Williams
Balthazar & Snirt Jim McCullough, Anthony Ladesich, Chad Crenshaw, Davis DeRock, Danelle & Keith Chapman
Bee Line to Heaven Christopher Robbins
Beef Meat The Musical Jeremy Briggs & Brent Pope
Birds of a Feather  Chuck McClelland
Blackmore Museum Jack Talbot
Brock Wilbur: Adventure Pig Lukas Ridge
Bubble Alex McGhee
Buddy Loves Tedjo Imardjoko
Chief Among You Noah Hughey
Children of Iron - Ep. 1 The Pilot Tyler Peterson & Jordan Peterson
Chosen R.J. Lane
Christopher and Classroom12 Steve Holinsworth
Chronopolous  Jay D. Waxman
Civil Warlords Joe Kourieh
Claus Encounter  Carla Kanthak
Crash Course Jim Gourley
Curios Davis Alianiello
Damsels Becca Pecaut
Destined Seewai Hui & Grace Albers Smith
Dragonfly Julia Morizawa
Draumnjörun Jennifer Spencer
Dreamcatcher Shaun Radecki
Elyon Manoel Da Silva Neto
Emma Hart: Personal Demon Hunter Jason Porath
Enchanted Isle Rodrigo Carvalhedo
Faeries Can't Lie MacKinnon Wessel
Fairy Ilia Katie Nohr
Farweather S01E01 - "The Trail of Trials" Jon Beauchemin
Flop N Rage Jimmy Prosser & Rohan Shankar
FLY! Dave Chan
Foxed James Stewart
Galacticamp Andrew Grant
Grasping Time Shamari Jefferson
Hana Zhang and the Worst Destiny Ever Stephanie Komure & Kirk Damato
High Hopes Bernadette Martin
Hiroshi's Last Race Michael Danon
I Secretly Live With A Cat Named Harris Buddy Caine & Louis Michael
I See You Arcadia Conrad
Jade and The Legend of The Lost Emperor Mary Bronaugh
Junk Island Matt Tegtmeier & Robert Warzecha
Kosmos: Defender of the Galaxy Chase Hinton 
La Chupacabra Adrian Ochoa & Toby Cochran
Light Rain Adam Mengesha
Lightbulb Julia Ortenzi
Livin' The Afterlife Ryan Johnston
Lonely Planet Karl Mather
Luba Jon Wierenga
Lumino Floyd Rock
Maxi Alison Benson
Mixed Bag: The Pilot Justice Whitaker
Moist Cristen Manion
Mr. Jenkins' Mystery House Tracy Nicoletti
Ninhondo Kenneth Fultz Jr.
Offspring Hannah Silverman
Oh Monica Rosette Laursen
One For All Brielle Jackson
Poppy's Heroes of History Chloe Lenihan
Princess UP! Tina Field Howe & Carolyn Meland
Pyramid Scheme Jeff Chasin
Raising Cats and Dogs Natalie Hunter
Rise Lindz Amer
Roachmates Matthew Jacobson
Sanjay and The Shadow Sam Downey
Sengoku: Journey of Outsiders  Rumi Oyama & Joseph Pham
Shade Nick Inglis
Shift Angela Sanchez
Side Tracked Matt Harbert
So Emotional Renee Pope Green
Soulmates Devin Toohey
Space Cadets Michael Cinelli & Stuart Gregory
Squished Shaun Radecki
Stargazer Jacob Snyder
The Cat of Versailles Hilary Van Hoose
The Colony Drina Connors Kay
The Creatures of Camp Fremorf Alex Klein
The Devil and Britney Bailey Norton
The Dragon Key Lyn Pinezich
The Family Tradition Peter Rivera & Justise Ortiz
The Fight Before Christmas Jan Thomas
The Freshmen Adam Karlson & Joe Hayes
The Future Not Promised Amber Beard
The Galacticals: Let The Games Begin Richard Delgado
The Golden Bokken Larry Thomas
The Great Robot Train Robbery of 2077 Jared Sharam
The Growth Samantha Clay
The Itch Jeremy Bradford
The Last Christmas Tree Paul Arrowsmith
The Little Tiny Superstars  Niki Lambropoulos
The Lone Kensei Louis Critelli
The Macabre Man Gabriel Perez
The Melamorphosis Daniel Choi
The Mystics Monica Dollive
The Never Ending Orange Grove Ryan Harris
The Nightmare Department Henry Johnson
The Object of My Confections Andrew Kaberline
The Odyssey of the Golden Elephant Victorio Korjhan
The Other Knight Joe Ranoia
The Sanders Jennifer Dodge
The Shape of Happiness Danny Lopez
The Skeleton Flower Laki Karavias
The Tiger's Daughter Jason Lee
The Worry Bug Candice Currie
Theo's Grand Adventure Makena Metz
Thrill Ride Sheila Wenz
Tiger Tale Karl Mather
Time Janitors Ryan Manns & Jocelyn Manns
To Sea Luc Alper-Leroux
Trailer Park Samurai Luke Baker & Jesse Dean
Trash Steve Mitchell
Unimpressed Dae Kim
We Make Lemonade "The New Kid - Pilot Script" Kevin Park
What I.F.? Dan Martin
What's Up Khalid Abdulqaadir
You'll Pay For This Nancy Safavi
Zac Trevor: Live! Collin Schuster
Zak Zheng: Mastermind of Evil Jon Truei

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