2019 ScreenCraft Drama Screenplay Competition Quarterfinalists Announced

by ScreenCraft - updated on November 22, 2019

Listed below are the quarterfinalists of the 2019 ScreenCraft Drama Screenplay Competition, selected from over 1,000 submissions. We’re excited to be exploring this classic genre and to have received a slate of such compelling screenplays.

This year's jury is comprised of agents and managers from LBI Entertainment and Kaplan/Perrone as well as development executives from Fox Searchlight and Paramount Players. Stay tuned for the upcoming announcements of the semifinalists, finalists and grand prize winners here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages within the next few weeks!

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Here are the quarterfinalists:

#Blessed Shawn Gerrard
78 RPM Brennan Howard
90 MILES Ihor Gowda
A Beautiful Improbability Guilherme Viegas
A Fair Fight Peter Gazdag
A Kind of Marriage Charles Leipart
A Plain Silver Ring Derek Bowers
A Relative Unknown Lynne Logan
A Simple Machine Mark Hoffman
A Spaceship for Graham Morgan Herrmann
A Suspect in Arms Selcen Onsan
A Tale of Two Cities Annie Phillips
A Writer's Acts Sam Wright
After Alcatraz: Surviving the Escape Kevin Bruce
After. Amy Rose Lipsky
Ain't No Cowboys in Nashville Christopher O'Bryant
AirBall Robert Celestino
Altars of Greed Brennan Howard
American Babylon Yvan Iturriaga
American Blue Jennifer Bieser
American Venus Tatiana Seay-Reynolds
American Vice Benjamin Feuer
Amok Leanne Mangan
Angel of Rain Lawrence Kennon
Animal Milena Korolczuk
As Luck Would Have It Lizzie Simon
Ashland Connor Wilks
At the Edge of the World Eugene La Haye & Buster La Haye
Augustus and Ophelia Greg Wishart
Avalanche Eric Jeske
Avenue of The Giants Thomas Thonson
Bach, A Monster Avery O Williams
Back to the World Rebecca Shapiro & Shawn DePasquale
Becoming Sinatra Richard Muti
Best Left Unsaid Jason Collin
Betsy and the Emperor Staton Rabin
Bette Caitlin Scherer & Jessica Sherr
Better Angels Helen Darvall
Beyond The Piave Chiara Cassaghi
Beyond the Seas Mike Spohr
Birthright Manu Chopra
Bite the Bitcoin Sunil Puri
Black River Marielle Brinda
Blood and Roses John McCarney
Blood Law Keith & Cassie Hayasaka
Blueprints Robert Celestino
Borderline Kenyetta  Smith
Broad Daylight Douglas Cushnie
Cages Megan Raney Aarons & Colin K. Gray
Cake and Candles Sally Fitz
Captain Science John Nugent
Card Mechanic Robert Celestino
Carolina Blue Tim Ricks
Carousel Brady Morell
Chó Jon Shaivitz
Chained John Sellars
Charlie Horse Zack  Frizzell
Chasing Foxes Matthew Sawczyn & Dan Franklin
Chasing the G.O.A.T. George Gardner
Children on The Edge of Forever Roberto Fuertes
Chosen Casey Yun
Christian and Amirah Alan Shi
Christopher Dean Ron  Stewart
City of Trees Christian Lybrook
Clint Eastwood Nasrul Ekram
Code G KD Amond & Bailey Hyneman
Coming To A Theater Near You! Jean Andrei
Coming Up, Coming Out Jules Caldeira
Corked D. Nikki Wheeler
Corolla Jackson Chow
Crossed Wires David Boyd
Cruel Pecans Jonny Flores
Cure Lisa Rosenberg
Daffodil Christina Wollerman
Ded Dawg Hood Gary Gibich
Derailed Mary Farmer
Devin Teresa Jackson
Dogface Beanie Barnes
Dollar Caller Caleb Brunman
Domino Kamari  Somers
Donald Trump: Will Burn In Hell!!! Bradford Rohan
Dreamland Justin Van Voorhis
Drive With Me Zachary Griffin
East Haven Cody Autterson & Alyssa Overbeck
Elephant Angel Kevin Gibson
Embargo Carole Ryavec
Encroachment Jack Hunter
Eyes Wide Open Mark Diamond
Facts on the Ground Barbara Nunberg
Family Studies John Richards & Jennifer Richards
Faster Than Bullets Patrick Holden
Faster Than Horses Chris Mul & Michael Mul
February Heather Spiegel
Fissure Spencer Slovic
Fitzroy's Lion Martin Becker
Flying Bird's Diary Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel
Forget Me Not Samantha Brewers
Forty-Second Boyd Richard Fowler
Funny Accent Barbara Shulgasser-Parker
Gene, Dean and Mr Evergreen Gillian Gibbs
Generic Joy Pedram Yazdanpanah
Girl Walks On Joseph Whaley & Ronda Barendse
Go, Doctor Banting Eric Sollars & Scott Sollars
Good Saint Binky Tom Batha
Grace Brady Morell
Gutter Daniel Mercaldi
Gwendolyn's Manor James Marios Ellinas
Halfway Lukas Hassel
Harry, Above The Title Gavin Fields
Have You Heard About Harvey? Sam Wright
He Knows Where I Live Carol Ayer
Heading For Home Michael Feeney
Heaven On Earth Peter Horgan
Heck Chris Hicks
Helix House Filomena Guarasci
Helldorado Billie Bates
Here Comes the Night Zach Vest
High and Low, My Brother Matt Grenzebach
Hills of Gold Lia Wang
Hit Me Harder Max Rissman
Hockeytown Christopher Kelly
House Money Don Waldo
How To Build A Time Machine Ronni Peck
Immortal Natalie Metzger & Robert Allaire
In His Stead Michael Droberg
In Sheep's Clothing Matt Mascia
In The Black Drew Metcalf
Instantly Gene Golus
Insurrection Simon Bowler
Into The Dark Randy Kornfield
Invasion Priscilla Poggio
Irene the Athenian Katerina Kofou
It Could Happen To Anyone Marie Cooper
Japanese for Baseball Ray Keller
Jasmine Lee Cipolla
Jenna Nathan Chitayat
Jess Sean Jourdan
Jocko Derek Vitatoe
John Sarah Michael Novia
Karma Tiffany Barker
Keepsakes Rich Orstad
Killer Whales Alan Lambert
Klefti Means Thief Miranda Filippides
Knight of Destiny George Alexanian
Komorebi Eliyahu Cohen
La Grande Dame Camille Gallay & Jason File
Land of Blood Graham Leverton
Last Place To Go Michael James beck
Let 'er Buck Maren Curtis
Letters from the Blue Nicola Sersale
Letters in Barbed Wire Chad Hutson
Liberty Chris Lawing
Liberty Andrew Judge
Like Gold Dust Martin Bell
Long March Adam Perin
Lord Have Herschel Michael Wohl
Losing My Religion Dana Gonzales
Lucky Boy Peter Mackie
Lucky Kidney Nelson Knight
Man in the Arena Keon Hedayati
Mary Tudor, Queen of France James Grant
Mature David Bush
Meaning Train jim amicucci
Memorabilia John Flynn & Jimmy Flynn
Mental State Michael Jones
Mercury Lake George Snape
Metal Mother Casimir Nozkowski
Mighty Mae Hilary Miller
Miguel Lorenzo Colonna
Miles to Go Joy Frelinghuysen
Minyan Adam Ansell
Mockingbird Alex Forstenhausler & John Rotondo
Monsieur Baret Angela Franklyn
My Darkest Hour Mickey McGovern
My Haitian Dime Craig Roberts
My Life as a Dog in America Virgilio Mendoza
Naomi Avraham Yaffe
No Man's Land Elad Ziv
No Room at the Inn Sean Kirkpatrick
Odds on Love Don Shroll
On The Boundary Sejal Pachisia
On the Corner of Eden and Grace Marsha Pincus
Once Again Greg Wishart
Opera Rats Jacquelyn Silberberg & Courtney Silberberg
Opportunity Costs Peter Bohjalian
Our Fathers' Sins Hannah Boyne
PB&J Tihemme Gagnon
Pride and Privilege Latisha Jones
Prostasia James Rogers
Punchbag Steven Snell
Put Out this Fire Sade Corneille
Rabbit Hole Lee Proudman
Raffi: The Rise and Fall of a Children's Music Superstar Brandon Gardner
Refugium Griffin Johnson
Remember the Ladies Gina Mulligan
Remember The Name Brian Birmingham
Renegade Anonymous
Requited Bill Johnston
Roar Jason Boyson & Leslie LaRue
Robert De Niro Is Killing Me Greg Olliver
Rottweiler Andrew  Griffin
Rough Country Dave Kwan
Sacred Hymn Thomas Ang
Saving Gracie Mirana Comstock & Elizabeth Joyce
Schumann Carolyn Cameron
Scuppernongs Lynne Ashe
Shadowman Mike Miller
Shelter In Place Brooke Purdy
Shores of a New Blood Mark Schmitz
Shoshanna Justin Olstein
Sinful Autonomy Miles Robinson
Small Favors Lyndsey Scott
Small Town Girl Rosemary Zibart
Smarter, Not Harder Ryan Allsop
Smoke & Mirrors Brian Koppel
Song of the Toadfish David Hill
Soul Man Kyle Taubken
Soul to Squeeze Alex Arabian
South Side Girl Edith Rodriguez
State of Feist Lulu Cheri
Station Number Six Tim Sasaki
Strangers to America Deven  Patel
Stratum Craig Nobbs
Stubblefield Stanley Wilson
Stuck in the Mud Tyler Welch
Sundays Only Joe Borg
Superstar Chris Andrien
Suplex Andy Compton
Tendencies of a Beast Justin Bregman
That's how the light gets in Andrew Durkan
The Abbreviated History of Charlotte Platt Tim J Bishop
The Beautiful Kind Deborah Heslop
The Beloved Stephen Hensel & Marcin Czepek
The Broken Heartland Tyler Kennedy
The Broken Road To Beira Kgalalelo Kono
The Brothers Darwin CL Russo
The Cooking Academy Jonathan Steinfield
The Day We Tried to Live Sergio Padilla
The Dissident April Capil
The Dreamer Annette siegal
The Empty Garage Elan Maier
The Family Jewels Elizabeth Ditty
The Fight Inside Merridith Allen
The Flashlight Farmer Alison Wroblewski
The Forge Howard W. Robertson
The Forsaken Samurai Marcelo Carvalho
The Gales of November Justin Dombrowski
The Ghosts of Le Griffon Nicole Ramberg
The Girls On Madison Annabel Haddad
The Happy Man David M.  O'Neill
The Hawks Jorge Arenillas
The Hotel Golgonooza Sean McPharlin
The Houston Thomas Gurnee
The Intimate Traveler Helen Beer
The Lease of Nature Anderson Boyd
The Lift Rick Mallett
The Mad Woman June Escalante
The Master of Storms Demetra Pittman
The Memories That Make Us Vanessa Carnevale
The Mother Road Michael Raymond
The Music and the Mirror Jeremy Fassler
The Next Page David Salazar & Francisco Salazar
The Old Sod Michael Kelly
The Oldest Caddies John Alarid
The Other World Oliver Warden
The Pilot Episode Robin Wilson
The Pocketknife Jerry Perez
The Pursuit of Small Victories Brady Morell
The Reluctant Virtuoso Andrew Wu
The Road out of Afghanistan artur benson
The Sins of Our Mothers francesca nider
The Star Jon Medici
The Starving Season Jaime Silverman
The Switzerland Incident Eugene La Haye & Buster La Haye
The Ultimate How To Guide to Dealing with Rape Moa Lyth Brand
The Year of Us Jenn Ficarra
This Is How It Ends Melia Gabriel
Tiger In the Dark John Kane
Tinseltown Tyler Domecq
Top Ten Maureen Trinh
Trailer Park Poet Christopher Tarricone
Train Delay Ziyad Saadi
Transitioning Ruzena Zatko
TREED Staci Greason
True Conviction James Gulian
Tungus Aaron Whitten
Two Decades A Nation Bashar Salame
Un Point Dé Depart (A Starting Point) Abigail Carpenter
Unblinded George Tonelli
Under the Osprey's Eye Joan Elizabeth Beilstein
Underwater Alberto Gonzalez
Unnatural Selection Sally Ashby
Untouchable Dhruv Kanungo
Up From Corinth Joel Moore
Victoria Harbour Megan Cowley
Wartime Revelations Carlo Bordone
Weird Haircuts and Bad Attitudes Alyson Titkemeyer
Western Approaches Andrew Judge
when things go wrong anna koj
Whispers from the Watchtower Jai Brandon
White Lines Christmas Harrison Pierce
Wings of Marie Pallavi Vaidya
With These Hands Stephanie Blackburn
Witness Marks Preston Geer
Wurttemberg Shepherd Joan Lask
Yellow House Draw Erick Kelemen

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