2018 ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story Competition Semifinalists Announced

by ScreenCraft on February 13, 2019

Listed below are the semifinalists of the 2018 ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story Competition, selected from roughly 1200 submissions. We’re excited to be exploring these excellent stories and to have received a slate of compelling works.

This year's jury is comprised of editors from The Paris Review, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Granta Magazine, as well as an O. Henry Award-winning novelist and short story writer.

Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of the finalists and grand prize winners here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages within the next few weeks!

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Here are the semifinalists:

1932 DC Diamondopolous
A Breton Homecoming Peter James Quirk
A Debt to the Dead Cary Christopher
A Plain Silver Ring Derek Bowers
A Seat at The Window Herb Jordan
Action and Reaction Joel Doty
Adelaide Amy Lambert
Among The Women Selaine Henriksen
An Ophthalmologist and a Surgeon Duel with Sabers Austin Ratner
Another Statistic Travis Richardson
Arabian Knight David Anderson
Attention Marianne Rogoff
Battle of the Four Seasons Lydia Conklin
Be Yours to Hold Nic Cohen
Better Late Paul A. Mendelson
Black Prince Jonathan Swords-Holdsworth
Blonde Noir DC Diamondopolous
Brothers Daniel Boucher
Buggy, A Fictional Account of Generational Family Abuse Timothy J Richards
Bus Ride to Minot Greg Stidham
But The Darkness Is For Our Imagination Michael Crame
Butterfly Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel
By the Light of the Fireflies Marjorie Florestal
Candy Juice is Okay With It Tracy Schumer
Conference of the Birds Huda Razzak
Consequences Emi Cohen
Continuance Irina Ivanova
Crowned Marjorie  Maddox
Cyndie's Star Hollow Stacey Parshall Jensen
Day Dreamer and the Sleeping Giants Barbara Layman
Devotion Julia Winn
Dilemma on Mars Fred Shackelford
Doctor Terror R.J. Begiebing
Emanuel's Trenches Alexander Sikarevich
Fake Pigs Jason Dennis
Feeding The Comebacks M.  Naomi Warner
Flower Behind her Ear Andrew Stiggers
For the Dillettante Eric Mulder
Freeway of Love Alida Thacher
Frigid Pines Joseph Vranas
Girls and Their Insticts Olivia Sulkowicz
Higher Love R. Kerry
Izzy Tells No Lies P James Norris
Judging Solomon Mary Oleske
Jump Susan Kim Campbell
Just Facts Sarah Mosseller
Karma Is a Large Flightless Bird Ryan Curtin
Let's Get Lost Gordon Neufeld
Let's Live in Crazy Town Jackie Bateman
Lorelei Sabrina Mock-Rossi
Lost And Found Ray Clark
Machines for Singing Nick Wray
Madame Barbara Shulgasser-Parker
Marion's Marseilles Jack Mayer
Maris on a Mountain Will Silverman
Mary Angela's Kitchen Karen Chase
Milk Justin Joyce
Moonshine Michael Aloyan
Mrs. Padgett's Girls Joe English
My Double Dutch Girl Gila K.  Berryman
Oculus Janet Swinney
Of Aphids and Ants Narena Olliver
Of Ice and Snow Chloe-Lynn Russo
On the Properties of Things Mary Barnes Jenkins
On the Side of the Angels David Anderson
One Star Tim O'Leary
Our Lady of the Bass Boat Mike Tuohy
Paintball Robert Morgan Fisher
Panopticon Kevin Kneupper
Pearl: You are Cleared to Land Deanna Edens
Perfect Trifecta Woman Stephen Leach
Pillow Talk with Pablo Helen Beer
Pink Like Candy Floss Janet Ritchie
Plus The Universe Is Trying To Kill You Jim Foley
Pulp Noir #1  A Perfect Night for Redemption Chris Mata
Quality of Life Christine Sneed
Restricted Fantasies Kevin Kneupper
Rosegrove Recovery Kerry Broderick
Rumspringa Kevin Kneupper
Second Wife Tiffany Ezuma
Seven-Pointed Star Heather MacDonald
She's Really Quite Normal Melissa Benedict
Shine Donnelle McGee
Sick Robot D.C. Lozar
Solomon's Choice Richard Geiwitz
Spiral Bound Tracy Schumer
Split Key John Rosenberg
Swamp Girl Ruth Knafo Setton
The Ark Lori Stansal
The Battle of Melcher Hall Andrew Orillion
The Beach at Narbonne Nick Wray
The Bucket Jonathan Escoffery
The Caregiver Jim Gourley
The Case for Psychic Distance Jennifer  Hanno
The Choreographer Will Pei
The Good Parent Dustin Grinnell
The Horses Sheila Thorne
The Last Fare Sam Beach
The Man Who Struck Out Joe DiMaggio Richard Geiwitz
The Mirror Faisal Azam
The Purification Tim OLeary
The Road So Black and Narrow Kat Lewis
The Russian & Aunt Sophia Rita Moreau
The Sundowner Danny Yang
The Tale of Roxy Shell Melanie Brown
The taste of memory Tristan Marajh
The Third  Woman Miriam Kuznets
The Waiting Room Keely Kalirai Cairns
The Wedding Photographer Robert Guffey
The Witch of Burgess Ave. J. Patrick Henry
This Sword for Hire Gregg Chamberlain
Those Who Leave Michael Choi
Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday morning Deborah Riley
Two Heads are Better than One Mark Robyn
Underneath It All Sarah Lane Davidson
Unthinkable John David Taylor
Until We Close Our Eyes Nina Roselle
Uriah's last rite... Chad Broughman
Virtues of the Robin Riley Helm
Waiting For The Big One Catherine Shorr
Walker Leonard Dawson
Weightless Tracy Schumer
Wild Beasts Richard de Forest
With Special Guests Seamus Heffernan
Wonderland DownUnder Corinne MacKenzie
World Without End Siobhan Barry-Bratcher
Yagruma Rosa Soy
Yoyo and Toothman Erni Johnson

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