2018 ScreenCraft Cinematic Book Competition Quarterfinalists Announced

by ScreenCraft on January 16, 2019

Listed below are the quarterfinalists of the 2018 ScreenCraft Cinematic Book Competition, selected from over 1200 submissions. We’re excited to be exploring these excellent books and to have received a slate of compelling works.

This year's jury is comprised of a literary agent from Abrams Artists Agency, a publishing coordinator from The Gersh Agency, the editor of Red Hen Press, a manager at MXN Entertainment, and a New York Times best-selling author.

Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of the semifinalists, finalists and winners here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages within the next few weeks!

If you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries in 2019, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the quarterfinalists:

The Goddess of Liberty: The Spear Beneath the Tree Samuel Wenger
The Big Buff Jack Halliday
#Lazarus10 Andrew Rajan
30 Red Dresses John Burger
4 Years Trapped in My Mind Palace John Burger
A Christmas Wish Charlie Wetzel
A Dose of Deception Mark Koenig
A Hundred Weddings Cathy Cruise
A Knife in the Fog Bradley Harper
A Life Without Water Marci Clark
A Northern Rebel John Schaffer
A Song for Leonard Christopher Canning
A Special Breed of Warrior Joseph Mujwit
A Spilling of Stars Mike Cramer
A Splintered Step Marian Exall
A Tightening Noose and Cities on Hills Brian Wells
A Time for Kindness John McCrite
A World Such as Heaven Intended Amanda Lauer
Abracadabra Jean-Pierre Dorleac
Ahab, a Love Story Stephen Melillo
American Phoenix Jane Hampton Cook
Among the Gravestones Laurel Pardo & Janelle Leonard
An Irish Lullaby Louis Manzo
Andrea Wells and the Defenders of Earth Bryan Kelsey
Andy Beane and the Catkins' Tale Judy Delmain
Annaliese, Sound and True Lindy Carter
Anomaly: The Legacy of Adya Dayna Dunbar &  Julia Padawer
Apprentice to Gutenberg Benjamin Davis
Assassin Nation: The Platinum Assassin Craig Lew
Atlas Lior Torenberg
Audrey Appleton and the Nightmares of Everdream Tom Grey
Avery Colt Is A Snake, A Thief, A Liar Ron Austin
Back to the Morgue LA Fields & Tyson Kadwell
Bargain On The Prairie Rhonda Eichman
Beautiful Eyes Jennifer Dickinson
Becoming Hero Jen Finelli
Becoming Unmarried: Navigating Divorce with Grace (for the most part) and Humor Tami Jayne
Behind Me Lies the Desert Kevin Neill
Being Friends With Billy Logan Rusty Lofgren
Betsy and the Emperor Staton Rabin
Beware The Mermaids Carrie Talick
Big and Bad and How I Got My Life! Back Anna Scotti
Bigz Uneasy Jeremiah Foley III
Bistro Swamp Mystery Georgia Gates
Blackwell Alexandrea Weis & Lucas Astor
Blood and Discord: Sang et la Discorde Ricardo Fleshman
Blood on the Snow George Perreault
Bloodfire and the Legend of Paradox Pond Rosemarie Sheperd
Blowback Eric  Murphy
Borrowing a Moose Head from Cole Porter G. Lloyd Helm
Brazen Violations Jonathan Macpherson
Bribing Saint Anthony Rita Moreau
Broken Soul to Broken Soul Aud Supplee
Brothers Kirk  Weddell
Bullets and Bosses Don'Hve Friends: How To Navigate Tough Challenges In the Workplace Natonia Crowe
California Son: A Liam Sol Mystery Timothy Burgess
Carnival Lilly Kathy Johnson
Carrying Independence Karen A. Chase
Casino Perilous John Villesvik
Cezanne's Quarry Barbara Pope
Chameleo: A Strange but True Story of Invisible Spies, Heroin Addiction, and Homeland Security Robert Guffey
Chance and Consequence Sylvia Smoller
Charon's Blade Michael J. Alcorn
Chasing Dragonflies Raya Khedker
Chasing Shadows K.N. Salustro
Chimera Dona Lee
Cimarrona Sara  Monteagudo
Cirque du Phantastique Claire Clements
Citizen Cárdenas Steve Cole
Cold Reckoning J. R. Geary
Collective Awakening Pat Finley
Come Again Rick Novak
Coming Darkness Susan Terry
Compulsive Lia Fairchild
Conjure Seven Erik Day
Cool Side of the Pillow Gregory G. Allen
Corinth Gene Lassers
Crazy Woman Lee Atterbury
Coratoa The Roanoke Iteration Roger Henry
Crowsong for the Stricken Ted Morrissey
Curse of Cortes Guy Morris
Deja vu All Over Again Larry Brill
Dangerous Dreams: A Story of the Lost Colony of Roanoke Mike Rhynard
Dark Waters Sasha Tomaszycki
Darlin the Lost Twin Charles Loebbaka
Darling Girl Terry Watkins
Daughter of Destiny: Guinevere's Tale Book 1 Nicole Evelina
Dear Bernie, I'm Glad You're Dead Elizabeth Crowens
Death Card Series Joan Peck
Decoys Karen A. Chase
Deep Water Blues Richard Guimond
Descending Thirds Nicole Conn
Desert Runner Dawn Chapman
Destiny's Grace Kirby Freeman
Devotion Christopher Acker
Die to Live Again David Crane
Dire Road Alyssa Milani
Dream Big Charles Haner
Dreams Thrown Away Dilsa Saunders Bailey
Duplicitous Nicholas James
Eagle Rock Gothic Jason Gelt
East of Mecca Sheila Flaherty
Eden Jeanne Blasberg
Edgewise Jan Stites
Emerson Page and Where the Light Enters Christa Avampato
Eternity's Account: Kingdom Lost Julie Bryson & Catherine Sharpe
Every Breath I Take John Trigonis
Evidence of Grace Candace Armstrong
Exiles of Titan David Christmas
Exit Julian Boote
Feisty Nuns Rita Moreau
Finding Hollow Earth Anastasnia Campbell
Fly Away Little Bird Gerald Shovlin
For Her Sins mark wooden
Force No One Daniel Ross
Forcible entry David Thyssen
Forever Drifting Through the Great River of the Sky Safdar Muttaqi
Forever Hold Your Peace Robert Peterpaul
Forgotten Letters Kirk Raeber
Friends Like These Alexander Ferrar
Full Sun Sandra Olson Connelly
Getaway Day Ken White
Gettysburg by Morning Randy O'Brien
Ghost on the Path Gail Webber
Ghosts of Charleston Don Upton
Go Home Sohrab Homi Fracis
Going to Cameroon Izzaldin Alzain
Gone Gorilla Robert W. Walker
Good Morning Diego Garcia Susan Joyce
Good Prince Will Arthur Marziale
Grand Finale Jim Pat Pounds
Great Encounter Paa Mannoh
Grog, Destroyer of Hope Greg Weiland
Hallo-tween Lisa Nardini, Gina Nardini & Sucia Nardini, Marina Ummel
Happily Destroyed Evan Purcell
Hawk Ryder - The Beginning of Hope Kristin Goodman
Henchman Apollo Villa-Real
Henry's Re-entry: Mastering the Lost Art of Crash and Burn, a Love Story Paul Herendeen
Her Only Son Shawna Platt
Herbs and Swerbs: A Valley Boy Coming of Age in the Early 80s Bruce Luchsinger
Hero's Code Bob Sweet
Hit and Run Diane Hester
Hope in Paris! Donnalyn Vojta
Hounded Ellie Douglas
Hum Tracy Schumer
I Just Wanted Love: Recovery of a Codependent, Sex and Love Addict D.J. Burr
Ian and the Great Silver Dragon, A Hero is Reborn Jim Dilyard
Identity Check Richard Jones
Imperfect Acts Peter Shianna
In My Father's Generation Roy Rhodes
In Wilderness Diane Thomas
Incident on the Road to Canterbury Vince Pantalone
Inn Love Whitney Sweet
Inspired Robert Balentine
Intuition A Kylie Anderson Vacation Kaaren Brown
Iron Dogs Neil Chase
It's In The Blood Maria Restivo
Jinx: At the Greenbrier Deanna Edens
Jolly's Christmas Ken Robb
Journey Into Darkness, A Story in Four Parts Joel Moore
Journey Through a Land of Minor Annoyances Al Kline
Just a Theory: a quantum love adventure Annie Wood
Just Act Normal Susan L. Lipson
Katzenjammered Michael Crame
Kill Them All David Jack Smith
Killing Streak Merit Clark
Kissing Frogs: The Thirteenth Jessica Grange
Kobomoko Richard Guimond
Kudzu Stacey Osbeck
Laced Cassandra Webb
Last Communion David Ryan
Left Right Left in Texas Stephen White
Lenny Laura  McVeigh
Letters from a Kurd Kae Bahar
Life Without Shoes: The First Father Ambrose Mystery Emma Cyrus
Lily Among Thorns C. A.  Lindsay
Lips Peter Gooch
Long Live Glosser's Robert Jeschonek
Looking For Garbo Jon Miller
Loss Angeles Mathieu Cailler
Lost in the Fog Michael Ostrowski
Louisiana Blood Mike Donald
Love and Hate: In Nazi Germany Ryan Armstrong
Love and Justice Tara Kearns
Love. Rinse. Repeat. Lynda Foote
Madame Presidentess Nicole Evelina
Malika Stewart Fergus
Map Vicki Burgess
Mariana Wong's Summer of Love Janna Wong Healy
Master of Breath Paul Allen
Matter of Discretion Donna Lee Davis
Mayhem in Memphis Christine DeSmet
Mean Little Miracle Tom Senning
Mechcraft Brian Fitzpatrick
Median Gray Bill Mesce, Jr.
Meet Me Halfway: Milwaukee Stories Jennifer Morales
Merrily Merrily Kyle Spence
Metamorphophilia Dorian Martin
Money Bear Kerry Cox
Mrs Saville Ted Morrissey
Murder in Moscow: The Oblast Court Trial Frank Daley
Murder Syndicated Kyle Spence
My Beautiful Impostor: A Story of Persia, Exile, and Lies Katayoon Zandvakili
My Dear Alma Sondra Brooks
My Life as a Sperm : One Man's Quest to Save the World William Whitaker
My MacArthur Cindy Fazzi
My Name is Trouble James Taylor & Sam Schlafer
Never A $7 Whore Toni Crowe
Never Die Twice Mark Jones
New Suburbia Stephen Jerrome
Neworld Papers KB Shaw
No Cowboy Required JoAnn Sky
North of Here Laurel Saville
Not The Jamaica We Know Paula Lennon
Nowhere Girl Susan Strecker
Nuns! Physics! And Gypsies! Oh No!! Rita Moreau
Oaf Flora  Doone
Of Blood and Wine Arthur  Brown
Out of the Darkness by Clarissa Clarke Clarissa Clarke
Overtime: To be the Best Heath Hertel
Paris Orphan Escape from Evil Charles Loebbaka
Paris Green Gary Janis
Patchwork of Me Gregory G. Allen
Perfect on Paper: The (Mis)adventures of Waverly Bryson Maria Murnane
Picaro: Psychopaths, Warlords, and a Rogue Journalist on the Dark Side of History Jeff Harmon
Poet Under A Soldier's Hat E.P. Rose
Portrayal Zac Loy
Praelium Andrew Furstenberg
Prescription, Please Mirek Brandt
Primetimes Amy McCormick
Provectus Survival of the Fittest M. L. Stover
Punk Charming Laura Quinn
Race Music Mark Herder
Railbak Adventures Terry Cromwell
Rash, A Memoir lisa kusel
 Raven Nest Restribution Alex Croft
Really (Almost) True Story Joey Jones
Recapitulation Izzy Hanson
Regen Cassie Greutman
Remember the Ladies Gina Mulligan
Restricted Fantasies Kevin Kneupper
Return to Vienna Cristina Pippa
Road Kill: A Love Story Jefferson Moody
RobotWorld Ray  Verola
Rodger Dodger of the Planetary Patrol and the Pirates of Ganymede Mark Sondrini
Ross Wellington Brian Ellis & Mark Van Handel
Runaways, Renegades and Rejects: A Cookbook Jennifer Dickinson
Saving Bobby: Heroes and Heroin in One Small Community Renee Hodges
Saving Toby David Carren
Savior Edward Dietrich
Sea Legs & Fish Nets Maria Finn
Sebastian and the Invisible Island Michael Hogan
Secrets That We Keep Randall Bentley
Seeing Eye: A day at the Fair Liz Marshall
Senseless Confidential Martin Bannon
Shadow Summoner Tess Adair
She Called Him Raymond: A True Story of Love, Loss, Faith and Healing Ray O'Conor
She's Not You Judi Getch Brodman
Siempre (Always) B Daniel Martinez
Silver Moraine: A Memoir of Horror Selaine Henriksen
Sin in the Big Easy Elizabeth McCourt
Sinfandel Gina Cresse
Smugglers Blues Leonard Denison
Snow Queen's Daughter Charli Devnet
Sojourn Robert Lumsden
Solitude Showdown Lee Atterbury
Something Bigger Brian Howlett
Songbird Donna Gimarc
Soul To Keep Rachel Rawlings
South of Main Street Robert  Gately & Lois Gately
Sparky Micaela Dartson Hicken
St. Blair: Children of the Night Emily Skinner
Stabitha Brad Vance
Starring...John Dillinger Bill Walker & Brian Anthony
State of Affairs Vera  Roberts
Stealing Forbidden Dreams Edward Alban
Stein, Stoned Hal Ackerman
Stepping Up Robert Culp
Supra/normal Arran McDermott
Survivanoia Melody Von Smith
Swim Avi Duckor-Jones
Tallok David Luz
Temples, Tombs & Death Traps - the Fantastic Exploits of Lord Edgar Marshall-Smith Philippe D'Imperio
Tendon from Bone Thomas Eggenberger
Texas Blood Dru Murray
That Harlot, Fame Richard Abramson
The '49 Indian Craig Moody
The 'Why' Axis Esmeralda Seay-Reynolds
The Aerial Queen Catherine Clarke
The Anchor Clankers Renee Garrison
The Anesthesia Game Rea Nolan Martin
The Art of Us Kaycee Hughes
The Artificial Doctor David Hudacek
The Autopsy of Planet Earth R. J. Eastwood
The Bank Robbers' Sister Roberta Haas George
The Beauty Doctor Elizabeth Hutchison Bernard
The Book Keith Elias
The Botany of Witchcraft Zella Watson
The Calvary Incident James Sladack
The Canary Connection Phillip Spolin
The Captain Loves Caviar Chilli Kippen & Elaine Berkowitz
The Civil War at Home Dustin McKissen
The Clockmakers Gordon LePage
The Condor Song Joan Golden
The Confessions of Jonathan Flite Matthew Beier
The Convergence - The Graphic Novel Emily Rose Laochua
The Copenhagen Incident Herb  Jordan
The Coven Chrissy Lessey
The Crystal Clipper Barbara Roman
The Divide Brent Hartinger & Michael Jensen
The Emerald Key Christine Daigle & Stewart Sternberg
The Facts of Lies Tom Nussbaum
The FBI Wife Sandra Windsor
The Fisherman's Daughter Robin Barefield
The Five Wishes of Mr. Murray McBride Joe Siple
The Fountain of Youth Steve Shear
The Frozen Trail Lisa Dayley
The Fruit of the Dendragon Tree Paul Deepan
The Ghost of Morgan Gulch Vickie Gardner
The Golem of Venice Beach Chanan Beizer
The Good Citizen Joel Doty
The Grand Adventures of Inspector Toadius McGee Tom Phillips
The Great & the Small Andrea Balsara
The Grimaldi Chronicles Book I Roxanne Dent
The Harper Effect Taryn Bashford
The Heart of a Tiger SreyRam Kuy
The Interval john cooney
The Irish Nurse: Courage Between Love and Death Adele Pillitteri
The Jack of Souls Stephen Merlno
The Keepers Richard Guimond
The King's Corpse MJ Jones
The Last Faoii Tahani Nelson
The Last Iceberg Ralph Walker
The Last Prince of Atlantis Chronicles Leonard Clifton
The Last Wife Amy Reedy
The Legend of Pokey Nose Tami Ryder
The Lost Coast Scott Lipanovich
The Lost Road to Hope: Don't Survive, Live Ronald Rossmann
The Lotus Eaters Tatjana Soli
The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name: Short Stories Fiza Pathan
The Man Curse Raqiyah Mays
The Mayberry Messiah Russell Johnson
The Mighty Hook Mark Tarrant
The Misadventures of Buddy Jones David Margolis
The Modern Odyssey Deepanjali Sharma
The Month of September Christine Sneed
The Musical Quest of Harrison Hare Book Two Journey to Rhythm Creek Wade Boteler
The Mysterious Disappearance of Colby Blue Eric Vasallo
The Name in Shadow Terence Waeland
The Naming Game Gabriel Valjan
The Nephilim Virus John Prather
The Ninth Step Jan Schmidt
The Noble Noggin Sharis Mitchell
The Old Cape Hollywood Secret Barbara E. Struna
The P.S. Wars Geoffrey Carter
The Past is Never Tiffany Quay Tyson
The Pelican Monika Naidoo
The Peppermill Murders Steven Hartman
The Phantom's Gold Eric  Murphy
The Pivot Marina Hatsopoulos
The Post-Apocalyptic Dining Guide Joe Buonfiglio
The Prince of Foxes Alexander Ferrar
The Quest of Arryn Kaan C. Todd Cleveland
The Railwalkers Ruth Hanson
The Real Estate Rookie Robert Boog
The Red Dragon Russ Duvall
The Republic of Jack Jeff Kerr
The Retirement Plan Steven Prowse
The River: A Jack Slack Shoebox Dialogue George Benda
The Romanovsky Stain Duke Zimmer
The Ruin and Rise of Madame Royale Lori Radulovich
The Runaways Sonya Terjanian
The Russian & Aunt Sophia Rita Moreau
The Scent of Gardenia: A Killing in Princeville M.E.B.  Smith
The Second Coming of Jesse James Mark Herder
The Street Enters the House Lisa Garvey
The Summons Janet Wise
The Swim Fredrik Colting
The Swordmaker Jackie Marchant
The Tale of a No-Name Squirrel Radhika  Dhariwal
The Throwaways LS Hawker
The Trials of Adrian Wheeler Steve Shear
The Walls Chris Wendel
The Whip Karen Kondazian & Ryan Oksenberg
The World on Fire Sheldon Woodbury
The Year the Music Changed: The Letters of Achsa McEachern-Isaacs and Elvis Presley Diane Thomas
The Zarkas Clayton Bennett
Then and Now Caroline O'Meara
These Walls Don't Talk, They Scream: A Novel Elizabeth Dahl
Third World William Stewart
This is How I Save My Life Amy Scher
Thoughts & Prayers Karen Robbins
Through the Waterfall Lazaros Zigomanis
Through the Woods April Sebree
Thumperica! A Novel of the Ghost of America Future Lloyd Mullins
Tick Allison Rose
Tiger Drive Teri Case
To the Brim Anna Pattison
To the Victor Christine Dell
Trail Ends In Texas Walter Lawrence
Transfigured Word Luis Arata
Under Deborah Cloyed
Unspoken Word Catherine Rickman
Vancouver's Spirits Frank Talaber
Venice in the Moonlight Joseph Burinskas
Village Idiots Michael Angelella
Voodoo Hideaway Vance Cariaga
Waitapu Helen  Waaka
Wallagalore Annie Nishida
Ward Kyle Waller
Welcome Home Thomas Burcher Sean Lester Durham
What Child Is This? Patricia Schultheis
What Happens in Yellowstone Greg Marchand
Wheel of the Sun Catherine Faurot
When Jonathan Cried For Me Carter Lee
When Misdeeds Misfire Mariann Melechinsky
Where We Go From Here Matthew Haynes
While You Were Out Christina Hamlett & Jamie Dare
Whispering Winds Richard Guimond
Widow Joan'ay Rhodes
Wish Club Kim Strickland-Sargent
Wounded Souls Renny Hodgskin
Zombie-saurus Rex Mark Souza

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