2018 ScreenCraft Action & Thriller Screenplay Competition Semifinalists Announced

by ScreenCraft on January 2, 2019

Oops! We accidentally linked to the Semifinalists announcement in the email sent on 1/25/2019. Looking for the Finalists announcement? Click here.

Listed below are the semifinalists of the 2018 ScreenCraft Action & Thriller Screenplay, selected from over 700 submissions. We’re excited to be exploring this internationally-beloved genre and to have received a slate of compelling screenplays.

This year's jury is comprised of producers and executives at Appelles Entertainment, Bad Robot, Columbia Pictures, the Donners' Company, a manager at Elevate Entertainment, and the screenwriter of Die Hard and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of the finalists and winners here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages within the next few weeks!

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Here are the semifinalists:

A Fair Fight Peter Gazdag
A Gang of Orphans Sam Cooke
Across The Aisle Josh Covitt
Adrenaline Heart M. K. Ching
Af*ckinstan Jim Maceda
Agency August Xiayi Palmer
An End to the Means Martha Dunne
Artificial Jonathan Dillon
Big Following Daniel Mercaldi
Black Ice Below Peter Fraser
Blood Count Anthony Crossen
Bodies by Grace Pat Spivey
Bring The Children Michael Wormald
Burrow Ashley Burns & Noah Martin
Canaan Ben Johnson
Children of the Storm Michael Hahn
Choke Canyon Duane Graves & Justin Meeks
Chopper Cowboys Jeff Peters
Cumulus Matthew Silverman
Date Christian Canterbury
Dead Man's Switch Brian Kazmarck
Deadalive Christian J. Hearn
Direct Engagement Stephen MacNeil
Distortion Travis Opgenorth
Donor Psych Dylan Ben-Israel
Edison's Ghosts Kevin Bachar
Exchange Vivian Kerr
Extranjero Supremo Theo Sariklis
Ferocity Kevin Bachar
Forty Winks Andrew Stein
From The Depths Tim Westland & Rod Thompson
Gare du Nord Takeo Hori
GT Travis Cox & Robert Williams
Half-Life Debra Hershkowitz
Hemorrhage Justin Fox
Ivory Benjamin Simon
Lethal Injection James Manion
Lost Children Kristoffer Tabori
Marathon Alex Hacker & Fraiser Kansteiner
Meltdown Roger Stone
Monster(s) Aidan Largey
Mother Inside Jesmond Francis
Nature of the Beast Aaron Kozak
Night of Game Alex Beattie
Ninety Proof Nick Lentz
No Worse Enemy Skye Lynch
Once Upon A Fist Karl Lentini
Orchid's Dawn Eric Jeske & Collin Watts
Organelle Edward James Anderson
Outside the Wire Valerie Brotski
Pickett's Pride Tess Card
Pig Paul Holbrook
Poachers Adam Etheridge
Possessions Stephen Polakiewicz
Record Highs! Carl MacLaren
River Terry Crist
Safeguard Fiona Hunnisett
She Hard J Jabbour
Sinkholes Lila McLaughlin
Skye Lake Jane Paulson & Marcy Kelly
Skyfoxes Marisa Forrest
Stuck Rich Van Tine
Surviving Seoul Donald Grail
The Ebb Guy Smith
The Federal Hotel Karl Mather
The Fighting Girlfriend Alexander Vargas
The Harvestmen Nathan Cox
The Hunted Mark Flood
The Innocent and the Vicious Dominique Genest & Nick Kreiss
The Last Mile Christian J. Hearn
The Legend of the Forty Thieves Scott Hamilton
The Lost Khan Jon Rosen
The Memory Bank Daniel Cooper & Adam Cooper
The Operator Huey Q. Pham & Jessica Petrucci
The Power of Three Chantelle de Carvalho
The Rat Donald Smith
The Rescue Aaron Kennedy
The Same Blood Petr Zavacký
The Treasure Kings Kevin Bachar
Under a Broken Moon James Nguyen
United We Fall Matthew Dixon
Unwelcome Federico Casal
Voight Family Vacation Dan Cerruti
What Did You Do, Sweet Mary Lou? Dave Paterson
Wrath of an Eagle Bruno Borello

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