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2017 ScreenCraft Short Screenplay Contest Quarter-Finalists Announced

by Cameron Cubbison - updated on December 17, 2017

Listed below are the quarter-finalists of the 2017 ScreenCraft Short Screenplay Contest, representing roughly the top 25% of entries received. Congratulations to all who have made it this far, and thanks to everyone who submitted.  Stay tuned for the upcoming announcements of the semifinalists and grand prize winners here and on our Twitter and  Facebook pages!

30 Miles to Mexico Diana Densmore
A Bad Day for Enchiladas Jordan Hill
A Crowd of Strangers Daniel Corrieri
A Grain of Sand Daniel Sorochkin
A Laceration Mervyn Marshall
A Twisted Tail Donna Allen
A View From The Sea Jonny Pasvolsky
A War On Terror Peter Haig
A While Dustin Sohn
Absence Dorian Keyes
Absent Mind Emilie Khair
Adventures in Arcadia- The Cubists John Porubsky
Alive! Breathmints Tom Gianakopoulos
All I Said Was Burton Brown
Apartment 606 Michelle Dinnick
Apotheosis Alessandro Coia
Ashes Nick Kirby
Aunty Alfie Caitlin Abra Middleton
Aurora Travis Opgenorth
Avocado With Eggs Enrique Vasquez
Baxter Aaron Diebelius
Beard-O Alejandro Heiber
Beware the Kive Jeremy Banks
Black Coffee and Beignets Monique Hazeur
Black Girl Walking Sunday Sabbath
Blackbird Ben & Josh Tuval & Kaster
Boobala Karl Swingle
Books, Beds and Baths Anthony Marinelli
Borealis Elizabeth Tompkins
Brew Master Kelly Karam
Broken Mirrors Claire Lawson
Bronwyn Goes Dancing Shane Anderson
Cúl An Tí (The Back Of The House) Emma Pyne
Caged In Ekaterina Vladimirova
Cake Courtney Stackhouse
Carry This House Nik Theorin
Character Flaws Paul Bayford
Chasing Billy Jeffrey Hsu
Child Narco Marco Santiago
Coast Aaron Finan
Coffee and Dream Debi Calabro
Come to Grief Michelle Bracks
Cootie Contagion Joshua Smooha
Cowboys & Pakistanis Farraz Khan
Coyote Laura Shumate
Crimson Karsten Treber
Crossing Fences Annika Pampel
Dad Undead Nicolas Delgado
Dallas/Fort Worth Mule Michael Case
Damned If You Don't Paul Clinco
Danny Boy Kelly Kirwan
Darkness Never Forgives Gary Hanna
Dead End Cameron Rogers-Hawson
Dead Letter Office Richard Herstek
Dear Claire, Ryan Vanderhei
Death Date Danielle Williams
Death of Silence Hailey Escobar
(De)Construction David Stoker
Deserter Conall Pendergast
Devil's Dawn Cullen Kelly
Dinner in Hyde Park Jonathan Silver
Divinity Nelson Downend
Dog Years Jeremy Storey
Doggy Style Cade Frankson
Down River Kerry Russell
Dream Catcher Avery Rouda
Dressed Courtney Therond
Duck Egg Blue Andrew Holland
Earth's Final Moments Mark Renshaw
Echo Chamber Travis Lemke
Elements of Her Jonathan Eid
Emotive Daniel Tuck
End of the Game Daryl Middlebrook
Entrenched Joseph Chebatte
Every 8 Days Marcus Lee
Exiled Jas Shenstone
Fall Marcus Lee
Fast Falls the Eventide Alan Taylor
Fat Tom Bragg
Fear Factory Sarah Polhaus
Finding Amber Richard Mildren
Fire Christopher Ramsey
Fish Fetish Ray De Feis
Fish Out of Water Laura Shumate
Five Votes Susie Shannon
Flyology Michael Leung
For Muriel Rebecca Shapiro
For What It's Worth Alli Bryant
Forest for the Trees Spencer Gillis
Forgive Me Morten Wright
Forsaken Daniel Corrieri
Fox Athena Mandis
Frank, 2.0 Andrew Kleczek
Frankie's Monster Nicole Tersigni
Frog John Harden
Fulfilment James Stephenson
Furnichangers Boaz Dror
Gabe Cameron Rogers
Game Night Ryan Kazmer
Gasbar Luke Rosen
Gasolina Tannaz Hazemi
Gearheart Ali Davis
Greetings From Hell! Mary Vettel
Grocery Day Kevin Walsh
Guardian Peer Gopfrich
Half Past Late Danny Mak
Harvey Must Love His Job Mark Daniels
Healing Matters Nir Shelter
Hold On, Let Go Jason Noxon
Home Run Felix Burgan
Honkies Steve Wisniewski
Honor Ed Vela
Hope. Mohamed Mohamud
Hunting Season Graham Waldrop
Hush Little Baby Camille Hollett-French
I am Here Rebecca Shapiro
Idol Jack Marchetti
If I Get To Go Saundra Ayala
In Shadows Cooper Justus
Infinity Jeff Aaron Campbell
Insured Gary Winter
Intimate Judith Duncan
It Happens At Midnight Joshua Oliver
It Takes A Monster Matt Walter
It's OK. He's Friendly. Brian Menz
Jackpot Christopher Miller
Jenny Saves Anna Tran
Jerry Times Two Alessandro Miro
Juggernaut Michael Goyert
Kate and Owen Becca Roth
Kickback Ann Rosen
Kill Your Darlings Kara Rada
Kitrie Makes Waves Rachel Rinehardt
Krumbs Mike Wedderburn
Last Kind Words Samantha Kelly
Late Afternoon on a Tuesday Kerwin Kuniyoshi
Layers Tom Bragg
Lazy Saturday Mornings Denise Stewart
Learn Bhangra in 7 Days Nevin Sharma
Left Out Chris Warner
Les Be Honest Brenda Muñoz S.
Life Forms Robin Boreham
Little Soul Alina Kulesh
Little Texas Marissa Vonn
Long Time No See Gert Van den Heule
Love Undying Duncan McIntyre
Luck Jason Briker
Lydia Matthew Wright
Maggie B. Launches a Satellite Jenna Yonker
Maggie's Curse Scott Shilstone
Mahalia Melts In The Rain Carmine Pierre-Dufour
Martha Daniel Sheiman
Melanie Jackson Private Eye Travis Kehoe
Mick and the Stray Kirsty Budding
Midsommarnatt Hillevi Gustafson
Mirage Craig Paulsen
Miranda's New Friend Leasal Liddle-Pirouet
Missy M Andrea Karo
Mix & Match Raymond Santos
Moon Day Robert Clarke
Moon Rabbit Kae Ho
Motel Bibles Theresa Drew
Ms. Dale Mike Langer
Mumo John Rex
Mustard Michael Dean
My Mother's Shoes Jake McKone
Name Change Emily Chang
Near Death... A Romantic Comedy Ken Hanson
Night Shift Chris Phillips
Nighthunters Ana Jimenez
No Place Like Home Leah Baxter
Not That Nice adielenah perez
Not-so-artificial Intelligence John Hoffmann
Nowhere, Texas Matt Dushkes
Okay Google Danny Zimmer
One Child Born Stuart Creque
Outside The Box CK Love
Page Turner Marc Roussel
Painted Shore Matthew Dooley
Paleonaut Eric McEver
Past Lives David Samuels
Pause Sarah Poynter
Phantom Alan McConnell
Picture Perfect Jarrett Paperno
Pigskin Gabriel Dean
Plasticity Dina Klein
Poster Child Junot Lee
Power Out Laurie Stark
Princess Garrett Kim
Prix Fixe A. B. Williams
Prized Possesions Alan de la Rosa
Progeny Matthew Gilson
Reclaimed Lance Thompson
Rectified Dimi Nakov & Jean Marcello
Red Gulch Peter Forbes
Runaway Tom Yoannidis
Runner Runner Jeanna Overstreet
Sacral Jacqueline Sir
Sally Tom Slater
Sam and Evie Alison Honey Woods
Sam's House John Tummino
Save Simon Gilberg
Second Chances Mike Fardy
Seeds Ashlee Renz-Hotz
Severence Joe Castle
Shawerma Ali Hajal
Shelly Sabrina Stoll
Shine and Shade Austin Campbell
Shoot The Girl Tony Hendriks
Sinker Alia Lundy
Six Years from Tonight Emily Schwend
Sleep Tight Jeanna Overstreet
So it Begins Peter Gazdag
Softer Roger Mason
Solitary Jen Brown
Something To Remember Me By Anna Rose Moore
Soulmate Albert Duic
Sounds the Dog Made Jeffrey Golden
South of Ostend Lewis Reckline II
Speak of the Wolf Adam Sugerman
Spiced Apple Rebecca Lunn
Splash Alina Kulesh
Stillman Raymond Santos
Stuck Jazeen Hollings
Table for One Michael Strong
The Belief Saikat Mukherjee
The Best West Testament Peter Gazdag
The Big Bang John Perry Dancoe
The Bikers' Wave Damien Mazza
The Black Cat Francesco Minniti
The Bottomless Pit Andrew Oh
The Box Hansa Dasgupta
The Boy in the High Window Sommer Rusinski
The Boy in The Mirror Giuseppe LiMandri
The Cinnamon Bird Ruth Knafo Setton
The Confessional Conor Waldron
The Curse Adam Sleper
The Cypher Sessions Marc Roussel
The Dairy Farmer's Daughter Matthew Portman
The Dead Plains Paul Corricelli
The Devil You Don't Joe LaMattina
The Devil's Justice Bryan Block
The Dinner Party Alexander Taylor
The Forgotten Sam Uhlemann
The Frontier Shannon Marinko
The Funeral Party Tyler Hein
The Funeral, The Wedding Garon Cockrell
The Girl With A Little Bit Extra Linda Niccol
The Great Man Jamal Johnson
The Handy Man Nicholas Clifford
The Horrifying House of Latrino Rob Melnyk
The Hunter Lisa Pekar
The Imaginatron Eric Egan
The Last Bus Ride Deanna Perchyshyn
The Lateness of the Hour Cullen Kelly
The Ledge Joel Karlinsky
The Leftover Man Nisha Khan
The Locket Blake Clouser
The Man Sam Chappell
The Missing Piece Joshua Cordova
The Murder Ring Jay Falk
The Neighbor's Cat Bonnie Eaton
The Observation Mac McSharry
The Only Thing We Have to Fear Jamie Bircoll
The Passing Light Nelson Downend
The Pistol Xaque Gruber
The Rat in Room Ten James Culloty
The Rectitude of Thieves Erik Sternberger
The Recycling Man Carlo Ballauri
The Redemption of Sara Philip T Brewster
The Sack Man Joseph Betteridge
The Sacrifice Shane Weisfeld
The Seminole Daniele Dohring
The Sex Act Madelyn Rideout
The Sheep that Caught the Wolf Jennifer Salazar
The Shepherd, The Angel and the Three Hunters Fabrizio Rosso
The Sight Of You Helen Hayden
The Silent Waltz Sharon Rapose
The Squatch Den Karl Swingle
The Story of The Whale Adrian Cárdenas
The Thief & The Alchemist Will Nixon
The Travelers Alden Sargent
The Waiting Room Tom Mann
The Wild East Valesca van Rees
The Wind Cries Alistair Marks
The Wrong Key Jason White
The Yard Eugenie Carabatsos
This Dark Thought Nik Theorin
Three Witches in the West Katherine Bennett-Greer
Thunder Valley Randy Kirk
Ticker Kaycee Hughes
Titty Tuesday Waka Brown
To Be Forgotten Masa Gibson
Tommy and the Geometric Figures or Why Tommy can't be Happy Julia Cancella
Traducer Ande Case
Transistor Radio Georgia Bloo Nicolaou
Transmogrify Steve Jolley
Transplantable Jaysen Headley
Trust Diane Lansing
Twits Alison McGrath
U-Turn Christin Campbell
U/R/N Dylan Sargent
Unnatural Amy Wang
Vanilla Duvi Stahler
Virgin(ia) Briana Bleecker
Virtually Single Patrick Cohen
Wakers Garrett Atkinson
Walk on the Moon JB Minerva
Walnut David Thomas
We Killed the Boss Alana Igbe
Weight of Lies Amanda Samaroo
Whisper in the Ear Odhran Somers
Whistler's Mother Robbie Robertson
Wild Abandon Dawn Prato
Windfall James Weicker
Winning Ticket Filipe Savioli
Withdrawn Joel Anderson
Ya Gotta Break a Few Eggs... Kerry Parsons
Yegua Behrad Gramian
You Thought It Would Last Forever Evan Winter


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