2017 ScreenCraft Pilot Launch Contest Semifinalists Announced

by ScreenCraft - updated on December 28, 2017

Listed below are the semifinalists of the 2017 ScreenCraft Pilot Launch competition. These exceptional pilots were selected from over 2,000 submissions.

Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far, along with the quarter-finalists, and thanks to all for submitting.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the grand prize winners on December 29th.


18th & Mill Daniel Queirolo
A Podcast Dara Katz, Betsy Kenney
Age Appropriate Stephanie Bencin
Bad Friends Jess Mazza
Beyond Addicted Scott Seiler
Big Jim Cathy Strickland, Tim Pye
Black Republican Joe Abel, Dwayne Perkins
Bottoms Up Mia Pinchoff & Kristi Hall
Chlora & Phyll M. Rowan Meyer
Curiosity Tasha Hardy
Curtain Call TJ King
Daddy Issues Tom Mann
Darkhorse Jonathan Klemke
Debt Joe Fernandez
Dinner for Breakfast Alex Klein
Disconnected Kaela Crawford
Down With The Bureaucracy Dimitry Pompee
Family Business Chris Thomson
Family Jewels John Eleftheriou
GM Thomas Leupp
Happy Hour Hustlers Cathy Beasley
Heart Attack Man Brian Hanson
Homies Amy Tasillo
Honkies and Homies Ondine Rarey
How To Succeed At Birth Britt Sanborn
Hustlin' Ain't Easy Teri Brown-Jackson
Infinite Gary Joey Siara
Irrelevant Jaquie Brown
Izzy Immaculate TJ Clark
Jetlagged Jeff Opdytke
Journos Bill Janson
Leila, Again Naomi Brodkin
Little Green Men Daniel Boggs
Metamorphosis Celia Blundo
Midnight Murder Mystery Aaron Yeung
Moxie Alexandra DiRuscio Cooper
Mr. Abdul Goes to Washington Skander Halim & Gina
Not The Hero Jordan Tandowsky
Nyla Sabrina Naqvi, Annie Hamdani
One and Done Jay Cundiff
Paparazzo Alex Lange, Scott Davidson
PG 30 Vidhya Iyer
Pilgrimage Heather Huntington, Danielle Evenson
Provocateur Ross Maloney & Jay Calhoun
Pulp Raphael Loucadellis
Reboot Daniel Kavanagh
Roy Unplugged Marc Rosenberg
Rumspringa Becky Prosky
Runway Daniel Pizzato
Sandwiched Christina Shaver
Scrambled Eggs Brad Klipfel
Softeez Sam Chappell
Space Cartoon Dave Urlakis
Special Jay Cundiff
Still Practicing Samuel Loeb & Ryan W. Smith
Straight Emma Tattenbaum-Fine
Strings Gerrard Hartland
Subpar Natural Evan James
The Board Justin Grundfast
The Future Is Cancelled Jack Rodgers
The Great White North Jeremy Patrick Hamilton
The Lucy Gray Agency Pamela Jones & Anna-Lisa Jones
The Miserable Failures of Deef A'Dran Arthur Iula & Matt Jeakle
The Resident Mike Gerbino & Zahra Alzubaidi
The Wrong Side of Forty Lily Labovitz
Three Blocks North Daniel Strauss
Time Fail Stefan Tihanyi & Marian Meidel
Time Suck David Crosman
Tinfoil Hats Francis Stokes
Undocumented Melissa White
Vampire In Space Carmen Angelica
Whiskey Ginger Alan Kelly



Against The Odds Tammy Kearly
Alt-Control Michael Leung
Angelique Nancy Tudor
Aurora Falls Kadyn Michaels
Awkwardly Apocalyptic Sarah Hopkins
Axion Allen Glover
Bamboo Press Su Ching Teh
Behind The Red Curtain Shani Moore Weatherby
Beyond the Drop Henry Evans
Bleeder Aidan Largey
Bloodlands David Kushner
Bluebirds Simon Wilkinson
Bombshells Alexandra Tran
Born Entertainers Wilbert Stanton
Cannonball Express Mark Robertson
Carla Margo Amelia Phillips
Chasing The Dark Mike Bencivenga
Civil Unrest Jeff Perreca
Clandestine Geoffrey Campbell
Coldwater Craig Berger
Colonials Ian Fletcher
Companion Nicholas Leitzke
Conduct Unbecoming Matt Ritter
Connection Jace Lacob
Copperhead Simon Tatum
Crimson Oeuvre Tom Mann
Cuban Affairs Marco Santiago
Curse and Judgment Corey Moore
Daemonologie Harry Hanson
Dark Eyes Sydney Dire
Dark Horizons Carlo Carere & Erin Carere
Deadheads: Home in Hartford Bill Brennenstuhl
Delirium Anna Chazelle
Demonic Chris Drzewiecki
Deviant Christina Farber
Dicks Bill Hanson
Doctresses: The Book of Skulls David Hutchison
E Pluribus Unum Max Benowitz
Echoes of Bonnieville Simon Schneider
Eire's Song Kristen Nedopak
El Norte Vicente Gutierrez & Will Souders
End of Days Sonja Verpoort
End Of Life Sean Collins-Smith
Evolutionary J.A. Romo
Exile City Stephen Montagne & Nick Gomez
Family Secrets Allison Osborne
Feather Crown Kate Lauryn
Filii Familias Christopher Lastrapes
Finding the Dark Mychal Sargent
Germantown Renee Buck
Godly Anna Salinas
Graves' Consequences Edward Hamel
Greyson David Pinckney
H8 Faisal Azam & Erica Vellis
Hereditary Craig Berger
Hoop Kings David Hines
I, Alice Duane Piedmont
Idol Talk Jeremiah Lewis
Immaculate Charles McNamara
Inside Oceanside Tate Hanyok
It's Hard To Be Holy Alex Carroll
Ivan's Hammer Ben Maraniss
Judas Joe Brukner
Lavender Panthers L.M. Harter
Life on Chelsea Road Ed McCarthy
Liminal Megan Meadows
Linked Jeff Bower
Looking Glass William Zide
Lydia Pinkham's Potions Renee Buck
Mad Like Me Melinda Maerker
Mama Drama Mary Birdsong
Mason Middle School Andrew Marshall
Mississippi Bound Christopher Dennis
Mount Pleasant Cat Dale
Moving Parts Sally Rowe
My Dead Dad David Lawrence Hill
Natural Causes Mickey Fortune
Non Essentials Sophie Dawson
Now We Cook! M Cristina Beato
Open Anne Underwood
Panthers Eric Glover
Phoenix Natasha Hall
Pictures of Lily Erik Himmelsbach-Weinstein, Daniel Weizmann
Pipe Bomb Michael Orlando
Portia's Law Hana Callaghan, Chad Callaghan
Power Shift Katie Avery
Punchbags Steven Snell
Radicals Timothy Fasano
Recognition Adam Pachter
Red Ball Anna Bierhaus
Red Scare Christopher O'Bryant
Renaissance Denise Meyer
Restless Yusuf Gad
Revolutions Grant Fraggalosch
Richer Than a White Man Christine Stevens DeLorenzo
Riot Amy Lambert
Saint Hill Gillian Gordon
Savage Nation Myles Reid
Seacliff Manor Kim Lisner
Set them free Matthew Duriez
Shelter JJ Bailey
Shitstorm David Luz
Show of Hands Shila Jones
Small Town Lachlan Marks, Ella Roby
Smut Becky Bradshaw
Spin Cycle Taylor Freedman
Splinters Chadwick Harman
Sunder Levi Hawkinson
Tall Tales Alex Wilson
Ten Thousand Islands Peter Short
Texican Springtime Pamela Garcia Rooney
The 5th Kathleen Cromie
The Argyle Chris Squadrito
The Ark Camille Righi
The Bard in Time Christopher Lastrapes
The Biggest Little Craig Page
The Bridge to Pagan Bay: Lovin' Hurts Alva Moore
The Bullpen David Vienna
The Center Tyler Dean Kempf
The Color Wars Christopher De Paola
The Dark of Night Denise Meyers
The Desert Scott Thomas
The Disappearance Jess Harris-DiStefano
The Down Ticket Michael Pollock
The Exchange Marcus Goodwin
The First Fleet Thomas Winward
The Fleet Stephen Barber
The Four Queens Sydney Dire
The Golden Cage Jade Raybin
The Greylock Ghosts Will Zech & Alex Cope
The Hall Monitor Chris Caleo
The Home Byron Tokarz
The Hunt James Janowsky & Ari David
The Indian Line Lori Rowton
The King of Booger County R J Hanna
The Life - Another Day in The Life George Perez
The Life Ahead Rita Toledo
The Lost Wendy Dominique Hinman
The Magdalene Ranch Charlotte Winters
The Monster from his Dream Andy Cause
The NN Milo Carballo
The Outer Rim J. Scott Worthington
The Ravine Andrea Bailey
The Red Dog Order Jamaal X
The Reset Kate Traill Price
The Retreat John Kirk
The Right Andrea Bailey
The Summerland Michele Dagle
The Village Jenny Taylor-Whitehorn
The Wall Dominic Carver, Anne-Marie Caluwaert
Thieves Among Us Jordan Gouveia
Thoroughly Mormon Millie Paul Ditty
Those People Andrew Zeoli
Timber Peter Malone Elliott
Time Will Tell 101: Big Fish Theory Daniel Marsden
To Be Seen Susan Hippen
Tongs Of Chinatown Nadia Madden
Turning Tables Shaneez Tyndall
Twenty Centavos Dorothy Lyman
V.I.R.A.L. Guy Noland
Vectors Grant Fraggalosch
We Will Rise Hayley Fox
Weirdos Phillip Rogers
Wellwick Kaycee Hughes
Witch Hunt Trevor Christie
Yellow Zara Meerza



Westinghouse Dorian Keyes

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