2017 ScreenCraft Drama Screenplay Contest Semifinalists Announced

by ScreenCraft - updated on December 22, 2017

Listed below are the semifinalists of the inaugural ScreenCraft Drama Screenplay Contest. These projects have the honor of moving forward to the final round of judging. In true dramatic fashion, this cycle was as competitive as they come. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far, congratulations to our quarter-finalists, and thanks to everyone who submitted. We’re excited to be exploring such a classic genre. The submissions were compelling and nuanced, like every great drama should be.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the winners on December 27th, here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

2017 Drama Semifinalists

12 Steps Justin Hughes
13 East Enrique Posner
A Long Shadow at Noon Ash J. Louis
Artesia Emily Tomson
As An Actress Maria Hinterkoerner
Bampa's War Dave Stevenson
Bella & The Bear Nicholas Clifford
Ben Guy Polin
Black & Blonde Jon Davis
Black and Blue April Blanding
Black Jack Stephen Curran
Blackout.con Ruben Bush III
Blind Dog Travels Katharine Yee
Blood Along the Road Bobby Marino
Break My Fall Keith Wiggins
Burning Brigade David Kushner
Butterfly Children Melanie Schiele
Californio Pedro Fernandez
Caroline Kelly Karam
Cat And Mouse Bristol Mac Donald
Coyote Call Adam Ward
Crossing The Ocean Devin Klos
D. T. Ken Comer
Deep State Anthony Nero
Escher Jason Kessler
Far Horizons Michael Moyer
Fiasco Edward Klau
Foxed James Stewart
Free Will Laura Lance
Gifted Robert Horsey
Glitches Kelly Brynes
Golden State Brittany Worthington
Goodbye My Enemy Matthew Ryan
Hammer Of God David Kushner
Henry Moore is Melting Jenny Seidelman
Hidden Shiva Ramanathan
Jelly Men V.L Esteves
Kyd's Game Marc Rosenberg
Land That We Love Julian Awoonor Renner
Last Days of Last J. Figueiredo
Liberte Lisa Weiss
Little Africa Curtis Adair
Midnight at the Movies Jennifer Gutierrez
Motel Elliot Michael Fodera
Naomi Jeffrey Grossman
Negative Space Adam Bradley
Newton's Laws of Emotion Eugene Ramos
North of Here Kurt Smith
On Your Mark Paul D'Angelo
Papaw Land Justin Blake Crum
Perfectly Broken Tiziana Giammarino
Potter's Ground Pearse Lehane
Project Gladstone Peter Donovan
Psycho Fabia Sabella
Quarter Turn Karl Swingle
Rowena Reinhart Hassan Asuncion
Saluda Tim Westland
Sand and Rain Christopher O'Bryant
Scattering Jake Erica Tachoir
Scriptures and Cigarettes Joseph O'Driscoll
Second Childhood Clifton Koons II
Sedger Mor Catherine Wright
Signs of Being Tracey Bradley
Someday, Ohio Anna Hozian
Southern Knights Scott Bloom
Spytown Adam Tobin
Stan's Killing Himself Billy Kirland
Strangers in Our Own Skin Kyle D'Odorico
Sugar Land Alexa Garster
The Boat Robert Wooldridge Jr.
The Consul General's Wife Rob Wilson
The Dancer JT O'Neal
The Disease Khalil Sullins
The Displaced Renata Scruggs
The Domina Effect Helen Gaughran
The Heart of a Tiger  SreyRam Kuy
The Hobbyist Frank Graziano
The Last Supper Gregory Noel
The Lotus Eaters Tatjana Soli
The Man in the Jungle Shruti Swaminathan
The Night Watchman Thomas Gaunt
The Problem with Time Jason Edwards
The Quality of a Memory Austin Nordell
The Revolutionist Lynn Mills
The Sparring Partner Karelia Scott-Daniels
The Sweethearts Gang James C. Schlicker
The Today King Timothy Burnham
The Tunnel Joseph New
The Wagners and the Wildflower Elias Markos
Too Guard Bell Kayona Ebony Brown
Warbrave Andres Rivera
Western Zach Smith
Wings Louis Spirito

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