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2017 ScreenCraft Action/Thriller Screenplay Contest Quarter-Finalists Announced

by ScreenCraft on November 15, 2017

Are you ready to find out who the quarter-finalists of the 2017 ScreenCraft Action/Thriller Script Contest are? With over 600 submissions, our readers put together the list below. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting.

Stay tuned for the semifinalists announcement on December 15th, 2017, here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages!


17 Bullets Van Jensen
50 Caliber Canadian Gordon Roback
6 Ghost Days Ted McKenna
A Better Place Katterina Powers
A Ghost Amongst Men Cliff Simmons
A Witch In Salem Patrick Lewis
A Word in a Glass Mind Miranda Fennimore
Af*ckinstan Jim Maceda
Alejandra Amelia Fergusson
American Spy Zach Tirone
Anatomy Of Sins G. Eric Smith, Jared Smint
At the Times of Cold War Subin Mathew George
Balance Edward Klau
Beyond the Gap Zach Waggoner
Bitter Honey Chilli Kippen
Blind Pursuit Debi Yazbeck
Borrego Jesse Harris
Brain Flux Helena Derett
Brutal Jonathan W. C. Mills
Bullet Points Ryan Lis, Thomas Thomas
Bury Your Dead Rick McGovern
Cachetown Dylan Pearl
Can I Take Your Photograph Reid Taylor
Canine Daniel Pike
Cartel Del Toro Marty Morrisroe
Clean Up David Whitcroft
Confirmation Adam Vorenkamp
Controlled Insanity Randy Cruts
Creature Feature Stephen Polakiewicz
Culpable Mark Heywood
Danger Close Adam Skelter
Darkness Awakens Michael Williams
Dead On The Inside Selene Raffel
Deadalive Christian J. Hearn
Deadlocked David Johnson
Deadly Actions LJ Seliski
Death In Your Eyes Andrew Saxsma
Deep State Anthony Nero
Delusions William Green
DNA Heather Farlinger
Driver Jason Deparis
Edison's Ghosts Kevin Bachar
Elena Sarina Alfarano
Elimination Agenda Stuart Heimdal
Emerald Gardens Stephanie Weaver
En Passant Tate Hanyok
Endogenous Goran Spoljaric
Eon Jason Kubik
Escape Jace Lacob
Facing the Jackal Lynne Christensen
False Flag Tamas Harangi
Fire Escape Jose Prendes
Fragments Lawrence Rothfield
Freeway Jack Steven Butler
Frigid Andrew Mescher
Get It Together Matthew Ryan
Get the lead out Oliver Britten
Go Catch The Devil Martin Blinder
Gods Among Men David Skelnik
Grid Joshua Tywater
Hunters Moon Lestyn Evans
I-70 Gabrielle Bird
Impaired Michael Williams
In Chrysalis Nelson Downend
Intell Bubbas Jovan Robinson
Intrusion Nicol Eilers
Jack Scratch Cody Glenn
Jessica Bly Tom Moriarty
Jig Saw Jack James Tweedie
Jump Start Josh Katz, Josh Thorud
Larkspur Bungalow Julie Meulemans & John McHale
Last Salvage Steven Snell
License to Steal Marco Santiago
Lima Zero Seven Dan Stratman
Lucy In The sky Francis Barel
Man From Tomorrow Po Lin
Marco Polo Jeff Heckler
Marine Down Tom Moriarty
Milwaukee Barry Ambrose, Christopher Stapleton
Miss Fury Gavin John
MissGuided Bridget Bell McMahon
Mutiny at Dawn Tyrone Cousin
No Exit Ari Gill
Obliquity Lasta Drachkovitch & Steve LuKanic
Ocean Effect Heather Farlinger
One Tough Mother James Lakas
Orion's Belt Mark Miller
Paper Tigers Garrett Ratcliff
Patriots & Tyrants Jeff Cahn
Pawns Erik Lowe
Plum Island Matthew Blackburn
Pride Jewel Armen Dilanchian
Prime Life William Levesque
Prince Of Chaos Jason Skorski
Purified Elizabeth Sullivan
Pylon Racer Courtney Silberberg, Jacquelyn Kinkade Silberberg
R&R Christian McLeer
Rectitude Mark Donnell
Remember th Pueblo William Hawkrigg
Rescuing Patton Curtis Burdick
Reset Robert Klecha, Magnus Aspli
Riot Act Justin Hughes
Roar Robert Telatovich
Robot vs. Robot Michael Hayes
Rogue Mark Kindred
Runaway Ship Theodore Soderberg
Running Dark John Lau
Seismic Rory Veal
Setting Square Neil Chase
Shaken Loose Carolyn Childers
Shanghai Vaudeville Alex Shifman
Shaolin Wolf-Man Tom Freyer
Show Me The Way To Go Home Ken Hanson
Sister Hoods Lorinda Donovan
Smuggler's Blues Bob Cousins
Solara Andrew Saxsma
Space/Time Danny Baram
Spybrain Eric Allen
Stealing God Martin Blinder
Sting of the Bee Eric Allen
Stoning the Jasmine Zaina Deeb
Straw Runners Matt G. Perry
Subversive Wayman Stewart
Taotao Mo'na Justin Kohlas, Michael Arter
Termination Policy Zack Linder
Test Drive Matt DeMartini, Scott Robert Waldvogel
The Black Star Paul Loeschke
The Blackk Cobress Jeff Breuer
The Car Tom Harrison
The Caretaker Hussain Pirani, Sam Cooke
The Crossing Paul Sheridan
The Crying Man Walker Hare
The Devil In God's Country Adrian Maude
The Devil You Know Ian Goodwillie
The Dinosaur Four Greg Rhem
The Disease Khalil Sullins
The Donor Scott Hartman
The Enemy Upstairs M.C. Selfridge
The Expert Jon O'Neill, Carly Joseph
The Faction Kevin Karp
The Fallen Christopher Dane
The Fifth Column Paul Sheridan
The German Quote Ari Dassa
The Great Canadian Gold Heist Brad Nuber, Dein Nuber
The Hell Outta Mexico Jared Chiang-Zeizel, Kyle O'Tain
The Hitman And Her John Craig Howells
The Honeymoon Game Daniel Gentile
The Iron Horse of Lucy Steele Paul Zeidman
The Man by the River Bryan Kelsey
The Native Recruit Matt Gilbert
The Night Watchman Thomas Gaunt
The Old Believer Grant Bayliss
The Penthouse Zach Messner & Ziyad Saadi
The Pharmacist Samsun Knight
The Pirate King Barry Ambrose, Armand Kachigian
The Principle of the Thing Les Zig
The Protector CJ Voltz
The Quilt Keeper's Son Debra Gipson
The Rampart Christopher Ellis
The Resistance Jon Davis
The Righteous Man Andrew Mescher
The Road Less Traveled MIke Simons
The Rogue Assassin Linsen Oyosa
The Runoff Bill Hanan
The Sacred and Profane Malcolm Wong
The Sacred Grounds Kyler Boudreau
The Straight And Narrow Roderic Montrece
The Talon and the Undersnake Mike Carruthers
The Third Life of Bogdan Petrela David Weston
The Uncrossing Thomas Coston
The Vine Max Hoven
The Way of Dave David Poulshock
The Winter Men Philip Pirrello
The Wyching Tree Philip Tice
Thick As Blood Van Manson
Time Zero Carlo Carere
Today the Tiger Smiled Randy Cruts
Tourist Trap Jose Prendes
Traces of Light Scott Sullivan
Trident Heath Houseman, Neal Jacobs
Turnabout Bill Hanan
Tyrant Donald Mertens, Max Bentinck
Unsanctioned Chuck Hustmyre
Wendigo Mike Langer
Wet Work Mark Cerulli
What Fools We Are Stephen Lincoln
When I Was A Child Terry Needham
Wrath Of An Eagle Bruno Borello
Wylde Danny Baram
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