2016 ScreenCraft Short Story Contest Semifinalists Announced

by ScreenCraft on February 15, 2017

Listed below are the semifinalists of the 2016 ScreenCraft Short Story Contest, representing the top eight percent of submissions received. Congratulations to the quarter-finalists and these writers and thanks to all for entering.  Stay tuned for the winners announcement here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

Alice’s Trip by Christopher Williams

An Atonement by Mike Polaski

A Poodle In The Desert by Mathieu Cailler

A Proper Salute by C.W. Spooner

Asteroid Christmas by David M. Hoenig

Being Fred by Travis Richardson

Damascene Dream by Riz Hassan

Dead Rabbits by Nancy Dillon

Defending Eris by Kim Kolarich

Fatal, Pure And Simple by David M. Hoenig

Headshop by Philip Henry

Heart Of Mirrors by Alex Sprackling

Heartless by Erin O’Flaherty

Hollywood by Zachary J. Ferrara

Hospitality by Alicia Oltuski

Housekeeping by Mathieu Cailler

Icharus and Iratus Puer by Sophie Giroir

Kilroy Was Here by M.L. Stalheim

Leaving Rhodesia by Joel R. Burcat

Leota Fogg by Lisa Johnson Mitchell

Little Helper by Jeff Ryckebosch

Move by Cady Vishniac

Nothing Shaking by Michael Caleb Tasker

Papa Blue by Mary Weems

Parole by Mathieu Cailler

Perfect Trifecta Woman by Stephen Leach

Sacred Cows by Jim Foley

Shhh by Mathieu Cailler

Slush by Jacqueline Berkman

Swamp Girl by Ruth Knafo Setton

Terms And Conditions by Lori Stansal

The Amino Algorithm by Jacqueline Berkman

The Backwoods Man by Daryl Peck

The Bracelets by David Toth

The Brother by Eugene Garcia-Cross

The Chautauqua Sessions by Monica McFawn

The Companion Blog by Pamela García Rooney

The Crying Man by Walker Hare

The Escape by Roshan Kalghatgi

The Fix by Ewa Zwonarz

The Grinning Boy by Michael Larkin

The Little Sailor Is Restless by Mary Pauline Lowry

The Missing Weeks by Abdul Samad

The Place Of The Dead by Samantha Talley

The Tin Of Honey by Holly Barbo

The Traveler by Stefan Bolz

Trapped By A Song by Nicole Pouchet

Two Scorpions by Lex Snowe

Velia And The Magician by Chance Maree

Yackety-Yak! (Don’t Talk Back!) by Chris Vincent

Youth Day by Leslie Munnelly


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