2016 ScreenCraft Short Story Contest Quarter-Finalists Announced

by Cameron Cubbison on February 1, 2017

Listed below are the quarter-finalists of the 2016 ScreenCraft Short Story Contest. Congratulations to these writers and thanks to all for submitting.  Stay tuned for the semifinalists announcement here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

Alice’s Trip by Christopher Williams

All The Kings Men by Trisha Hughes

An American Day by Brian Howlett

An Atonement by Mike Polaski

An Unhushed Soul And An Unmasked Darkness Of An Unwritten Destiny by R.G. Inigo

A Place Called Beautiful by Jane Hammons

A Poodle In The Desert by Mathieu Cailler

A Proper Salute by C.W. Spooner

Assassinated By Love by Matthew Emma

Asteroid Christmas by David M. Hoenig

Beheaded by Michael Bookman

Being Fred by Travis Richardson

Bloody Mary by A.A. Balaskovits

Brotherhood by Rahul Chak

Buffy At The Roxie by Mary Weems

Buried Inside by Micah Blakeslee

Busboy by José R. Casado

Canned Hams And Werewolves by Jason Del Guidice

Casual Labor by Alan Barkley

Caveboy by Ross Denyer

Ceiba’s Grace by Nicole Pouchet

C’est la Vie by Michael Ball

Chasing Light by Mathieu Cailler

Chatelain Market by T.D. Arkenberg

Clinging To Fancy by Helen Beer

Cloud Catching In The Realm Of The Drought King by Fiona Thackeray

Cordial by Jane Cammack

Crash by Jim Morris

Cuckoo by Catherine Rose

Damascene Dream by Riz Hassan

Daniel The Ram by Daniel Robinson

Daphne’s Dance by Karen Bayly

Daria’s Christmas Eve by Debbie Allyn Jett

Dark Debates by Giorgios Koutsakis

Darkness, My Old Friend by Matthew Hoch

Day 100 by Gemma Crofts

Dead Rabbits by Nancy Dillon

Death In Havana by Jonathan Handel

Defending Eris by Kim Kolarich

Demmie by Mary Weems

Dinner In Paris by Joe Henriques

Distant by G.W. Mitton

Dope Deal by Johnny Grindstaff

Doreen’s Last Day by Tarryn Meaker

Dried Figs Or Dates by Siawosh K. Eskandari

Driving Lucky by Allison Johnson

Easter Billy by Hansa Dasgupta

Elena by W.G. Sanders

Eli’s Ships by Monica McFawn and Darrell Nicholson

Endgame by Edythe Wise

Ernest's Choice by Tony Dews

Exit Strategy by Liane Lanford

Faded Green by Jared A. Robinson

Falling For Harry by Warren Glover

Fatal, Pure And Simple by David M. Hoenig

Fifteen Minutes by Lonnie Bricker

Finding Shonda by Kathleen M. Mitchell

F.M.L. by John Long

For Hire by Townsend Walker

George Fenley by Wendy Biller

Gibbous Moon by Tamara Williamson

Girls Needed $200/HR Weekends and Nights by Cady Vishniac

Giving Back by Lonnie Bricker

Go Figure by Selaine Henriksen

Go Gently by Michael Caleb Tasker

Guardian by Michael McLeod

Headshop by Philip Henry

Heart Of Mirrors by Alex Sprackling

Heartless by Erin O’Flaherty

Heat Treatment by Venero Armanno

Hollywood by Zachary J. Ferrara

Hospitality by Alicia Oltuski

Hot Potato by Phyllis Zimbler Miller and Mitchell R. Miller

House-Haven-Home by Kem Joy Ukwu

Housekeeping by Mathieu Cailler

Hummingbird by Olivia Rizzo

Hunter Hunter by Todd Alan Robertson

Icharus and Iratus Puer by Sophie Giroir

Incident At Fox Island by Chris Vincent

Initiation by Jim Morris

Just Pretend by Vicky U. Lee

Just Standing There by Connor Hough

Kilroy Was Here by M.L. Stalheim

La Ceiba by Jose Monroy

Leaving Rhodesia by Joel R. Burcat

Legacy by Stephanie Barr

Leota Fogg by Lisa Johnson Mitchell

Leta And The Sufi by Chance Maree

Little Helper by Jeff Ryckebosch

Little Pig by Anna Taborska

Love’s Odd Number by Leigh Gregory

Lucifer And Eva by Eric Zeigler

Majestic Max by Jennifer Packard

Marguerite and the Grand Sablon by T.D. Arkenberg

Merciful Fate by Nathan Manderfeld

Mercy by Catherine Mosier-Mills

Moon, And Memory, And Muchness by Katherine Vaz

Moonshine by Michael Aloyan

Move by Cady Vishniac

My Best Friend’s Girl by Joe Bousquin

My Co-Pilot, Jessica Tandy by Sarah Hahn

Naked Barbie by Christopher Slomiak

Nameless, Faceless by Shawn Scuefield

Nawi Of The Lightning Tribe by Brian Sangster

No One Said It Would Be Easy by Cady Vishniac

Nothing Shaking by Michael Caleb Tasker

Not Rachel by Rodrigo Baumgartner Ayres

Oliver’s Bad Romance, Or, Adra Takes A Prince by Jaime Ronaldo Balboa

One-Night Stand by Mathieu Cailler

Orexin by Peter Jang

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes by Monica McFawn

Papa Blue by Mary Weems

Paper Birds by Lauren Finerman

Paris ’71 by Mary Weems

Parole by Mathieu Cailler

Payback by Jacqueline Berkman

Perfect Trifecta Woman by Stephen Leach

Peripheral Visions by Nancy Christie

Pig Boy by Sarah M. Chen

Pig Sweat Blues by Lee Bailes

Pig Swill by William Konarzewski

Possibility Days by Matthew Hoch

Privilege Walk by Susan Berardi with Demetrius Adams, Ed.D

Pura Vida by Jacqueline Berkman

Queen Elizabeth by Michael Bland

Quickenings by Mathieu Cailler

Rain Of Terror by Valentina Reiken

Reflector Scope by Nate Brown

Reprise by Catherine Mosier-Mills

Riches by Mathieu Cailler

Rock, Paper, Sister by Dan Tomasulo

Rufus by Carl B. Clark

Sacred Cows by Jim Foley

Saigu by Joey Horist

Sarcasm Font by S.T. Ranscht

Secrets From The Ocean Shore by Rebecca Lunn

Shhh by Mathieu Cailler

Silly Boy by Michael Caleb Tasker

Slush by Jacqueline Berkman

Static by Anthony Jones

Suki’s Story Or The Tale Of Twin Forks by Erin Bauman

Swamp Girl by Ruth Knafo Setton

Terms And Conditions by Lori Stansal

The Amino Algorithm by Jacqueline Berkman

The Backwoods Man by Daryl Peck

The Black Pearl Necklace by Ken Jones

The Bracelets by David Toth

The Brightly Beast by Vacen Taylor

The Brother by Eugene Garcia-Cross

The Carrot by Judy Benowitz

The Chase by Matthew Hoch

The Chautauqua Sessions by Monica McFawn

The Companion Blog by Pamela García Rooney

The Crying Man by Walker Hare

The Darkness From Inside by Damond Fudge

The Days Before Death by Kay Anonsen

The Escape by Roshan Kalghatgi

The Eulogist by Brian Howlett

The Final Reel by Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid

The Fix by Ewa Zwonarz

The Flying Boat by Eileen O’Leary

The Gloaming by Janelle Evans

The Glowing Conqueror by Kem Joy Ukwu

The Grinning Boy by Michael Larkin

The Groomer by Lisa Reily

The Half Marathon by Eric Bernard

The Harvester by Les Zig

The Hook by J.C. Berger

The Impatience Of The Bold by Rosanna Dingli

The Interpreter’s Son by Constance Hasapopoulos

The Journal Of Edwin Hale by Eugene C. McLean Jr.

The Little Sailor Is Restless by Mary Pauline Lowry

The Lycaeon Legacy by Eugene C. McLean Jr.

The Men On The Moon by Hoguer Sanchez

The Meteorite Denis Mortenson

The Missing Weeks by Abdul Samad

The Most Beautiful Girl In The World by Brian Howlett

The Natural Café by Denis Mortenson

The Nature Of Love by Phyllis Zimbler Miller

The Omelet by Lori Londagin

The Phlebotomist by Dr. C. Thomas Somma

The Pitch by Nick Sweeney

The Place Of The Dead by Samantha Talley

The Protest by Liz Jamar

The Red Circle by Maria Apichella

The Resurrection Man by Shawn Scuefield

The Ride by John Vaught

The Riverside Inn by Casey Shelley

The Shotgun by Jason Del Guidice

The Sound Of Snow by Mathieu Cailler

The Swing Set by Robert Kornhiser

The Threat Of Cold Winds by Connie Wright

The Time Out Of Sorts by Gareth K. Bennett

The Tin Of Honey by Holly Barbo

The Traveler by Stefan Bolz

The Vagabond by Susan Warrender

The Washerwomen’s War by Piper Huguley

The Wild East by Valesca van Rees

The Wrong Side Of The Rainbow by Bill Bibo Jr.

They Are Back by Katalin Fonyo

This Long Vigil by Rhett C. Bruno

Those In Peril by Rick Meyer

Three O’Clock Sharp by Michael Curran

Three Things by Marisa Crane

Thunder On The Mountain by Venero Armanno

To Eat A Pig by Jen Finelli

Touch Of Blood by Milania Austin Henley

Trapped By A Song by Nicole Pouchet

Turning Point by Joel R. Burcat

Two-Gun Cohen And The Abbot Of Shanghai by Jay Bushman

Two Scorpions by Lex Snowe

Unaccompanied Adult by Sherma Webbe-Clarke

Velia And The Magician by Chance Maree

Visibility by Jennifer Packard

Walking The Earth by Parker Webb

What Heather Wants by Bill Robertson

When Men Wore Hats by Mathieu Cailler

When You Can’t Breathe by Barbara Johnson

Where Do Dreams Go When They Die? by Marisa Crane

Wind Rider: A Legend Lost by Michael Creed

Wish You Were Here by Christian Alphonso

Yackety-Yak! (Don’t Talk Back!)

You’re With Me by Mathieu Cailler

Youth Day by Leslie Munnelly

Zorba’s by Mathieu Cailler


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