2016 ScreenCraft Sci-Fi Screenplay Contest Semifinalists Announced

by ScreenCraft on October 12, 2016

Listed below are the semifinalists of the second annual ScreenCraft Sci-Fi Screenplay Contest, representing the top ten percent of submissions received.

Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far, and thanks to everyone who submitted. View the quarter-finalists here, and stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of the winners here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

Americus by Leon Chills

Artilect by Azhur Saleem

Black Ice Below by Peter D. Fraser

Black Marble by Chance Muehleck

Black Vault by Mark Sevi

Cetus by Leland Burns Jackness

Cognition by Robert Trusardi

Colder, Alaska by Patrick Hatten

Crashed by Rick Mele

Crashing Wonderland by Shannon Lark & Lori Bowen

Decimator by Steven Snell

Disconn by Andy Byrne

First Nation by Rene Andre

For All Mankind by Matthew O’Connell

Galápagos by Lukas Hassel

Game of Kings by Andres Rivera

Inscape by Michael A. Levine

Jaguar Trail by Janet Stilson

Kaleider by Ryan LaSalle

Minus Men by Wyatt Wakeman

Missing Time by Philip James Booth

Moons by Riley Madincea

Omega Point by Nate Wilcoxen

Only Child by Marcos Soriano

Open Mind by Bruce Luchsinger

Orphan Rock by David Glen Larson

Q Town by James Amicucci & Megan Amicucci

Skindred by David Hughes & Ian Winterton (story by David Hughes, Frazer Lee, John Shackleton & Ian Winterton)

Space Racers by Jason Azcar

Spine by Curtis Matzke (story by Curtis Matzke and Brian Matzke)

Sunfall by Robert Trusardi

Surge by James K.M. Watts

Tectum by Raed Assar

The Dawn Of Eve by James Bingham

The Devil’s Hand by Garon Cockrell

The Drome by Hunter Davis

The Four Horsemen by Marcus W. Leighton

The Gravity Spot by Tom Seidman

The Hate Element by Brad Saenz

The Last Adventure Of Shay Blaze by Howard Fridkin

The Lazarus Effect by Graham Parke

The Moonbeam Fisherman by John Dummer

The Redemption Project by April Rouveyrol

The Resonance Effect by Michael J. Iannacone

The Revolt Of The Whales by Michael Rhodes

Too Smart To Die by Selene Raffel

Transcarlet by James Ross

Trebuchet by Bruce Branit

Tumble by Dustin Kahia (additional writing by Toby Osborne)

White Calm by Sid Bodalia


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