2016 ScreenCraft Sci-Fi Screenplay Contest Quarter-Finalists Announced

by ScreenCraft on August 30, 2016

Listed below are the quarter-finalists of the second annual ScreenCraft Sci-Fi Screenplay Contest, culled from over 800 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far, and thanks to everyone who submitted.  Stay tuned for the upcoming announcements of the semi-finalists and grand prize winners here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

A Comet’s Tale by Joseph Van Blargan

Alexus by Choice Skinner & Tony Germinario (story by Choice Skinner, Anton Troy, Tony Germinario, and Farley Jackson)

Alpha by Christina Pamies

Americus by Leon Chills

An Hour At A Time by Drew Johnson

Antarctica by Jason M. Fylan

Aqualiens by Doug & Kent Tolbert

Aquarians by Haris Leventi

Artilect by Azhur Saleem

Assist by Linda Rumney

Atlantic by Geoff Morton

Battleground by Richard Rivera

Beginnings by Ryan Daddi & Robert Massa

Behave by Bodine Boling

BioMan 2084 by Alfie Rustom

Black Ice Below by Peter D. Fraser

Black Marble by Chance Muehleck

Black Vault by Mark Sevi

Catching Carter by Megan Megahee

Cause And Effect by Wayne Plumrdige

Cetus by Leland Burns Jackness

City General by Josh Miller

Cognition by Robert Trusardi

Colder, Alaska by Patrick Hatten

Crashed by Rick Mele

Crashing Wonderland by Shannon Lark & Lori Bowen

Dana And The Suicide King by Eddy Gaspard

Dark Side by Michael A. Wright

Darkness, Darkness by Dane McCauley

Dawn by Micheal McAlexander

Decimator by Steven Snell

Deviation by David Higgins, BJ Eaton, and David Murphy

Disconn by Andy Byrne

Down by Zach Waggoner

Earth Again by Brentt Slabchuck

Earthlickers by Alison Araya & Justine Warrington

E-Den by Laura Villandre

E-Den by Mark Robertson

End Of The World Café by Liz Lehmann

Escape From El Paso by Brendan T. Turrill

Evolution by Ozzie E. Jacobs

Evolution’s Game by Joseph Rakowski

Facelift 51 by Philip C. Sedgwick

Fear The Future by Adam Doquiatan

First Nation by Rene Andre

Flies by Anthony Egan (story by Anthony Egan with Michael Nettleship

Flux by Gus Avila

For All Mankind by Matthew O’Connell

Frozen Lake by Jasmine Harrison

Full Take by Morgan Lariah

Galápagos by Lukas Hassel

Game of Kings by Andres Rivera

Garbage Men Of The Wasteland by Derek McHenry

Genesis by A.S. Vecellio

Genesis by Nicholas Erasmus

Goners by Geoffrey Uhl

Gravity Girl by Elliot Smith

Hawk Moon by Cal Athan

Hoodoo Moon by John Michael Duggan

Impetus Plough: Trolls de Antarctica by J.D. Curry

Incognito by Alec Figuracion

Infection by Matthew Boughen (story by Joel Kohn & Matthew Boughen)

Infestation Earth by Dan Golden & Bobby Bragg

Inscape by Michael A. Levine

Jaguar Trail by Janet Stilson

Kaleider by Ryan LaSalle

Killride by Jeff Spry

Machines Of Cruel Men by Patrick Bradley-Moore

Mechcraft by Brian Fitzpatrick

M.E.L. - Militarized Energy Life-Form by Daniel Albino

Mind Crime by Brandon M. Wyse

Mind Over Cat by Thomas G. Gutheil, MD (based on "Novice" by James H. Schmitz)

Mindgate by Carlo Carere and Kristina Paider

Minus Men by Wyatt Wakeman

Mirror by Eric Reynolds

Missing Time by Philip James Booth

Mission Scheherazade by Gary Wallach

Moons by Riley Madincea

Moveme byMaya B. Alexander

Nephilim by David Downes

Nightbreak by Mark Gunnion

Nostalgia by Michael Aloyan

O2 by Christie LeBlanc

Odds Against Tomorrow by George Dickinson

Omega Point by Nate Wilcoxen

Onkalo by S.H. Sadek

Only Child by Marcos Soriano

Open Mind by Bruce Luchsinger

Orphan Rock by David Glen Larson

Parallax by Robert C. Milner

Past Presence by Kevin Mongelli

Populous by Michael Quintero

Pop Up Kids by Lois June Wickstrom and Jean Lorrah

Product 125 by Jim Falletta

Punishment by Les Zig

Q Town by James Amicucci & Megan Amicucci

Reaper by Alan Ruiz

Redreamers by Glenn Acosta

Red Tide by Chris Donaldson & Brian Young

Relentless by Ande Case & Michelle Duncan

Reseda Gardens by Robert Tilem

Rewind by Justin Ballheim

Ruby Tuesday by Adam Küykendall

Sapiens by Omar Mora

Sentinel by Will Saunders

Shumu by Evan Cathcart

Skindred by David Hughes & Ian Winterton (story by David Hughes, Frazer Lee, John Shackleton & Ian Winterton)

Sleeper Cell 51 by Reynaldo Taylor

Snatched by Lee Matthew Goldberg and Margot Berwin

Space Racers by Jason Azcar

Spine by Curtis Matzke (story by Curtis Matzke and Brian Matzke)

Starr Brawl by Gerrard Hartland

Stella by Tavis Chapman

Suicide 21 by Greg Wayne

Sunfall by Robert Trusardi

Supremacy by Jack Davidson

Supreme by CJ Parker and JM Taylor

Surge by James K.M. Watts

Tectum by Raed Assar

Terminal by Yoav Katz

Terror From Nowhere by Richard McEwen

The… by Sam Miller

The Call Of Cthulhu by Adam Baker

The Dark Nowhere by Clay Fusco

The Dark Reich by Jason Bright

The Dawn Of Eve by James Bingham

The Devil’s Hand by Garon Cockrell

The Drome by Hunter Davis

The Dumbest Generation by Leslie Lyshkov

The E.P. Factor by Ralph A. Fuzy

The Extinction Rule by Randall Greenland (story by Ryan Bellgardt, Josh McKamie, Andy Swanson, Randall Greenland)

The First Verger by Ronald G. Pierce

The Four Horsemen by Marcus W. Leighton

The Genesis Project by Gabrielle Bird

The Girl With Half A Soul by Scott L. Semer

The Gravity Spot by Tom Seidman

The Hate Element by Brad Saenz

The Hybrid by Richard Turgeon

The Inverted Man by Tom Jenkins

The Island by John Watts and Thomas Woods

The Island Of Dr. Moreau by Tim Mihocik (based on the novel by H.G. Wells)

The Last Adventure Of Shay Blaze by Howard Fridkin

The Last Taxman by Jacob Kamhis

The Lazarus Effect Graham Parke

The London by Georgia Clegg

The Long Hard by Tim Glister

The Man in The White Room by Edgar Martinez Schulz

The Moonbeam Fisherman by John Dummer

The Neves by Amal Al-Agroobi

The Nonlinear by Michael Conroy

The Pursuance by Alexandra Matheson

The Reaping by Patrick Cohen

The Redemption Project by April Rouveyrol

The Resonance Effect by Michael J. Iannacone

The Revolt Of The Whales by Michael Rhodes

The Sensitivity Program by Skot Christopherson & John Harden

The Shadow Walker by Liz Lehmann

The Time-trap by Mark Flood

The Way Station by Laurie Frankel

The Whisperers by Tom Lewis

Time And Space by Steven Prowse

Titan by John Paul Fiol

Too Smart To Die by Selene Raffel

Transcarlet by James Ross

Trebuchet by Bruce Branit

Tumble by Dustin Kahia (additional writing by Toby Osborne)

Ultima Ratio by Elise Freeman O’Brien

Warhead by Adam Baker

What Is And What Should Never Be by Eddy Hewitt Jr.

When They Took Away Our Gods by Yasmine K. Mehio

White Calm by Sid Bodalia

Yesterday by John Bradley and Jason Lewis


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