by Cameron Cubbison on September 30, 2016

Listed below are the semifinalists of the 2016 ScreenCraft Pilot Launch competition, representing the top 5% of all submissions received.  Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far, to the quarter-finalists, and thanks to all for submitting.  Stay tuned for the winners announcement here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages! Winners will receive VIP passes to ITV Fest next week (October 5-9) in beautiful Vermont (during peak autumn foliage)! Will you be joining the ScreenCraft team there?


16 & Married by Jennifer Taylor-Whitehorn

101 Ways To Become A Better Person by Megan Bacharach

Adapting by Luke Ward

Baby Boy by Pierce Wortham

Bad Dyke by Allison Moon

Beardface by Andrew Kevin Fawn

Big Aqua by Tim Snook

Classified by Elizabeth Stamp

Department Of Ghouls by Jeremy Dorfman

Dr. Dreamcrusher by Adi Blotman

Famously by Joe Bergren

Georgie Girl by Ned Kissam

Getting Out by Ryan Ben & Eric Braband

God's Girls by Rachel Ament

Her Excellency by Jocelyn Sevigny

History/Herstory by Jeff York

Intelligents by Scott C. Reynolds

Jack & Ginger by Scott C. Reynolds

James Bhond And The Bhondettes by Pete Haglund and Boomer Byrne

Loser Says What by Elizabeth Quinn

Meet Betsy Crown by Brad Griffith

Middleman by Hannah Mescon

My Best Friend Satan by Zak Bezdeka

Next by Jason Director & Ayla Harrison

Politics As Usual by Nora Jobling

Preschool Problems by Andy Jones & Adam Weinstock

Puritan Place by Peyton McDavitt

Super Bitches by April Shih

The Slope by Eudie Pak

U.N.Lovable by Andrea O’Malley

Welcome To Heiding by RJ Buckley

We’re Not Together by Jordan Rane


Aeternum by Heidi Nyburg

Alt Alex by Danny Baram

Bad Priest by Geno Scala and Brent Jones

Bog Walk by Dominique A. Holmes

Company Town by Samantha Levenshus

Focus by Heidi Nyburg

Forever Flowers by Erin Granat

Guardians Of The Damned by Natasha M. Hall

Heaven 2.0 by Craig Soffer

Knight Hood by Megan Metzger

Locals Only by Daniel Hogan

Neon Babylon by Desirée Proctor & Erica Harrell

Once/Future by Caitlin Schneiderhan

Pandorium by Graham Parke

Powderhouse by Jennifer Cacicio

Rue Pigalle by J.D. Shields

Stranger Pilgrim by Jean Lee

Strings by A. Leigh

The Divinity Cycle by Nelson Downend

Thee Bronx by Megan Doyle

The Other Savior by Erick Ziegler 

The Scoundrels Club by Jeff York

Trace by MW Cartozian Wilson

Waterloo by Chuck Griffith

When The World Was Square by Irwin Greenstein

Wildcat by Sam Cooke & Hussain Pirani

XS by Daniel Hogan

Young Winston by Robert Tetlow

Zero Tolerance by Nick Coviello (story by Nick Coviello and Amanda Coviello)


An Act Of God by Nicole Quinn

Between Us Girls by Courtney Hope Thérond & Emily Claire Utley

Black Girl Magic by Yolanda Brown

Bombay Kitchen by Sharon Wajswol

Conjure: Friend Like Me by Tira Adams

Global! By Nathan Alan Bunker

Herrings by Keith Chamberlain

Homeless Man by David Gregory

Infected by Steven O’Grady

Jaquan Jones BFD by Ted Nusbaum

Jingle Man by Paul Bissett & Catherine Prosser (Music & Lyrics by Peter J. Casey, Paul Bissett & Catherine Prosser)

Just Four Uncles by Paul Sprangers

Not Just Another Day In Roach City by Monica Cote

White (Trash) Magic by Keatyn Lee

Who I Am by Jakob Austin Burgos


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