2016 ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay Contest Quarter-Finalists Announced

by ScreenCraft on August 15, 2016

Listed below are the quarter-finalists of the 2016 ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay Contest! Congratulations to these writers, and thank you to everyone who submitted. Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of the semifinalists here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

30 North by Anne Gentry

400 Funerals And A Wedding by Rebecca Kessel & Michael Irpino

Abracadabra by Jason M. Fylan

A Family Tragedy by Brian Burnette

After Dark by Leonard Johnson

A Life Worth Dying For by Rammuel R. Lavarro

All The People I Like Are Dead by Melody Cooper

American Indian Uprising by Allen Cody

Amid The Chaos by Warren Dodds

Angler by Adam Baker

Apollo Thorne, The Littlest Vampire Killer by Chuck Griffith (story by Chuck Griffith & Bobby Mort)

A Second Chance by Furqan Syed

A Suburban Séance by Dean Storm

At The Devil’s Door by Neal Tyler & Todd Henderson

Back From The Grave by Jeremy Hull

Bad Moon Rising by Nathan Smith

Bad Neighbors by Richard M. Kjeldgaard

Bane Of Existence by Blair Mueller

Becoming by Jordan Minter

Better Man by A.J. Cipriani

Black Death Zombie by Geoffrey Uhl

Black Friday by Christian Everhard

Blackened by Aislinn Clarke

Blackout by Michael Marcelin

Blackstone by Melissa Pleckham & Ken Ramos

Blackwood by James C. McNiff

Bleed by Andrew J. Saxsma

Bleeder by George L. Heredia

Blood-soaked Valentines by Matthew R. Konopka

Blood Type: V by Eric Maloney

Blotter by David Cepero & A.L. Gascho

Blue Death by Pamela Kay

Butter Face by Reid Bailey

Buzz by Mark Cerulli

Cadaver by Todd Naylor

Camp 101 by Levi C.B. Preston

Canvas by John Kelley (story by John Kelley & Rick Craft)

Capacocha by Daniel R. Green & H. Cheyenne Green

Capture by David Scullion

Catch Your Death by John Arlotto

Children Of The Dead by Jeff Bassetti

Chomp! by George Sanders & Shawn Curran

Cloven Hoof by Scott Pittock and Marc Novak (story by Scott Pittock, Marc Novak and Scott Alvarez)

Cold Bones by John Michael Duggan

Cold Embrace by Charles Mussehl

Corvidae Street by Lee Betteridge

Coyote Call by Adam Ward

Coyote Six by Tommy McLaughlin

Creatures Of Revenge by Stan Usherenko

Crewell Britannia by George Basiev

CRO by George Bradley

Cuts Of Fear by Johnny B. Dunn

Cyprus Beach by Hal David Cramer (story by Hal David Cramer & Andrew McGovern)

Damnation by Joshua Tywater

Dank by Rachel Woolley

Dark Corners by Andrew Bennett (based on a story by Andrew Bennett & Scott Schneid)  

Darklands by Paul Sheridan

Dark Spot by Evan Tognotti

Dark Sun by Andrea Lieve

Dark Zone by Tom Cosgrove

Darling Foods by Sarah Jenkins

Deadboyz by Julian Brantley & Alexander Storm

Dead Crows by Robin Todd

Dead Gamble by Jean Hunter

Dead Grandma by Zach Vest

Deadtention: Deader Than Dead by Casey DeVargas

Demonic Haunting by Keith Brauneisen and Michael Marconi

Demon’s Vale by Zeb Eckles

Devilry by Colin Dalvit and Andrew Lahmann

Devil’s Door by Corey Hebein

Dhampira by Eduardo Soto-Falcon

Die Young by Tim Long

Dormant by Chris Coats

End Times by Darren Barker

Expat by Paul Marchant

Feeding The Monster by Asabi Lee and Paul Hart-Wilden

Feral by Michael La Breche

Flesh Of My Flesh by David Michán

FML by Kathleen Borrowman Tolley

Forgiveness by Stephen Simpson

Fraternity by Jesse Rose-Smith

Fruit by Ted Conway

F.U.C.K. by Noé Vitoux

Ghostchant by Ramon Olivo

Ghost Hunt by Chris O’Neill

Ghost Month by Nick Kapetanios

Ghost Signs by Jace Daniel

Goddess Head by Mark Lombard

Graham Lodge by Ben Winfield

Grand Guignol by Alex Schor

Gurgle by Allen Schubert

Hag by Marcus W. Leighton

Halfbreed by Tucia Lyman

Hannah by Simon Tatum

Hellbook: The Book From Hell by Tom Silvestro and Chris Prine (based on a story by Tom Silvestro, Chris Prine, & Jeremy Westphal)

Hell On Earth by Ramon Zapata

High Moon by Joshua Tywater

Hollow by Hunter Swanson

Hordentown by Erick C. Freitas

House Of Darkness by Steven Taylor

House Of The Deaf Man by Daniel Valero Fletcher

How To Crucify The Devil by George Bradley

Hunted by Scotty Milder

I Hear Voices by Joe Leone

Imagery by Harry Kleinman

In Blood by Vandon N. Gibbs

Incurable by Jeff York

Ink by R.W. Kirby

Inked In Blood by Paul Corricelli

In Me by Matthew Kyne Baskott

Inner Demons by Lori Bowen

In Our Blood by A. Colin Tangeman

Inspired by Peter Ohara & Steven Harvey

In The Dark by Samantha Wilson

I Play With Dead Things by Charles Mussehl

Itch Of The Seventh by Rob Carpenter

I Would Kill For That by Matthew Hoch

Jonathan Stone And The Poets Of Blood by J.J. Geraci

J.R. by Justin White

Killer App by v.2.0 by Joseph Ferrante

Kill Noise by Goran Spoljaric

Kill Tones by Neil Brimelow

Knighthunters by Mikhail McCann

La Llorona by Frank del Aguila

Lamb To The Slaughter by Ryan Dilbert

Last Call by Thivanka R. Perera

Last Reunion by Javier Sanchez

Lilith by Toby Tate

Lilith The Vampire by Jose Padilha and Yoya Wursch

Little Old Ladies by Justin Kiernan Byrne

L.I.V.E. by Shontae Saldana

Locked In by Garrett Hemmerich and Paul Echeverria

Log by Alison Parker

Lost Art by Ivan Borodin

Lovely Day by Adam Rejwan (story by Adam Rejwan and Zack Ferleger)

Love’s Remains by Matthew O'Connell

Lurkers by Gregory Garaizar

Lurkers by Todd Scott

Lykanthropia by Timothy Fasano

Madison Manor by Windy Marshall

Madre de Sangre by Chris Drzewiecki

Mandibles by Rudy Gray

Margot by Tom Mann

Masks Of Sanity by Brad Howe and Joseph Giddens

Mermaniac by Richard Adrian

Midnight Road by Stan Usherenko

Molepeople by Nathan Elston (story by Nathan Elston & Nicholas Pratt)

Monolith by Sean Frasier & Shane Frasier

Mr. Nick And The Dark by Antony Buonomo

My Soul To Keep by Robbie Robertson

My Zombie Prom: How I Lost My Virginity And Prevented The Apocalypse by Jeff Hammer

Narcosis by Chris Drzewiecki

Obeast by Rod Thompson & Tim Westland

Octopad by K. John Iskander

Open House by Justin Powell & David Charbonier

Pacific Vortex by Robert John Gardner

Pentagram by Tom Omokaro

Poachers by Denny Schnulo

Prey by Jason Fong

Purgatory House by Garrett E. Foster

Quick Stop by Francisco Zamudio Jr. & William Klazura

Red Moon by Jesus Celaya

Red Thread by Leif Johnson

Red Velvet by Tom Radovich

Renfield by Jamie Nash and Kevin Perkins

Restoration by Don Stroud and Winter Mead

Revenge Of The Umbrella by Adam Ward

Ruined by Joe Hodgkin

Sanctuary by Scott Pittock

Scare Me by Christopher Hlas

Selection by Michael Aloyan

Serenity by Mya Benson

Serial by DN Luu

Severed by Erick Ziegler

Sharkmaids by Tyler Jensen

Shelter by Oliver Britten

Shook by Ken Bogar

Sick Blood by Stan Usherenko (story by Julia Usherenko and Stan Usherenko)

Silver Springs by Jeff Hammer (story by Chris Grimley and Bryan Searing)

Sleeping With Darkness by Stan Usherenko

Somewhat Macabre by Brett Blake

Soul Dark by Elmer Reedy

Speak Of The Devil by Jesse J. Cook

Spore by Larry Pollack (story by Larry Pollack, Michael Essrig, and Bree Essrig)

Squib by Sydney Clara Brafman

Still Born by Peter R. Feuchtwanger & Jack Walker-Pearson (idea by John A. Martinez)

Subject by Vincent Befi

Sunburn by Mark Cerulli

Survivor Girl by Tim Huddleston

Swamp Gothic by Lisa Jay

The 49th Day by Craig Peters

The Adversary by Jacob Ruby

The Amaroq by Braden Duemmler

The Angels of Warrick by Jim Ousley

The Barge People by Christopher Lombard

The Between Place by Marcus Leighton

The Bloody Mary Witch by William Frasca

The Call Of Cthulhu by Adam Baker

The Catalyst by Alexander von Hofmann

The Cavefish Man by Timothy M. O’Brien

The Chronicles Of Count Carlos: Son Of Dracula by Armando Leduc & Samuel Brantley and Michael Dardant

The Crawler by Joe Camareno and John McCrite

The Dare by Darryl Anka (story by Darryl Anka, Erica Jordan and James Anka)

The Deals We Make by Christopher Landers

The Demon Slayer by Asabi Lee & Paul Hart-Wilden

The Devil And David Lee by Simon Tatum

The Devil’s Lighthouse by Peter J. Bartels

The Devil You Know by Melody Cooper

The Doodler by Bryan William Randal

The Door In The Basement by Morgan R. Tegtow

The Evil Around Us by C. Marie Robinson

The Eye Of The Beholder by Chris Donovan

The Fourth House by James P. Barker

The Fox Tale by Soo Kim & Jeffrey Rowe

The Harbingers by Alan Evans

The Harvest by Steve Isles

The House Of Fallen Snow by Merridith Allen

The Housesitter by Suju Vijayan (story by David Palamaro)

The House Sitter by Andrew Merrill

The Hunter by Thomas D. Rudd

The Hunting Party by Rory Gamble

The Impaling House by Kevin Albers

The Keening by Paul Marchant

The Kindred by Christian J. Hearn

The Lamplighter by Myriam Roelli

The Last Day by Daniel Abts & Simon Nagel

The Melt by David Gonzalez

The Mess Of Boys by S.A. Gustavson

The Nightline Attic by Denis Memedoski

The Orpheus Project by Pascal Leister

The Paris Incident by Christopher J. O’Bryant

The Party Starter by Drew Dorenfest

The Pulpit Collector by Peter D. Fraser

The Reaper’s Time by Terrance Thibodeaux

The Resurrectionist by Tim Stevens

The Sickness Unto Death by Dean Poland

The Stacks by Ed Cound

The Strange Incident At Mountain Rock by Ben Franklin

The Stricken by Robert Pilkington

The Swamps Of Aurora by Kero Tomison

The Thin Place by Thomas Grigg

The Timbermen by Colin Dalvit & Andrew Lahmann (story by Andrew Lahmann & Colin Dalvit & Ben Eisner)

The Trickster And The Demon by AM Sánchez

The Valley Of The Devil by Andrew George Klukowski

The Villa Rosa by Andy Kozel

The Watchers by Brendon Slee

Thy Guardian by Joshua Tywater

Till Death by Jason Carvey

Toad Apocalypse by Michael Muniz

Tone Dead by Sarah Polhaus

Triplets by Laura Kelber

Two Sharks by Joshua Ritchie

Tynee by Greg Chandler

Venor by Matt Nye

Virgins Never Die by John B. Garcia and Daniel Allen

Virulent by Dashiell Finley

Wanderers by Leonard Johnson

Wandering Star by Michael Raymond

Watch by Freddie Van Der Velde

What Is And What Should Never Be by Eddy Hewitt Jr.

Whispers From The Watchtower by Jai Brandon

Willow Crest by Joe Knetter and Robert L. Lucas

Wolf/Man by Levi C.B. Preston

Wolves At The Door by Pardeep Aujla

Writing Dracula by Thomas Morris

Wylde by Danny Baram

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