2016 ScreenCraft Action/Thriller Screenplay Contest Semifinalists Announced

by ScreenCraft - updated on October 6, 2019

Listed below are the semifinalists of the 2016 ScreenCraft Action/Thriller Script Contest, selected by our readers and judges. Congratulations to the quarter-finalists, and the writers who have made it to the penultimate round.  Stay tuned for the winners announcement here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

10G by Michael Thai
Another River by Kimba Henderson
Band Of Misfits by Manuel Fonseca (Story by Cheryl Diffin and Manuel Fonseca)
Bastard by Brennig Hayden
Beyond The Gap by Zach Waggoner
Black Caesar by Amechi Ngwe and Nnamdi Ngwe
Black Friday by Levi Robinson
Black Ice Below by Peter Fraser
Bulldog by Nat Palazzo
Buyback by Scott Hamilton & PJ Hamilton
Charlie Redstar by George Gier
Chopper Cowboys by Jeff Peters
Cognition by Robert Trusardi
Corruption by Dillon Dowdell and Elan Maier
Cosmic Daze by Morris Long
Crossing Borders by April L. Adams
Dispatch by J.M. Levine
Disruption by Todd Serlin
Diver Down by Patrick Mulderrig (Story by Colin Palmer & Patrick Mulderrig)
Flamingo Coast by Marty Weiss
For All Mankind by Matthew O’Connell
Greenhorn by Ryan Lee
Gridlock by Justin Powell
Hellbreakers by Chris Mueller And Michael Brennan
Hemophilia by Guy Francisco Polin
Iron Maidens by John Smith
Iteration by J.M. Levine
Jacaranda by Ryan W. Smith
Jones, Stone & T-Bone by Ian Goodwillie
Juarez by Fredrik Colting
Lockdown by Brad Hinton
Maddox by George Lopez
Mark Of Cain by Jamie Bircoll
Nuclear One by Michael Toay & Travis Mann
One Bad Mother by Kevin Rexroat and Toska Olson
Outcasts by Anthony DeCapite
Perimortem by Yuval Bymel
Red Christmas by M. Scott Johnston
Red Hats by Travis Mann & Michael Toay
Red Star Rising by Patrick Byrne
Revolver by Edward Klau
Sawbuck by Mark Strauss
Shedding by Sebastien Guy & Jerome Edwards
Shotgun Blues by Scott Thomas
Snowblind by Bronco Svec & Collin Watts
Spy Gossip by Henri de Serre
Testament by Kerry Douglas Dye
The Big Empty by Colin Scott
The Boy Behind The Door by Justin Powell & David Charbonier
The Dragon Run by Bradley Stryker
The Horrors by Sam Gasch
The Incident by John Perry Dancoe
The Killing Of Sweet Molly Malone by Danny Matier
The Lincoln Ride by Shaun Jorgensen
The Mamoribito by Kevin A. Reynolds
The Most Dangerous Game by Frank Edward Kelly & John Sullivan
The Pied Piper by Sara Coover Caldwell
The Poacher by Travis Opgenorth
The Righteous Man by Andrew Mescher
The Sandbox by Saliva Math
The Snowman by Nick Cammilleri
The Timbermen by Colin Dalvit & Andrew Lahmann (Story by Andrew Lahmann & Colin Dalvit & Ben Eisner)
The Transmutant by Malcolm Wong
Thy Enemy by Brett Martin
Time Lapse! by Brendan T. Turrill
Tokyo Fall by Aimee Lin Jacobs & Alexander Meilan
Tunnel Rat by Joel David Santner
Veracity by Michael Caggiano
Verite by Luke Jackson


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