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2016 ScreenCraft Action/Thriller Screenplay Contest Quarter-Finalists Announced

by Cameron Cubbison - updated on October 6, 2019

Listed below are the quarter-finalists of the 2016 ScreenCraft Action/Thriller Script Contest, selected by our readers from more than 800 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting.  Stay tuned for the semifinalists announcement here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

1 vs 100 by Ajay Bhai

10G by Michael Thai

A Company Of Longbowmen by Curtis Burdick

Adland by Simon Wakelin

Adrift by Aaron Walker

A Life’s Debt by Nick Jones

Among Thieves by Anthony Pinkett

A Necessary Act Of Violence by John Torma

Anunnaki Gold Rush by Diane McIntosh

Another River by Kimba Henderson

An Undocumented Rumor by Philip Sedgwick

A Path So Wrong by Robert M. Millett

Apollo Thorne by Chuck Griffith

Avenging Angel by David Brough

Aviatrix by U.N. Owen

Band Of Misfits by Manuel Fonseca (Story by Cheryl Diffin and Manuel Fonseca)

Bastard by Brennig Hayden

Beyond The Gap by Zach Waggoner

Big Game by Kent Tolbert and Doug Tolbert

Biting The Bullet by Mark Flood

Black Caesar by Amechi Ngwe and Nnamdi Ngwe

BlackCar by Jonathan Marballi & Jeremy Michaels

Black Friday by Levi Robinson

Black Ice Below by Peter Fraser

Black Lipstick by Alicia Buck

Blind Pursuit by Debi Yazbeck

Blue Death by Pamela Allison Kay

Born Losers: Hell In Heelz by Alex Anico

Breakthrough by Paul Littell

Brink by Paul Sheridan

Brothers In Arms by Tom Moriarty

Budo by Rebecca Carter

Bulldog by Nat Palazzo

Buyback by Scott Hamilton & PJ Hamilton

Cajun Justice by Mike Briock

Cargo Jack by Maria Soriano

Catalina by Ash J. Louis

Cell Block 9 by Justin Powell

Chalkline by Dale E. Turner

Charlie Redstar by George Gier

Checkpoint 54 by R.D. McPhillips

Chicks Dig Scars by Joseph Sacks

Chopper Cowboys by Jeff Peters

Clean Break by Matthew Zoni

Cognition by Robert Trusardi

Concrete Samurai by Ramon Zapata

Corruption by Dillon Dowdell and Elan Maier

Cosmic Daze by Morris Long

Crossing Borders by April L. Adams

Cruise by Alvin Chua

Deserter by Marc Cubelli

Dirty Sun by Jeet M. Gulati

Dispatch by J.M. Levine

Disruption by Todd Serlin

Diver Down by Patrick Mulderrig (Story by Colin Palmer & Patrick Mulderrig)

Down by Zach Waggoner

Eleven by Dominic Carver

Eminence Front by Ernest Langston

End Of The Line by Kris Simonian

Evigilation X by Christian Caballero

Evil’s Bane by Alastair Collinson

Exothermic by Chris Drzewiecki

Eye Of The Storm by Matt Burosh

Fear Center by Kathleen A. Keithley

Flamingo Coast by Marty Weiss

For All Mankind by Matthew O’Connell

Frigid by Andrew Mescher

Fuck. Superhero. Movies. by Steven Schwartzstein

Gangrene Paradise by Jordan Duron

Gods Among Men by David Skelnik

Gods And Guns by Ken Floyd

Greenhorn by Ryan Lee

Greywolf by Mark Dunn

Gridlock by Justin Powell

Hellbreakers by Chris Mueller And Michael Brennan

Hell Hath No Fury by Curtis Alcutt & Deatri King-Bey

Hemophilia by Guy Francisco Polin

Hey! By Christopher J. O’Bryant

Hogs! by Allen Schubert

Honor Of The Lost by Kris Tadich

Hot For Teacher by Andrew Mescher

Hurricane Hacker by Chris Canning

Icarus by Michael Easton

Ice by Heather Donnell

Incursion by Christian Caballero And Craig Sawyer

Information Society by John Olvera

In Justice by Randy Zamcheck

In Plain Sight by Tom Moriarty

Insight by Scott Sudbury, Marti Melville and Kevin Du Toit

Iron Maidens by John Smith

Iteration by J.M. Levine

Jacaranda by Ryan W. Smith

Jade Dragon by Sam Jones

Jones, Stone & T-Bone by Ian Goodwillie

Juarez by Fredrik Colting

Jubilee Blues by Craig Henry

Julie 2.0 by Dwayne Conyers

Kate’s War by Gary Ress

Keys To The Kingdom by Dane McCauley

Knight Hunters by Mikhail McCann

Kraken by Melissa Heredia

Liberty Island by Jared Sandman

License To Steal by Marco Santiago, Jr.

Lockdown by Brad Hinton

Maddox by George Lopez

Magnitude by Douglas Charles MacLeod

Marble Cake by Nicolas Alvo

Mark Of Cain by Jamie Bircoll

Massacre by John Kane

Mayday by Jeff Thomas

Mekong by Ray Funderburk

Miller’s Marauders by Haris Orkin

Mindgate by Carlo Carere and Kristina Paider

Murder Work by Alexander S. Patrick

Nation Building by John Oehler

Neon Winter by Jordan Duron

Nicole Jones by Haris Leventi

Non-Permissive by R. David Owens

Nowhere-Ville by Richard M. Kjeldgaard

Nuclear One by Michael Toay & Travis Mann

On Duty by Aurèle N'DJA

One Bad Mother by Kevin Rexroat and Toska Olson

Outcasts by Anthony DeCapite

Out Of Nowhere by Christopher Swann

Perimortem by Yuval Bymel

Phantom In Time by Douglas Charles MacLeod

Plain Jane by Ross Murray

Postmen by Mike Wurtz and Jason Green

Prey No More by Lee Matthew Goldberg

Primal Scream by Max Conroy

Privacy by Carl Franzen

Proximity by Richard John Currie

Pulled Under by Birgit Jaeckel

Real Hero by Mike Costaris

Red Christmas by M. Scott Johnston

Red Hats by Travis Mann & Michael Toay

Red Star Rising by Patrick Byrne

Red White and Blue by Tamar Halpern and Larry Skoller

Rejected Silver by John Pallas

Renegaydes by Maggie Colligan

Revolver by Edward Klau

Roman & Jeanette by Curtis Alcutt And Deatri King-Bey

SAR by Sallie Allen

Sawbuck by Mark Strauss

Scream Queen by Robert S. Apetagon

Senlac by Cody W. Bonds

Serpentine by Leslie Davis

Shadow Of The Mountain by Lauren Byrnes

Shadow Patriot by Peter Mensforth

Shedding by Sebastien Guy & Jerome Edwards

Shotgun Blues by Scott Thomas

Six Ghost Days by Ted Mc Kenna

Snowblind by Bronco Svec & Collin Watts

Space Racers by Jason Azcar

Spy Gossip by Henri de Serre

Stacked Chevrons by Marc Hettinga

Super Grid by T.R. McCauley

Survival by Tristan Carnahan & Jeremiah Rounds

Tarantula by Banning K. Lary

Tectum by Raed Assar

Tell ‘Em I’m Coming by Jason Williams

Tenant Men by Michael Escalante

Terlingua by Emmett McKinley

Testament by Kerry Douglas Dye

The Abyss Of Revolution by Lauri Venetpalo

The Beasts Of Ramree by Alastair Collinson

The Big Empty by Colin Scott

The Boy Behind The Door by Justin Powell & David Charbonier

The Burning Elephant by Patrick McNamara

The Children of San Miani by Randall C. Willis

The China Conspiracy by Ma Heng Chi

The Cross Of Lorraine by Donald J. Wenzel

The Devil’s Tattoo by Mitchell Allan Boyce

The Doe by Andrea Ash

The Dragon Run by Bradley Stryker

The Drink by William Klazura

The Electra Conspiracy by Liz Spear

The Games Of Men by Kent Dean

The Ghost Of Lieutenant Wu by Rodney Lane

The Gladiatrix by Dan McCurry

The Greater Thief by Christopher Burke & Blake Cass

The Guilt by Terry Montgomery

The Horrors by Sam Gasch

The Incident by John Perry Dancoe

The Keepers by Jo-Ann Santora McLean

The Killing Mind by Bobby Sacher

The Killing Of Sweet Molly Malone by Danny Matier

The King’s Court by Brandon Montgomery

The Limit by Steve Hickey (Story by Steve Hickey and Andrew Brettell)

The Lincoln Ride by Shaun Jorgensen

The Long Winter by Michael Pitts

The Mamoribito by Kevin A. Reynolds

The Man From Death by Ryan Welsh & Justin Giddings

Thembi by Tom Glasson

The Misfits by Moez Solis

The Most Dangerous Game by Frank Edward Kelly & John Sullivan (Based On The Novella by Richard Connell And The 1932 Film)

The Outsider by Liz Spear & Ivan Scicluna

The Pied Piper by Sara Coover Caldwell

The Pilot by Courtney Silberberg & Jacquelyn Kinkade Silberberg

The Poacher by Travis Opgenorth

The Preserve by Daniel Hogan

The Raincoat Crowd by Anthony Napolitano

The Revolt Of The Whales by Michael Rhodes

The Righteous Man by Andrew Mescher

The Sandbox by Saliva Math

The Saudi by Moutaz A. Jad

The Skin Game by Bill Hanan

The Snowman by Nick Cammilleri

The Stone Addendum by R.F. Ehrenreich

The Taking Of North Pole 1-2-3 by Robert Husted

The Timbermen by Colin Dalvit & Andrew Lahmann (Story by Andrew Lahmann & Colin Dalvit & Ben Eisner)

The Time-Trap by Mark Flood

The Transmutant by Malcolm Wong

The United Smiths Of America by Rob W. Stevenson

The Voice by Avinash Sampath

Thy Enemy by Brett Martin

Time Lapse! by Brendan T. Turrill

Titan by John Paul Fiol

To Die In Hong Kong by Jack H. Simons

Tokyo Fall by Aimee Lin Jacobs & Alexander Meilan

Trading Penance by Timothy D. Kanieski

Tunnel Rat by Joel David Santner

Underbelly New Orleans by Edward Holub

Underneath by Peter Howlett

Unnatural Conduct by Heidi Lee Douglas

Vagrant Rust by Jason Williams

Veracity by Michael Caggiano

Verite by Luke Jackson

Warsim by Pat Holden

Wolf’s Bane by Bradley Stryker

Wounded by Chad Aston

Zero Sum Game by Ryan LaPlante


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