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2016 Q1 Short Film Production Fund Semifinalists Announced!

by Cameron Cubbison on May 3, 2016

The following projects have been shortlisted as semifinalists to be recipients of the 2016 Q1 ScreenCraft Short Film Production Fund backed by Bondit. Culled from more than 900 submissions, the scripts in contention are listed below. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far, and stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of the fund recipients, on here, our Facebook and Twitter pages, and via @Bondit_film.



99% by Mark Smith

A Dead Dog by Andrew K. Meyer & Christopher Plunkett

Almost by Hilari Scarl

Away From The Slough by Danielle Bárcena

Bad Rope by Jan Malcolm Janurberg

Before The Storm by Colen C. Wiley

Beeing Keegan by Jilly Gardiner

Black Doves by Jonathan Martin Machado

Boondoggle by ZS Kaplan and Mick Kaplan

Borders Of The Imagination by Benjamin A. Friedman

Break The Will by Jonathan Siebel

Cargo by Lexi St. John (story by Lexi St. John & Liza St. John)

Children Of The Dust by Erin Cipolletti

Cleaning Acts by Carlos Perez

Dear Stranger, by Maqui Gaona

Each To Their Own by Ben Gutteridge

Echo by Anna Chazelle

Eleutheromania by Joanna Tsanis

Exclusive by Connor B. Gaffey

Fatima by Eric Younger

Frolic ‘N Mae by Danny Madden

Full Take by Morgan Lariah

Gambit by Michael Koehler

Girl At A Window by Ed Wiles

Good Girls by Eduard Sola & Clara Roquet

Grief by Dante Russo

Hail Mary Country by Tannaz Hazemi

Habana Boxing Club by Danniel Rodriguez

In A Flash by Patrick R. Murray

Insomniac by Anthony Sarracco

In The Yellow Wood by Cate Honzl

Jingle Man by Paul Bissett & Catherine Prosser

Knowing Lincoln by Kendell Courtney Klein

La Persistente by Camille Lugan

Lemon by Timothy Michael Cooper

Limit Of Wooded Country by Greg Takoudes

Lone Wolf by Rupert Hodson

Long Term Delivery by Jake Honig

Lost Fragment by Giang T. Nguyen

Louis, Superman and Willy by Stefano Jay Bozzo

Noble Creatures by Daniel Lafrentz

One Halloween by Rebecca J. Murga

One Less by Anthony Fletcher

On the Edge by Alia Lundy

Outpost by Justin Giddings & Ryan Welsh

Secrets by Phinehas Hodges

Serpent’s Tooth by Katey McDonagh

Small Whispers by Wendy Fishhman

Smother Me In Hugs by Eric Schuman

Solitary by Kat Candler

Splash by Renee Petropoulos

Standing Room Only by Kristina Baker Smith

Supreme Gentleman by Ryan Chan & Vishnu Hari

Tango On The Balcony by Minos Papas

The Accent Wall by Autumn McAlpin

The Acolyte by Sammy James, Jr.

The Barefoot Bride by Diorella Mirasol

The Chocolate Kandinsky by Suzanne Griffin

The Door by Vika Evdokimenko

The Drome by Hunter Davis

The Fridge by Morgan von Ancken

The Key To A Man’s Heart by James Schlesinger

The Navigator’s Apprentice by Alan Barkley

The Privates by Dylan Allen

The Spinning Man by Jordan Rosenbloom and Ben Eisen

The Vampire Leland by Ken Ferrigni

The Veteran’s Wife by Giorgio Litt and Thom Canalichio

The Witching Hour by Gregory Veeser

They Fall Fast by Ed McCarthy

Three Skeleton Key by Andrew Hamer

Time Stand by Joe Ahern

Tommie by Stefano Stroppa

Tonight And Every Night by Christina Eliopoulos

Traitor Knight by Joe Smith

Unmarked by Jan Wilson

What Happened To Evie by Carol Younghusband

View Master by Will Kindrick

Visitors by Alon Juwal



81 Havemeyer by Michael Rosch

Bad Habits by Jill Bennett & Dara Nai

Best Intentions by Ted Nusbaum

Define Crazy by Nicholas Peet

Everybody Kills Hitler by Lex Wilson

Fat Ninja by Justin Giddings & Ryan Welsh

Gay, Straight and In-Between by Chanelle Tyson

Happy Endings by Bob Brunson, Michael Musa, Brian David Pope

Hard by Chloe Aktas & Seldy Gray

Inheritance by Daniel Arnold

Isabel and Her Purple Marker by M.J. Moneymaker

Open Houses by Brian T. Arnold & Alyse Michele

The Cuckoo Club by Zena Dell Lowe

The Mute by T.J. Hundtofte

The Only Ones by Kenim Obaigbena

Vomit by Yuri Baranovsky & Angela Gulner

Werewolf Solutions by Billy Kirland & Peter Rosemeyer


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