2015 ScreenCraft Short Screenplay Contest Semi-Finalists Announced

by ScreenCraft on May 15, 2015

Listed below are the semi-finalists of the inaugural ScreenCraft Short Screenplay Contest, representing roughly the top 7% of submissions selected to move forward to the final round of judging. This was an incredibly competitive cycle featuring many stellar short screenplays, so congratulations to the writers who have made it this far, congratulations to our quarter-finalists and thanks to all for submitting.  Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of the winners here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

13 by Natasja Maria Fourie and Robyn Pete (Based On Dertien by Andre P Brink)

22 Miles From Trenton by Michael Field

4 Or More: A Short Film For Horrible People by Alexis Hall

42nd And Bombay by Mansi Nirmal Jain

About Alice by A.L. Turcotte

Absolute Powers by Michael Head

A Bullet To The Ledger: Part I by Lee Mc Donald

A Date With Death by Kris Theorin

A Frayed Knot by Scott Crawley & Joseph Kibler

After Billy by David Widdicombe

Amy by Tammy-Anne Fortuin

An Exemplary Citizen by Josh Billig & Chris Martin

Anti/Bodies by Rob Grant

Anywhere by Kristi L. Simkins

Armaan (Desire) by Summer Pervez

A Trail Of Violence by Ryan Fassett

Augmented by Christopher Runyon

Away From The Slough by Danielle Bárcena

Bad Heir Day by Jeffrey R. Field

Bait And Tackle by Bryn Scott Hubbard

Becoming The Wild by Mark Hertzler & Toby Valdes

Between Shifts by Jaime Saginor

Beware Of Fault Lines by Amanda Lo

Black And Blue by Lexia Snowe

Blood Drive by Myke J. Friscia

Bodiless Bob by Marlan Moore

Brooke Montana by Joe Taft

Building Rapport Or (The Ancillary Benefits Of Torture) by James Lyons

Bully by Justin Sanchez

Café Mephisto by Adam Doquiatan

Can’t Kill Death by J. Scott Worthington

Change Of Plan by S. Mickey Lin

Ciudad Juarez by W.M. Willis

Crete And Barrel by Mike Revenaugh

Crosby by Vincent Salvano

Crossed Line by Alexander Kucy

Cupcake by Mimi Jeffries

D.A: Part One by Darnell Brown

Desert Blum(E) by Mark Dylan Brown

Dig by Amanda Richardson

Diluted by Dawntavia Bullard

Discotheque by Amy Monaghan

Dive by Andrew Zeko & Kris Sundberg

Dolcimelo by Ivan Cantu-Villarreal

Drive-By by Edward Lyons

Duck And Cover by Michael Thai (story by George Ding & Michael Thai)

Due Out by Randall Greenland (story by Jason Tostevin & Randall Greenland)

Ella And The Sun by Dana Cowden

Ewe Stew by Dorothy Irwin

Exclusive by Malcolm Pelles

Exposed by Christine Bonner

Fall by Denis Agarkov

Fetch by Sam Gill

Final Draft by Keion L. Jackson

First Communion by Gayla Kraetsch Hartsough

Flicker by Bruce Scivally

Flight by Amanda Richardson

Gas by Lee Bailes

Give My Love To Rose by Michael Sieve

Giverny, Or The Advantage Of Bleeding by Lucinda Tang

Godbox by Christopher Wade

Gravel Heart by Michael Curtis

Grave Whispers by Mico Montes

Green Eggs And Seuss by William Evans

Grief by Dante Russo

Grocery Day by Kevin Walsh

Gunmetal Rose by Daniel Hart Donoghue

His Master’s Call by Jason Young

Hlf pSt nine by Douglas Stark

Honor Among Thieves by Nat & Digs Palazzo

Hopeline by Palmer Rubin

I Am Kyle Lewis And This Is The Local News by Alex Kolanko

I Lost My Wallet In Aliquippa by Ted E. Haynes

Il Taglialegna (The Woodcutter) by Thomas McSweeney & Ross Hubbard

Infidel by Carey Kight

Into The Clearing by Brad Riddell (story by Meredith Veach and Brad Riddell)

Jack’s Room by Samuel Ayling

Jamie Miller’s Untitled Screenplay by Jamie Miller

Jermaine by Angela Y. Dugan

Justice Ain’t Law by Chip Taylor

Keep On Suckin’ by John Taylor

Keeping Mum by David Foulkes

Knock Knock by Tobias Canto Jr.

Last Day by Tom Warwick

Left Window by Alex Morsanutto

Let’s Go To Prom by Brendan Maghran

Lifers by Robert Williamson

Markers by Cory Terry

Meals From A Vending Machine by Carlos Dorsey

Meeting Jenny by Tammy-Anne Fortuin

Melee by Morgan Peter Brown

Midlands by Danny Youd

Mind Of A Child by Sam McClure

Mind Over Matter by AL Eales

Mine Eyes, Glory Glory by M.L. Goforth

MirrororriM by Andrew Fawn

My Big Brother’s Not At Home by Mikko Makela

My Valentine Has Hollow Eyes by Jason Jenkins

National Service by Dominic Hassall

Nellie by Steph Greegor

Not Myself by Barry Ward

Old Lady by Giles Montgomery

Omega by J. Elizabeth Martin

On The Day I Love You More Than My Phobias by Sam Gill

Phoenix by Sarah Counsell & Simon James Green

Picking Blueberries by Amanda Glassman

Playtime by James W. Grimes

Psychotic Break by Andrew Serban

Ricochet by Weldon Pless

Sa-I-Gu “429” by Michael Pak

Saving Dad by Donovan Yon

Seraphina The Chaotic Angel by Vered Lenn & Ben Gillman

Seven Days by Bruce Rose

Shakti by Vishnu Sasisekaran

Smoking Gun by Kelsey McConnell

Snip by Jenna Gelenberg

Sol And Harmony by Reilly Smith

Sparrow by Jessy Leigh

Spiced Apple by Rebecca Lunn

Starlight by April Rouveyrol

Statistical Soldier, Moral Man by Michael R. Wilson

Storm Fear by Eli Edelson

Street Girl by Pricilla Kumar

Stronghold by Cornelius Murphy

Succubus by Aaron Penney

Surrogates by Aaron Yeung

Switch by Simon Script

Systematization by Jaz Kalkat

The Balloon Man by Scott Keiner

The Boy Who Was Raised By Stars by Amanda Richardson

The Butcher & Alice by Ryan Ben & Eric Braband

The Chosen Pup by Tal Almog

The Courageous Cape by Baruh Benjamins and Dan Dowding

The Dark by Cullen Metcalf-Kelly

The Dead Train by Katie Cook

The Deputy by Alan Barkley

The Duallists by Lee Zachariah

The Final Approach by H.M. Ostrove

The Gazebo by Richard Willett

The Girl In The Blizzard by Antoine Tardif

The God Game by Matt McHugh and Sahar Nikakhtar

The Huntington’s Club by Amy Suto

The Inventor’s Last Wish by Peyton McDavitt

The Labyrinth Of Silence by Izabela Borowska

The Magic Trick by Tim Hewitt

The Many Deaths of Lazarus Lad by Jeff Bowles

The Nine by Danny Baram

The Old Man And The C Charp by Alexander Gardels

The Outside by Ashley Zazzarino

The Perfect Fit by Nick J. Scott

The Ride by April Rouveyrol

The Sequel By Levi C.B. Preston

The Shop by Hanqin He

The Three Bobs by Roxanne Marciniak

The Tinwife by Travis Neufeld

The Trunk by Christina Pamies

The Woods Are Burning by Calum Darroch

This Broken Earth by Tom Bragg

Thothscribe by Ben Gottlieb

Threshold by Crawford Anderson-Dillon

Tiger Shark Nobody by Jacob Mello

Time Lapse by Brendan Turrill

Truth Or Die by James Tuverson

Twilight On Charles Bridge by Sandra Bekvalac

Twirling by Karen Loseff

Two Wrongs by Michael Lee Barlin

Us Girls by Madeleine Parker

Uto by Ben Caird

Valerie Ann’s Perfect Man by Scott Bourne

Variably Kari by Dan Nicholls

Vendgeance Machine by John G. Shelley IV

Vodoun by Stuart Creque

Walk With The Devil by Alison C. Hall

When Good People Dance To Bad Music by Marlene Rhein

When You Get There by Eric Mithen

When You Wish by Troy Harvey Graham

With His Own Wings by Charles Dillon Ward

Write It Down by Matthew Himlin


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