2015 ScreenCraft Pilot Launch Contest Quarter-Finalists Announced

by ScreenCraft on October 21, 2015

Listed below are the quarter-finalists of the 2015 ScreenCraft Pilot Launch competitionThese exceptional pilots were selected from over 1,600 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting.  Stay tuned for the semifinalists announcement here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages!


About Time by Philip Hirzel

Adult Ed by Emily Sullivan

Adulthood? by Sam Morgan Macneil

Adultness by James Hitchings

Adult Supervision by Brian McGovern

After Life by Matthew Hejl (story by Matthew Hejl & Jenna Wycoff)

Amuse Bouche by Susan Kathryn Hefti

An Anthropological Study Of The Nuknuk Tribe Of The Amazon by Cassie Ramoska

Ardenfare by Susan A. Sherman

Ardenworth by Peter Limm

Arranged by Zubaira Ahmed

Austerity Bites by Harald P. Brevik

Back To The Barre by Alison Mobley

Bad Company by Jeff Galante

Bad Seeds by Wes Meilandt and Aaron Rosenbloom

Before Mars by Shruti Saran

Best Friends Advertising by Spencer Loucks

Birdnesting by Wendy Braff

Bloodworth by Jonathan Katz

Boy Up by Cynthia Furey

Brick House by Jeremy Dorfman

Bros by Erica Lakata

Buds by Mike Corey

Cake Light by Jenni Elliott-Henninger

Camp Blossom by Susanna Eve Dominguez

Chamberlain’s Men by Rose Bochner

Champions by Rowan Wheeler

Chasing Harmony by Brian Butterfield

Checking Out by Jamie Merendino

Circle Ten: DC by Laura Entrekin

Confrontation by Bradley Barth

Continental by Julian Wolff

Counting Days by Valerie Nies

Ctrl-Alt-Del by Meghan Warby

Cupid’s Arrow by Daniel Lawlor

Damaged Goods by Mishki Vaccaro

Day Dreaming by James Dowd

Delivered by Scott C. Reynolds

Desert Blum(e) by Mark Dylan Brown

Edgewick Commons by Erica Lies and Valerie Nies

Erin & Erin Are No Longer Friends by Cristina Sanza

Evie by Tim Schildberger

Family Medicine by Missy Hernandez

Fat Ninja by Justin Giddings & Ryan Welsh

First World Problems by Martin Dekom

Five-year Plan by Abi Wurdeman & Phil Wurdeman

Four More Years by Chase Heinrich & Micah Steinberg

Fun & Games by Ruth Sinanian

Game On by Vishnu Sekar

Generation Gwen by Megan Karasch

Glitz by Giovanni Porta

Good Guys, Inc. by Troy Collins

Harrow Falls by Ben Bushell

Heartless by Matthew Pointon

Heavenly Bonds by L.W. Ballard

Held Back by Thaddeus Hackworth

Hero List by David Crane

Hook & Ladder by Arthur C. Killum & Gene E. Conroy

Homoneurotic by Paul Ditty

Hosers by Jacob Isser

Human Resources by Andrew Wood

I Hate My Job by Deron Sedy

Ir-Reverend by Annie Bradley & Daniela Saioni

Imposters! by Alex Kipp

Jizz Kings by Cameron Pattison

Job Quitters by Kelly McInerney

Juiceheads by Joe Abel

Lake City U by Michael J. Grimm and Stephanie M. Grimm

Layover by Adam Toltzis

Life Matters by Linda Toussaint

Life Revised by Emily Sullivan

Love, LLC by Robert Monk Davis

Marketing by Darren Lau

Me Again by Mike Hadge

Meet Betsy Crown by Brad Griffith

Members Only by Bruce Blumberg

Middle America by Joe Fernandez

My Best Friend Satan by Zak Bezdeka

My Boyfriend’s A Drag by Breanna Tennell

My Fist Your Face by Greta Harrison and Matthew C. Vaughan

My Generation by Pippa Hinchley

My Mom Thinks I’m A Lesbian…And Other Things by Jen Kucsak

My Roommate, The Superhero by Alex Pollakoff

Nighttime Tonight With Captain Justice by Chris Thomson

Nine To Nine by Andew Hu

No Hope For Gomez! by Graham Parke

Only In San Francisco by Janene Lin

Only Ugly On The Inside by Theresa Drew

Parker Scott by Kevin Rosen

Paul Noir by Thomas Crosby and Sam Tremayne

Personal by Patrick Furie

Pet Shop Boys by Joshua Fruehling & Mark Montgomery

Plots by Evan Davis

Queerdom Come by Eduardo Passarelli

Rachel III by Danielle Evenson & Heather Huntington

Renaissance Man by Jo Green

Residuals by Joseph Neibich

Rest In Peace by Stacy Baker Masand

Roadshow by Dane McCauley

Roots by Aimee Parker (story by Kadi Lee)

Sawyer by Spencer Cole Reed

Scarlett’s Web by A.W Scott (created by A.W. Scott and Jean Qing Su)

See Nora Run by Susan Jaffee

Self Help by Julie Livingston

Sex Shop by Lindsay Golder

Shake Señora by Becky Root

Sidekicks by David Hoffmann (created by Tone Hoeft and David Hoffmann)

Sing-It by Bradford Richardson

Sketch by Dylan Visvikis

Snap Out Of It by Todd Zing

Soaked by Joshua Young

Socio-Pam by Rowan Wheeler

So There’s That by Amelia Wasserman

Spin by Josh Rakic

Spirit Squad by Matt Morgan

Stalkers Anonymous by Rafael Friedan

Standards by Kyle Hancher

Star Academy: 3013 by Christopher J. Valin (created by D.G. McMurry, Eugene Ramos, and Chris Whigham

Strange Entanglements by Jeffrey Gold

Substitutes by Anthony Giambusso

Such A Drag by Jeremy Padow

Summary Judgment by Ryan Dempsey & Brian Austin

Sunny In Malibu by Kelly Stanphill

Tanked by Eric Leong and Bradford Hodgson

Thanks For Having Us by Sara June, Christina Parrish, Katherine Swope

The Adventures Of Rogue Wombat & Stab Murderer by Thomas Bailey

The Adventures Of Ash And Owen by Arun Narayanan

The Bathman by Stephen Lamm

The B-Side by Noah Pohl

The Dog Walker by NJ Stigwood

The Gay Terrorist by Percy Rustomji

The Goonsquad by Derek Hutchins

The Heel by Mahmoud El-Azzeh

The Hollywood Magic Club by Tony Bock

The Julie Maloney Curse by Alex Brodsky

The Leash by Matthew Manson

The Motherload by Manja L. Lyssy

The Parlor by Chris Newth

The Regulars by Julia Perroncello

The Second Oldest Profession by Jim Bernfield

The Shrink by Dan Hershfield

The Stinkubator by Ann Clark & Jeffrey Hilton

The Struggle by Bryan Aran

The Work Husband by Robert P. Matheson

This One Time @ Camp by Gabi Conti & Anna Roisman

Time Suck by David Crosman

Tinfoil Hats by Francis Stokes

Tucson Tuday! by Joseph Neibich

Unplanned by Susie Glowa

Unsung by Charlemagne A. Rafols

Vaguely Human “The Werewolfening” by Tyler Herrera

Vincent Locke: Villain-At-Law by Christiaan Alexander Kutlik

Violentia by Marie Louise Cookson

Virtually President by Dan Hart

Voyage To Space by Sean Richardson and Brian Russo

We Are Not A Cult by Casey Geisen and Jamie M. Fox

Weekly Muse by Landis Aponte

What V Stands For by Nir Shelter and Tai Scrivener

Why Me, God? by Jeff Bower

Writing by Steven Schwartzstein

X, Y, Z by Dave Pullano

XXXposing Ruth by Elizabeth J. Musgrave

ZZ by Greg Mills


A1A by Chip Bell and Toby Osborne

Able Bodied by Chris Squadrito

Across The Line by Aarón Rivera-Ashford

Across The Line by Heidi Putallaz

Against A Sea Of Troubles by Whitney Lloyd

A Little Something Like This by Marcus Thomas

Alma Mater by Jenny Deiker

Alt Alex by Danny Baram

American Blood by Neal Tyler & Todd Henderson

American Dreams by John Beaulieu

Amerika by David Case

Animal Lovers Only by Tom Ecobelli & Heather George

An Unkindness Of Ravens by Brian Michael Martin

Ashtabula by Brad Small & Mark Paone

Assistants by Jeff Burdick

A State Of Maine by Paul Young & Kristi Dick

Barren by Mike DePaolo and Aitan Shachar

Berkeley by Nadia A. Selvaggi

Better by Josh Cootner & Dr. Brett D. Shurman

Betty Bureau by Amanda Morad

Binnacle by Allen Schubert

Blackbook by GJ Battle

Black Oak Cellars by Kim Nunley & April Abeyta

Blood Runs Thicker by R.G. Renauld

Bloomfield by Jennifer Goldson

Blowback by David Case

Bluenosed Bastards by Brent Wilson

Bo by Alan Wood

Bog Walk by Dominique A. Holmes

Borderlines by Magz Wiseman

Bounty by Gary M. Howell

Bounty by Sophie Robbins

Breathe by Dillon Bumpus

Broken Engagement by Tom Ciaccio

Burnt Offerings by Jason Murphy

By Touch by Robert Cox

Calculated Innocence by Jennifer Irons

Can’t Even by Diana Regolizio

Captive by Camille Stochitch & Alexander Berman

Celluloid City by Christina Hammonds Reed (story by David Greenspan & Christina Hammonds Reed)

Chasers by Andrew M. Henderson & Jerome Kruin

Children Of The Sun by Kelvin Lai

Chosen by Sabrina C. Nouadir

Citadel by George Ducker

Citywalk by Jake Lehnerer

Claymore by Kerry L. M. Russell

Clean! by JoAnne Strickland

Cold Blood by Natasha Alston

Coldwater by Craig Berger

Coming And Going by James Malone

Criminal Informant by Tavis Chapman

Crumbs by Grant McClure

Cryo by Christopher Ad Castillo

C.U.P.I.D. by Christie LeBlanc

Cyril by R.E. Keith

Dark Alchemy by Kent Tolbert and Doug Tolbert

Daybreaker by Phil Singleton

Dead Drop by Nancy Duff

Deal by Giovanni Porta

Death Chaser by Erica Butler

Devil’s Playground by George Felipe Gutierrez

Diagnosis by Lindsey Addawoo

Dogtown by Alvin Cowan

Donna by Tim Hewitt

Drive by Hillary Schoelzel

Driven by Jerry Coté & Craig Sabin

Einstein by Kent Tolbert and Doug Tolbert

El Patrio: The Untold Story Of Justice by Brendon Slee & Mragendra Singh

Endless by Kevin P. Taft

Escape From North Korea by Antoine Tardif

Eve by Micah Cohen

Evolution by Cara Winter

Existentia by Lorenzo Colonna

Expats by Mira Z. Barnum

Extra Ordinary by Shannon C.F. Rogers and Elizabeth Dwyer Sandlin

Fair Counsel by Cary Kingdom

Familiar by Clare Sladden

Fear Of Flying by April Wright

Flatlands by RC Gray

Fort Haven by Laura Villandre

Fortunate Ones by Brittany Hilgers & Katelin Saufley

Frat Lines by Jay Gormley

Freud by Danieele Barros

Gilded Cages by Trish MacEnulty

Grave Matters by Gustavo Avila

Groom Lake by Adam Rejwan

Halcyon Falls by Jeff Bower

Hallelujah Boulevard by David Prybil

Head Of The Snake by Daphne Lamm

Heller Darkly by Andrew Henderson and Nicole Porter

Hereditary by Craig Berger

Heroes, Monsters And Men by Vicky Hinault

Home Grown by Caitlin Hall

Honor Guard by Levi C.B. Preston

Horseman by Terry Erickson

Hotel California by Carrie Wachob

Houdini’s Mistress by Joseph Schneider

Jack Pot by Blair Donahue

Janus by Pearse Lehane

Jingletown by Dale Trujillo

Kodak Moment by John Alarid

Lacie Bidwell by Jameel Khan

Lady Justice by Christa Forman

Lakeview by Alex Fletcher

Lazar by Aiah Samba

Leading Edge by A.W. "Tony" Scott (created by A.W "Tony" Scott and Jean Qing Su)

Legend Of A Queen by Gesha-Marie Bland

Lexicon by Amanda Keener

Life In The Fast Lane by Debi Calabro

Lineage by Michael Koehler & Ryan Patch

Living Metal by C.S. McMullen

Lola’s Law by Kirkland Morris

Lords Of Olympus by Luke Sloan

Loyalty by James L. Head

Lucky At War by Dani Lee Sinclair & Christopher Grant

Mac Lir by Alistair Audsley

Manifest by Luke Pimentel

Matryoshka by Angela Berliner

Mayhem by Shannon Stock

Mechanity by Henry Tjernlund

Mirrored by Andrew M. Henderson (created by Andrew M. Henderson & Jerome


Mnemosyne by Michael DiBiasio

Mochila by Robert Gray and Michael Morshed

More Victims Tonight by Jim Snell

Mrs. President by Keisha A. King

Mystic Tales by Daric Loo

Nemesis by John Robert Marlow & Jacqueline Sinclair

Nightingale by A.J. Bermudez

North Head by Carl J. Smith (story by Carl J. Smith & Zane Holmes)

Offspring by Melanie Schiele

Omega by Chris Iannacone

One by Bryan Marvis

One And Done by Brian A. Ross

One Hill by Richmond Riedel

Origin by John A. Sanders

Oro by Estella Gabriel

Our Demons by Ed Vassie

Papa John by Steve Alten

Partners In Crime by Kelvin Lai

Perdition by Adam Rejwan

Peril by Rick Meyer

Perseverance by Casey Powers

Pigtown by Allan Steele

Pimp by Olenka Denysenko and Legrand McMullen

Pirate Island by Allan Dinesen

Plains Of Chaos by Rory Gamble

Porter by Coli B. Sylla

Posterus by Peter Szumlas

Priceless by Joshua S. Faulkner

Psi-Com 5 by Ed Vela

Pyramid by Edward Klau

Rack 12 by Karen McKinney

Radzyn by Michael Weber (story by Joel Golombeck and Michael Weber)

Reader’s Group Guide by Amelia Sims

Reaper by Benjamin Kim

Reasonable Doubt by Danny Ramm (story by Danny Ramm and Joe Mantegna)

Red by R.L. Dean

Red Tomahawk by Chris Richter

Retrograde by Patrick Ade

Ridge’s Luck by Tim Davis

Righteous Sinners by Eric Loren Montgomery

Rise Of The G-Men by Christopher Lombard

Royals by Mark DeLisle

Running Money by David Hoffman

Salt-Boxer by Eleanor Bursey

Saturn Rising by Alan O’Brien

Seven Generations by Hester Schell

Shadow War by Luke Sloan

Shanghai’d by Curtis Burdick & Scott Burdick

Sheer by Duane Piedmont

Sherryvale by Alan Horsnail

Snakehead by Sergio Guerra

Soul Collector by Holli Castillo & Julio Castillo

Stone by Lindsay Golder

Subderms by Nicole Eilers

Suburban Cannibals by Erban Martinez

Sugar Land by R.B. Ripley

Tapes by Alex Cope & Will Zech

Tejas by Julio A. Noboa

Testers by Julie Ann Wight

Thank You For Syncing by R.A. Johnson

The Agenda by Meredyth Wilson

The Alchemists by Amanda Keener

The Bang by Brian Golden

The Bible Belt by Steven Pipps

The Blue And The Red by Matthew Schutt

The Butcher’s Daughter by A.L. Turcotte

The Buzz by Karl Richter

The Circuit by Nadia A. Selvaggi

The Circuit by David Michael Kushner

The Collection by Emre Ozpirincci

The Colony by Craig Berger

The Cure by Andrew Wallace Chamings & Jennifer Dizio

The Divinity Cycle by Nelson Downend

The Exorcists by Richard Valentine

The Factory At The End Of The World by Tyler Ham Pong & Lisandro Novillo

The Fallen by Nate Wilcoxen

The Fireflies by Lauren Winsor Stenmoe

The Fortean Times by Keith Storrier

The Hunter by Angela Berliner

The Kindler by Ruth Estelle and Pete Monaghan

The Last Liars by Greg Sullivan

The Liminalist by Rubi Herrera

The Line by Ty Leisher

The Lost Boys by David Lawrance

The Maharaja by Amardeep Singh Rehal

The Many Lives Of David Cramer by David Eyman

The Missing by Herschel Weingrod

The New Adventures Of Uncle Sam by Alan Jenkins

The Numbered by Matthew Hirons

The Order Of All Things by Braden R. Duemmler

The Picture Business by Jane Henning

The Prince by Kimber Helms & Yolanda Tropea

The Relief by Ross Denyer

The Rest Of Us by Pauline Altman

The Rift by Taylor Van Arsdale

The River by Bob Gookin

The Romanovs by Siobhan Gilbert

The Rothschilds by Mimi Hasson

The Sensualist by Suzanne Griffin

The Shack by Martin Jay Weiss

The Shadow by Christina Barclay

The Skeins by D.L.C. Heslop

The Smoky Mountain Killer by Eli Edelson

The System by Chris Drzewiecki

The Two Sisters’ Cafe by Elena Yates Eulo

The Unveiling by LaDarrion Williams

The Way Back by Sabrina C. Nouadir

The Wild by Alan R. Baxter

The Woods by Jakob Austin Burgos

Thicker Than Blood by Sam Robson

This Land by Meredyth Wilson

Toast by Anastazja Davis

Tracker by Thomas Dolan-Gavitt

Trainhoppers by Mark Schroeder

Transgressions by Michelle R. Anderson

Travelers by Jennifer Green

Trial By Jerry by John A. Sanders

Unity by Lindsay McRae

Unmanned by Kenneth Robinson

Warren by Francesca Butler

Welcome To Storyville by Rickie Castaneda & Megan Hocking

White Noise by Cody Pearce

Wide Awake by Alicen Ricard

Willa Patterson’s Afterschool Special by Donald Collins

With Life And Limb by Tanna Paul

Wolves by Christopher Greenslate

Wood by Matthew Weaver

Wrecking Ball by Tania Penn

Wrecking Balls by Olivia Briggs

Wrong Way Home by Jamie Parker (story by Jamie Parker & Shane Meador)

Yellow Ribbons by M. Esther Sherman

Youth by Valérie A. Brotski


All Those Women by Tina Cesa Ward

Ashen by Jose Ybarra & Ryan Osborn

Betters by Andy Ostroff And Marshall Porter

Between Friends by Norwood Holland & Monica Mathis-Stowe

Born Stars by Andrew Ryan

Celebration by Lindsay Golder

Churchill by Nadeem Rajwani & Ian Aryeh

Class A by Simon Schneider, Oliver Deacon and Charley Packham

Epizootic by Daniel Reul Young

Fat Ninja by Justin Giddings & Ryan Welsh

Foreign Exchange Students by David Koutsouridis

Glassholes by Bill Freas

Guilt by Rosalie Muller-Boiral

Hang In There! by David Lawrance

Hollywood And Vine by Jerry Vasilatos

Ice by Estella Gabriel

In The Cards by Susan Scarlett Montgomery

IntimiDating by Amanda Treat & Stephanie Norton

Max by Marlan Moore

Meat by Nathan Summerlin

MicroWaveMan by Gregg Diler

Pest Control by Jim Beck

Suspicious Minds by Roxanne Marciniak

Steel Vengeance by Katrina Rossos (story by Mark Nistico)

Strip by Tina Cesa Ward

The Atticats by James M. De Vince

The Last Laugh by Torthell Robinson

The Grass Is Always Greener by Meredith Post (music & lyrics by Christian Webster)

The Real Steal by Robert Alexrod (created by Natalia Ochoa and Andrew Webster)

Who Is God? by Fortune Owens


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