2015 ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay Contest Semi-Finalists Announced

by ScreenCraft on August 21, 2015

Listed below are the semifinalists of the 2015 ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay Contest! Congratulations to those who have made it this far, and to the quarter-finalists, and thanks to all for submitting. Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of the winners here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages.   


100 Proof by Cody Pearce

4-14 by Rich Figel

Afraid by Jeff Etheridge

Alderney by Eleanor Verner

Antipope by Chris Drzewiecki

Aokigahara by Ben Warner

Bad Moon Rising by Scott Hamilton & PJ Hamilton

Based On A Nightmare by Christopher Hruby

Behind The Wall by Matt Lavender

Black Sunday by Heidi R. Willis

Blood Traps by Christopher Dane

Born To Die by Kyle Piereth

Chinese Whispers by Mark V. Bedard

Chloe Didn’t Come Home Last Night by Ashley Lynch

Creatures Of War by Christopher O’Rourke

Dark Trail by Paul Carson

Dead After Tomorrow by Benjamin Pollack

Dead Soul Music by Stuart Wright

Dead West by Jeffrey S. Grimes

Death Conventions by Michael Ryan Assip & Peter Lancucki

Doll by Mike Doyle

Evermore by Tim Huddleston

Fanged! By Joey Ernand

Fear, Inc. by Luke Barnett

Gas Works Park by Michael Raymond

Hannah’s Birthday by Juliet Bergh

Hunted by Rod Thompson and Tim Westland

Impure by Michael J. Yurinko

Incurable by Jeff York

Inhuman by Todd Crawford

Inside The Circle by Luke Murphy

Kimonos by James Hu (Story Concept by Sean Ellis & James Hu)

Lambs by Aaron Yeung

Larry Gone Demon by Matthew John Lawrence

Lockdown by Robert Alvin Lewis

Lord Of The Woods by H.A. Young

Lycan by Desiree Middleton

Malevolence by Christian J. Hearn

Marrow by Erik W. Van Der Wolf

Nasties by Ross Birks

Operation Sandstorm by Derek Asaff (story by Derek Asaff & Aviv Rubinstien)

Out Of The Box by Robert Dorian

Pareidolia by Daniel Russell

Plague Ship by Alex Greenfield & Ben Powell

Purgatory Station by Phillip E. Hardy

Red Rover by Philip Landa

Remote by Marc Roussel

Restoration by Don Stroud and Winter Mead

Reversion by Brien Kelly & Mike Green

Road Kills by Greg Caiafa

Sardis The Merciful by Christian Thomas

Seeing Red by Sundae Jahant-Osborne

Seever House by Sam Cooke & Hussain Pirani

Shark Tooth Snake Fang by Ben Shupe

Snow by Mark Golik

Solomon by Sarah Polhaus

Survival Of The Fittest by Martin Stitt

The 49th Day by Craig Peters

The Apex by Erick C. Freitas

The Banished by Kevin P. Taft

The Bloody Tower by Anna Taborska

The Cat And Mouse Game by Coletta Preacely-Garcia

The Colony by Eric Edward Glawe

The Crowd by Dawn Greenfield Ireland

The Depths by Justin Boyd

The Devil Down Below by Nathan Cole

The Devil’s Soldiers by Frank Ponce and Chad Law

The Forgotten Dead by Rammuel R. Lavarro

The Ghost Inside Our House by Brad McHargue

The Grey Matter by Peter McCoubrey

The Housesitter by Suju Vijayan (story by David Palamaro)

The Immortal Door by Mico Montes

The Lesson by Jon Gardner

The Occurrence On Mars Hill by Michael Stark and Terrell T. Garrett

The Pulpit Collector by Peter Fraser

The Red Envelope by David J. Sakmyster

The Ripper by Zachary Grossman

The Séance by Lee Thomas Kehoe

The Storm Is Coming by Tahir Jon & Thomas Dolan-Gavitt

The Tiptoe People by Bryan Michael Block

The Wretched by Collin Watts

The Wretched End Of Reve Clay by David Garrett

Withering Rose by Isabella Bronté

Wolf/Man by Levi C.B. Preston

Wylde by Danny Baram 


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