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2015 ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay Contest Quarter-Finalists Announced

by Cameron Cubbison on July 27, 2015

We're thrilled to announce this list of talented emerging screenwriters! Enumerated below are the quarter-finalists of the 2015 ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay Contest, culled from over 1,000 submissions. Congratulations to these writers!  

If you didn't make this first-round list, take heart and keep writing!  Here's a list of 5 esteemed writers who received rejection letters.  Keep writing and re-writing - and find an excellent reader.  

Thank you to everyone who submitted.  Stay tuned for our semi-finalists announcement in a couple weeks.

100 Proof by Cody Pearce

4-14 by Rich Figel

Adirondack Hunting Club by Marcus Dean Fuller

Afraid by Jeff Etheridge

Agoraphobia by Daniel Hess

Agoraphobia by Leigh M. Lane

Alderney by Eleanor Verner

American Witch by Joseph I. Martinez

Antipope by Chris Drzewiecki

Aokigahara by Ben Warner

Aperture by Kelli Atherton

Axe To Grind by Nick Everhart

Bad Moon Rising by Scott Hamilton & PJ Hamilton

Based On A Nightmare by Christopher Hruby

Behind The Wall by Matt Lavender

Belladova by William Miller

Beneath by George L. Lopez

Big Girls Don’t Die by Jordan Light

Bitter Fruit by Thomas Hill
Black Friday by Charles Westfall

Black Hollow by Ryan Roy (story by Grant Noblin and Ryan Roy)

Blacklight by Anthony Nero & Evan McNamara

Black Sunday by Heidi R. Willis

Blood Lake by David Stever & Cary Anderson

Blood Traps by Christopher Dane

Born To Die by Kyle Piereth

Bracer by Cecil A. Laird II

Bruja by Rona Mark

Cambion by Mike Robida

Carnal by Luis Aldana & Miguel Angel Caballero

Case 8738: Lila Yates by Rudi Anna and Phillip Montgomery

Casual Encounter by Roni Brown

Confessions Of A Serial Killer by Joseph Frio

Cemetery Hill by Cornelius Broderick

Children Of The Dead by Jeff Bassetti

Chinese Whispers by Mark V. Bedard

Chloe Didn’t Come Home Last Night by Ashley Lynch

Chomp! By George Sanders & Shawn Curran

Controlled Possession by Delon Sandhu

Creatures Of War by Christopher O'Rourke

Cruelty by Toby Osborne

Cut by Danielle Silvie Gershberg

Dante’s Copse by Stewart A. Fergus

Dark Trail by Paul Carson

Dark Watch by Jim Lawrence

Dark Winter by Justin Giddings & Ryan Welsh

Dead After Tomorrow by Benjamin Pollack

Dead In The Night by Uisdean Murray

Dead Soul Music by Stuart Wright

Dead West by Jeffrey S. Grimes

Death Conventions by Michael Ryan Assip & Peter Lancucki

Death’s Love by Chris Audsley

Death Swamp by Bram Druckman

Debris by Nicole Jones-Dion

Deer Isle by Kathy Charles

Deposit Box by Chris Drzewiecki

Die And Stay Dead! by James Fleming & Ryan Pettus

Dog by Conall Pendergast

Dog Of Cain by Jacob Anderson and Tyler Wittenberg

Doll by Mike Doyle

Don’t Make A Sound by John Hickman

Don’t Tell Shirley by Jeff Copeland

Dryads by Joseph Romeo

Due Date by Filomena laforgia

Eight Rounds by Mike Breiburg

Embryo by Joseph Gallina

Enthralled Trilogy: Part I by Elizabeth Lam

Evermore by Tim Huddleston

Exodus by Jonathan Ballenger

Fanged! By Joey Ernand

Fear, Inc. by Luke Barnett

Feeding The Monster by Asabi Lee & Paul Hart-Wilden

Figures In The Fog by Michael Nader

Final Girls Club by Joey Marra (story by Shane Leary and Joey Marra)

Frank And Bella by David Braga

Full Moon Falls by Tyler Dowey & Sean Alexander

Fungusheads by Rob Gibson

Gas-Hog 2 by Mark Sweatman

Gas Works Park by Michael Raymond

Ghosts Of Willow Lake by Devin Corbett

Ghost Story by Sarmad Khan

Grand Guignol by Alex Schor

Gravers by Chuck Micallef

Gravity Is Jealous by JG Page

Greenman by Don Stroud and Winter Mead

Hack by Matthew Sorvillo & Michael Sorvillo

Hannah’s Birthday by Juliet Bergh

Hard Feelings by Jim Hemphill

Harvester Of Eyes by Paul Hart-Wilden & Asabi Lee

Hollywood Kill by Bandy Killion & MaGee

Hookers Vs. Demons by Daniel K. Yates

Horrors by Justin D. Kennedy

Hunted by Rod Thompson and Tim Westland

Hurricane Party by Ned Farr

Hush by David D. Martin

I Command by Brendon Slee

Impasse by the Neese Twins & Louis Iacoviello

Impure by Michael J. Yurinko

Incendiary Me by Brandon Stephens

Incurable by Jeff York

Infested by Todd Crawford

Inhuman by Todd Crawford

Inside by John Schlirf

Inside The Circle by Luke Murphy

Inversion by Andrew Mescher

Island In The Bay by Rhys Bufford

Jack Of The Lantern by Daniel Szomor

Jessica At Dawn by Henry Isabel Arrambide

Kill ‘Em Twice by Eduardo Fierro & Lambert Mixson

KillHer by Brent Kenton Jordan

Kill The Children by Jason Zink (Revisions by Justin Lucas)

Kimonos by James Hu (Story Concept by Sean Ellis & James Hu)

La Llorona by Frank del Aguila

Lambs by Aaron Yeung

Larry Gone Demon by Matthew John Lawrence

Left Of Boom by Jesse Ryan Vigil

Linked-In by David Gibbons

Lips Of Blood by Gregory Rousson

Living Nightmare by Zeke Miller

Loas by Andrew Desmond and Mateo Garcia

Lockdown by Robert Alvin Lewis

Lord Of The Woods by H.A. Young

Love’s Remains by Matthew O'Connell

Lycan by Desiree Middleton

Malevolence by Christian J. Hearn

Man of Clay by Matt Nasatir

Marrow by Erik W. Van Der Wolf

Masks Of Sanity by Brad Howe and Joseph Giddens

Medallion 56 by James Flores

Mincemeat Manor by Shira Zimbeck

Moonchild by Chris Courtney Martin

Mr. Mr. by Ross C Somerville

Nasties by Ross Birks

Newton, NV by David W. Keffer

Night Children by T. Pryde

Night Falls Fast by Richard Valentine

Ofranda by Jacob Larch

Old MacDonald (The Legend Of EIEIO) by Douglas Hall

One Little Indian by Jeffrey Albright

Operation Sandstorm by Derek Asaff (story by Derek Asaff & Aviv Rubinstien)

Out Of The Box by Robert Dorian

Pareidolia by Daniel Russell

Pervert by Joshua Giuliano

Pink Bunny by Geoff Calhoun

Plague Ship by Alex Greenfield & Ben Powell

Powerkill: The Coming Of Dionysus by S D Blen and Bill Van Lannen

Prisoner’s Dilemma by Collin McMahon

Proboscis Colossus by George D. Putnam & John Katchmer

Purgatory Station by Phillip E. Hardy

Red 8 by Cornelis Craane

Red Rover by Philip Landa

Re-Enactment by Scott Zugnoni

Remote by Marc Roussel

Restoration by Don Stroud and Winter Mead

Revenant by Jerron Spencer

Reversion by Brien Kelly & Mike Green

Rippers by Norman L. Rubenstein & Gessarena Mason (adapted from the novella, East End Girls, by Gessarena Mason)

Ripple by Cris Graves

Rise Of The Dragon by Taylor Albertson

Road Kills by Greg Caiafa

Rottenwood Creek by Aric Iverson

Rubber Baby by Parker Briscoe

Rumpelstiltskin by Chris Ritvo and Craig Stewart

Sardis The Merciful by Christian Thomas

Saw Wind Hollow by Zachary Paul

Second Born by Bruno Catarino

Seeing Red by Sundae Jahant-Osborne

Seever House by Sam Cooke & Hussain Pirani

Seven Devils by Pete Natale

Sex, Drugs And Werewolves by Keith Melcher

Shadow by Mike Doyle

Shark Tooth Snake Fang by Ben Shupe

Sickle Moon by Henry Tjernlund

Snallygaster by Rich Figel

Snow by Mark Golik

Solomon by Sarah Polhaus

Something Within by Billy Grubbs & Brad Thorne

Soul Dark by Elmer L. Reedy

Soulless by Jake Disch

Spectral by Cody Pearce

Splatter Camp by Andrew McAllister & Aaron Strongoni

Spring Fever by John-Paul Panelli & Schuyler Brumley (story by John-Paul Panelli, Schuyler Brumley & Joel Cocciolone)

Student Exchange by Joe Zukoski

Sugar Kane by Bradford Walton

Suicide Show by Wey Loh

SuperKill Theatre Presents... A Trilogy Of Death And The Supernatural by Tom Manning

Survival Of The Fittest by Martin Stitt

Sweet Meat by JT Seaton

Tazorback by Wro Stephens

Terror From Beyond The Cosmos by Devin Corbett

Terror From Nowhere by Richard McEwen

The 49th Day by Craig Peters

The Angels Of Warrick by Jim Ousley

The Anima by Francisco Daniel Cruz

The Apex by Erick C. Freitas

The Banished by Kevin P. Taft

The Beginning Of The End Of The World by Benjamin Heneberry

The Blackening by Scot Blust

The Bloody Tower by Anna Taborska

The Boonies by Nathan Smith

The Botanist by William Long

The Cat And Mouse Game by Coletta Preacely-Garcia

The Chip by Marco Andrade

The Clinging by Alexander Besher

The Cold by Scott Swartz

The Colony by Eric Edward Glawe

The Commode Monster by Joe McGarvey

The Crawler by Joe Camareno and John McCrite

The Crowd by Dawn Greenfield Ireland

The Curse by James Michael Rice & Kevin R. Kelley

The Curse Of Hecuba by Craig Berger

The Depths by Justin Boyd

The Devil Down Below by Nathan Cole

The Devil’s Barrens by Bryan Kish

The Devil’s Soldiers by Frank Ponce and Chad Law

The Exorcism by Taylor Albertson

The Forgotten Dead by Rammuel R. Lavarro

The Forsaken by Kirkland Morris

The Garden Of Souls by Peter Marshall

The Gates by Tim Reynolds

The Ghost Inside Our House by Brad McHargue

The Ghost Light by Thomas Vohasek

The Ghost Rig by Michael L Edwards

The Gifted by John Darko & Anthony Cincotta (story by John Darko and Jeff Kalligheri)

The Grey Matter by Peter McCoubrey

The Housesitter by Suju Vijayan (story by David Palamaro)

The Immortal Door by Mico Montes

The Inhabitants by R. Paul

The Killer Club by Michael Escalante

The Last Life by Jennifer Mancini

The Last Nice Day by Chad Janes

The Lesson by Jon Gardner
The Means by Scott Stebbins

The Mysteries by Mark Farnsworth

The Nightline Attic by Denis Memedoski

The Northwoods by Martin MacPhail and Emma Higgins

The Occurrence On Mars Hill by Michael Stark and Terrell T. Garrett

The Other Side Of The Wall by Adam Meyer

The Pandora Game by Chris Lewis Carter

The Pulpit Collector by Peter Fraser

The Rave by James E. Gonzo

The Recognition Fellowship by Alex Wroten & Joe Worthen

The Red Envelope by David J. Sakmyster

The Righteous Man by Andrew Mescher

The Ripper by Zachary Grossman

The Séance by Lee Thomas Kehoe

The Secrets Of Jeremiah Valley by Landis Aponte

The Skaterboys: Escape From Mutant Island by Ronald Silva

The Souvenir by Matthew Lavery and Christopher Porozny

The Storm Is Coming by Tahir Jon & Thomas Dolan-Gavitt

The Swamp by Nat Palazzo

The Threshold Beyond by Edward Case

The Tiptoe People by Bryan Michael Block

The Urban Creepers by Dreama C. Elmore

The World By Storm by Thomas Nesti

The Wretched by Collin Watts

The Wretched End Of Reve Clay by David Garrett

The Zuzu by Jory White

Those That We Love by Matthew Bennett

Through The Night by Edward Martin III

Traumatized by Kris Lippert & Eric Shapiro

Twisted Games by Bradley Stryker

Vargulf by J.T. Child

Victor The Creator by Zachary Tomlinson (based on Frankenstein by Mary Shelly)

Vindicta by David McDonald

Visited by Matt Sheehan

Wanderers by Leonard Johnson

What Happened To The Willows? by Andres Rovira

Widow by Robert Bruce Baird & Robert Gosnell

Widow Lake by Courtney Hawkins

Wild Game by Robbie Robertson

Witch by Sean T. Hyde

Withering Rose by Isabella Bronté

Within The Living by J. Blake Fichera

Wolf/Man by Levi C.B. Preston

Wormfood by Jeff Jacobson

Wylde by Danny Baram

Yestervictor by Joseph Greenberg

Zday by Marc Landau

Zomboni by Chris Bavota



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