2015 ScreenCraft Comedy Screenplay Contest Semi-Finalists Announced

by ScreenCraft on June 2, 2015

Listed below are the semi-finalists of the 2015  ScreenCraft Comedy Screenplay Contest, comprising the top 10% of entries received.

Congratulations to these writers, along with the quarter-finalists, and thank you to everyone who submitted.  Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of the grand prize winner here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

Adam & Steve by Nicholas Horwood

A Dinner For Der Fuhrer by Ken Oxman

Ai! Chilito by Judy Chaikin

All Things Being Equal by Jamie Odeneal & Madeline Holler

Alter Nate by Gary Chase

A Match Made In Hell by Marjory Kaptanoglu

A Matter Of Wife And Death by Douglas W. Warne

A Meeting In Seville by Paul Mendelson

Answering Phones by Robert Husted

Arresting Performance by John Bouton

A Well-Seasoned Encore by Mort Bernstein

Bad Romance by X. Alexander

Be Mused by Don Fried & Mike Fuhrmann

Berlin Is For Lovers by Rachel Upshaw

Brother Nature by Jason K. Allen

Burnin’ Bobby by Mike Peters

Burning Man by Josh Berman

Busy Bee by Kyle Asmundson & Michael Lee Peterson

Cathedral by Jeremy Zarowitz

Cesar And Max Hit The Road by Susan Klos

Chubby Chasers by Michael Dugan

Coffins & Chrysanthemums by Michael E. Bierman

Court Ordered by Nancy Duff

Cryptos by Steve Marovitch

Deerly Beloved by Colin Costello (based on an idea by Sharla Kahan)

Demontown by Bryan Rawlings

Eggs by Averie Storck

Erotic Romance by Rachel Kempf

Everything’s Jake! By Scott Burton

Fairly Certain by Alex Hanno

Faking It by Felipe Torres Medina

First Dad by B.R. Fleming

Followers by Tim Marshall

Four For The Border by Tony Roberts

French Foreign Legion by Noah Cooper & Will Weggel

Frying Bacon With Aaron Cohen by Nadia Selvaggi

Generics by Cory Terry

Gifted by Angelina Karpovich

God Gets Fired by Ron Maede

Grass Monkeys by Matt Wildash

GSOH by Keith Farnan & Paul Mendelson

Happy Kids by Jennifer Plante

Heart To Hart by Carey Mark Watkins

I Break Up For U by Lawrence Lamovec

If I Were You by Allison Buckmelter & Nicolas Buckmelter

Imagining Angels by Michael Stark

In Case I Have To Kill You by Sheila Boyd

Josh Munger Wasn’t Here by Dan Longe

Julius V by Steve Guettermann

Karmic Baggage by Joe Leone

Keeping Time by Nathan Zoebl

Kings Of Spring Break by Justin Kornmann and Brent Trotter

Knock Offs by Brett Weissbeck

Larry’s Best Friend by David C. Hill

Lemon Made by Erik Adolphson

Lethal Hostage by Soni Jorgensen

Live Free Or Die by Ilana Rein & Brian Smith

Love Child by S.C. Fleming

Make It Big by Steven Karageanes

Matchbreakers by Anja Wykes

Maxed by Deb Hiett

Megaball$ by Marc Baron

Midsummer Madness by Carol Hovsepian

Minnie by Atul Srivastava

Mom And Dad Must Die! by Paul Mendelson & Alan Moscowitz

Monkeytown by Jeana H. Grady

Moses Of The Bulrushes by Steve Warren

Mother Judgers by Heather Kennedy

Naked President by K.M. Rice

No Hope For Gomez! by Graham Parke

Nola’s Fortune by Heidi B. Morrell

Not Too Shabby by Misty McAfee

Og’s Utopia by Sam Mossler

Old Nick by Jeff Hassen & Sean Plemmons

One Good Man by Elizabeth Musgrave

One Night Stan by Robbie Robertson

Perfectly Spoiled by Sally Ann Walsh

Poor As Shit by Brandon Jared

Professional Maid Of Honor by Valerie Zane

Rasta Ho-Tep: Rise Of The Mummies by Peter Fraser

Rehab by Joseph Earl Remlinger IV

Rent Control by Jennifer Goldson

Replacing The Wrights by Marybeth Bordeau Flynn

Run Maggie Run by Wendy Biller

Saint Gary by Steven Dente

Second Time Around by Dane McCauley

Selma & Charlene by Melanie Schiele

Senseless Confidential by Marty Beaudet

Shaolin Nanny by Todd R. Weinger

Single Mother’s Guide to Killing Your Teen (A Dark Comedy) by Christie LeBlanc

Somebody To Love by Jay Cipriani

Squatter’s Rights by Doug Horn

Stealathon by Rick Majzun

Stoner Road by Natasha Lewin & Sarah Newton

Take My Wife by Brett Carlson & Brian Graves

Test Of Strength by Danny Baram

The Amazing Fantasy by Cody Wasson

The Baby Bet by Christian Heinze

The Best Mistake by Ray Snedaker

The Bewildering State Of Being Nothing by Kevin Albers

The Big Sheep by Frank Gaydos and Mark Saunders

The Boy Who Had Three Arms by Christian J. Hearn

The Butterflyz by Chelsea Devantez

The Celibate Romance Writer by Carol Lazare

The Choker by Jodyne L. Speyer

The Dark Nowhere by Clay Fusco

The Deal by Brian Fox

The Demon And The Detective by Tony Russo

The Eccentric John Smith by Christian Heinze

The Fiancé by Sara Richelson

The Grad List by Tara DeMarco

The Happiness Of Sal Maninski by Andy Dykeman and Greg Erickson

The High Life by Erik Howard & Ryan Lee

The Importance Of Being Randy by Edwin Heaven

The Launch by Edward Martin III

The Mastermind by Stan Himes

The Metamorphosis Of Radha by Amir Ohebsion

The One(s) That Got Away by Benjamin A. Friedman (story by Benjamin A. Friedman and Matthew Hoch)

The Pink Elephant by Lowell John Smith

The Placebo Effect by Anne G. Scott & Devlin Kane

The Return Of Rooter by Kathryn Paulsen

The Road Scholar by Danny Yang

The Sexpert by Celeste Parr

The Spanish Acquisition by Tess Clark & John Carroll Lynch

The Stars Come Out At Night by Camila Victoire

The Story Of Harper Blair & Some Other People by Qaseem Fazal

The Suction Game by David Berrade

The Tao Te Sing-Along by Tim Boettcher

The Want Ads by Michael Rhodes

The Wing Man by Rich Antous & Tyler Barnes

Thou Shall by Jeffrey R. Field

Three by Scott Boyd & Brian Boyd

Tina, I Love You by Amy Gailey

To Fate by Tara M. Kerrigan

Too Cool For School by Nicholas Martin Johnson

Trial And Erin by Larry Shulruff

Vice by Jesse Federman & Jerren Lauder

Violet Rose by Jeffrey Blatt & Doug Mackay

Wally Washburn by William Shedlick

Whacked by Darrell Costa & Frank Schultz

Wham, Bam, Merci, Ma’am by David Minaskanian

Wildest Dreams by Lauren Kettler

Willy The Camel by William Shedlick

Wing Mom by David Klein

Young Detectives by Micah Paisner

Zen And The Art Of Karaoke by B. Brisbane

Zenda by Paul Alexander and Paul Mendelson (Inspired by ‘The Prisoner of Zenda’ by Anthony Hope)



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