2014 ScreenCraft Family-Friendly Script Contest Quarter-Finalists Announced

by ScreenCraft on January 21, 2015

We are genuinely excited to announce the quarter-finalists of the 2014 ScreenCraft Family-Friendly Script Contest!

Congratulations to all who have made it this far, and thanks to everyone who submitted.  Stay tuned for the upcoming announcements of the semi-finalists and grand prize winners here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

A Dog & Monkey Tale by James Michael Mulligan

A Ghost Story of Christmas by Eddie Yaroch

Airmail by Jaclyn Albert

Angels Never Sleep by Ronald L. Ecker

An Uncommon Way by Sandra Miller

Argonauts by Doug Kissock

Artist of the Beautiful by Martha Mendenhall

Bad Dream Team by Dianna Zimmerman

Badgarth's Promise by Daniel G. Doyle

Bobby The Bull by Chad Mathews

Bo Peep! by Waka T. Brown

Born To Fly by Joan Broadman

Borrowed Time by Jimmy Karlsson

Braumaru by Veronica Tabares

Break Every Chain by Trey Chace

Bring Cooper Home by Candy Fox

Burro Days by  Lynne McMahon and Zachary Santos

By The Numbers by Matt Otstot

Can You Hear Me Now? by Keith Digby

Cardboard Castle by Mike Sundy

Catch That Brat! by Jim Monack

Christmas Miracle Worker by Curtis Burdick & Scott Burdick

City of Gold by Jason Carroll & Ryan Petey

Compass Murphy by Stephen Potts

Congress Kid by William S. Hodges

Coral Cove by Desirée Proctor & Erica Harrell

Culture War by David Outten

David: Battle of the Gods by Moses Agyekum-Cranes

Debbie The Viking by Graham Parke

Dents by Dennis Doud

Dog Prom by Kristen O. Bobst

D.O.T.U.S. (Dog of the United States) by Paul Winchell & David James

Double Decker by Aarthi Ramanathan

Double Dimension by Blagomira Halacheva

Elmer's Glue by David Boito

Escape of the Tiger Kitties by Richard Benter

Eulila and the Lighthouse by Jeff Thomas

Even Stevie by Eafat Newton

Faith Found Wanting by Margo Trueblood

Family Treasure by David de Vos

Feeling The Wire by Xan O'Connor

FlutterFly by Natalie Robison Hejny

Ghost Boy by Gary Bayer

Giant by Paul Skillen

Giant Stride by Ken Berry

Goat Boy by Don Zepfel & Carol Hybl Zepfel

Gridiron Playground by Armando Hernandez and Eduardo A. Letamendi

Handel's Messiah by Scott Fales

Heart Stringz by Barbara L. Ashdown

Home For The Holidays by Alexis del Vecchio

Horatio's Drive Home by Dennis DeBon

Horrendo's Curse by Steve Vidler & Chris Phillips

House Plans by Sandy Tovray Greenberg

Humbugs by Tobin Fraley (story by Tobin Fraley and Gary K. Wolf)

In-Between by Sandra Webb Smith

Jingletown by Dale Trujillo

Joining Up by John McGuire

K-9 Academy by Derek Asaff

Kat Cooper's Big Adventure: The Lion and the T-Rex by Nancy Duff

Little Bot by Marlan Moore

Little Goonies by Bill Cowell

Lone Pine by Barry Van Dyke

Long Walk Home by Rick Foster

Losing Arthur by Paul Mendelson

Lost Claus by Dan Fiorella

Magical Wishes by  Sandy Tovray Greenberg

Magic and the Flood by Kevin Huskey & Martin Moran

Mark Twain’s The Prince and the Pauper by Rikki Stinnette

Martin Mapes and the Misfits Of Otherworld by Daniel J. Pike

Max's Fantastic Adventure: The Well of Lost Souls by Jonathan Bucari

Metamorphosis by Sharlene Lea'uanae

Misdirection by Marlon Jones

Mission 405 by S.E. Dryden

Mitts by Peter D. Fraser

Monster Hunters by Steve Whalls

Monster World by Pat Carey & Wyatt Carey

Movienet by Doug Kissock

My College Essay by Mary Krell-Oishi

My Crazy Catholic Family by Nicole J. Barrett

My Intergalactic Field Trip by Adam Towne

Naughty vs Nice by Kyle W Bergersen

Norman The Conqueror by Deanna Dewey

Not For Sale by Sarelyn Radecke

Not Your Parents' Parade by Philip Suraci

Olivia and the Mystery by William B. Keller

Once Upon His Shoe by Pamela Kay

On The Track of Unknown Animals and Other Curiosities by Rick Mitchell & Matt Quinn

Operation: Paintball by Todd Portugal

Over The Hump by Ross Buckley

Paradise: Gideon's Lamp by David Outten

Parents Out of Control by Jamee Decio

Planet Goop by Stephanie Tsukada

Pointy Eared Freak by Kristen Hansen Brakeman

Prince by Jim Stramler

Ready Set Fly by Rebecca Williams Spindler

Red Racer by  Rusty Waldman

Reindeer Park by Stan Himes

Rescue Dog by Madeleine Holly-Rosing

Rex by Adam Slutsky & Mark Rogers

Rocket & Flutter by Duane Piedmont

Rock 'N' Roll Termites by Lawrence Lamovec

Rodeo! A Bull's Story by Olivia Briggs

Running Forever by Michele Olson

Santa's Last Ride by Charlie Barnett

Saving Christmas by Bob Shayne & William Schmidt

Saving Independence by Mary Spiers

Secret Agent Mom (S.A.M.) by Beth Szyperski

Signs of Warning by Taylor Albertson

Skweaky The Email Bunny by Colin Holmes

Skyburner by David E. Baugnon

Slumber by Becky Head

Son of Man by Richard Keehn

Stone Woman by Veronica Tabares

Super Charlie, Sleepwalking Hero by Pat Carey

Surfdog by Cynthia Black

Tales From An American Family by Daryl K. Middlebrook

Target Julia by David B. Carren & David Rice

The Accent by Neil Chase, Mustafa Al-Mosawi & David Heacock

The Adventure Brothers by Michael Willis

The Adventures of Ali Baba by Victor Dobbins

The Adventures of Wonder Rabbit by Robert S. Apetagon

The Big Stink by Bonnie Robinson & Royce Mattice

The Color of the Puck by Mark Golik

The Concert by Steven Prowse

The Fieldman's Daughter by Joseph E. Miller & Laura L. Garcia

The Fox & The Loon by David Bennett Carren

The Ice Maiden by Peter Martin Nicholson

The Incredible Journeys of Supernova Jones by Aaron Senser

The Jollicote by David H. Luz

The Last Apeman by Tom Coash

The Last Drop by A.D. Smith

The Marsh Wolf by Daniel S. Duvall

The Melting by Caroline Coxon

The Memory Palace by Justine Gunn

The Moonsters Crew and the Moon Throne by Daryl D. Well

The Mythfitz by Nicholas Julius

The Navigator by Carey Mark Watkins

The New Star Fighters by Daniel Bridges

The Parable of Motown by Christopher Sansone

The Phantom's Gold by Eric Murphy

The Pimpernel by Doug Kissock

The Pirate Handbook by Adam Slutsky

The Replacement Elves by Michael Grimm

The Search for Islandia by Sharon Baker

The Steps of Coronado by Craig Clyde

The Super Fantastic Plastic Spoon Platoon by Matt Norman

The Treasure Galleons by Tammy Gross

This Little Light of Mine by Benson McGrath

This Old Man by Nicholas Oktaras

Three by Mark Hudelson

Training Wheels by Jay Arnold & Mark Landry

Under a Blue Moon by Carol A. Sabik-Jaffe

Victor, The Wild Child of Aveyron - The Musical! by Mark Moody

Wearing the C by Selby Coffin

White Water Rescue by Harold L. Brown

Wild Angel by Rick Ferreira and The Good Guys

Wings of the Morning by C.S. Boddie

Wolf in the Wardrobe by Joseph Kisch

Wonderfully Extraordinary and Excitingly Strange by Forrest Naylor

World Cup Mouse by Richard Seidman

Zak Corbin and the Master of Machines by Tony Russo

Zen and the Way of the Space Dog by Glenn Magas

Zippy Chippy by Dave Latham

ZOiNK by Drake Shannon & Cade Carradine

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