2014 ScreenCraft Action & Thriller Script Contest Quarter-Finalists Announced!

by ScreenCraft on November 3, 2014

Listed below are the quarter-finalists of the 2014 ScreenCraft Action/Thriller Script Contest, selected by our readers and judges. The slate reflects a diverse pool of well-crafted screenplays.  Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting.  Stay tuned for the semi-finalists announcement here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages!


4 Corners by David Morring

Accelerator by Rick Hester

After California by MaGee Fallon & Joe Perruccio

Agrarian by Debra Higgins, Star Young-Dettro and Lori Bonfitto

Amelia Earhart's China Adventure by Bob Shayne & Douglas Brode & Ric Meyers

Andy And Chaz Destroy America by Richard Keith

A Rat In The Desert by Chris Rakotomamonjy

Armonia by Mark Francisco & Steven Mondelli

Avon Calling! by Hayley Camille and Clayton Smith

Baja' 62 by Simon Nagel

Barrel Fish by Jon Hueber

Basic PsΨche by James Tucker

Been Down With The Devil by Max Perry and Nick Von Keller

Berzerker by Chris Colao

Better Days by Kingston Medland

Birth Control by Erica Warnock

Black Ice Below by Peter Fraser

Blind Spot by Graham Parke

Blockworld by Jeff Haber (story by David Capurso and Jeff Haber)

Blood Creek by Kyle Francis

Bloodlines by Christopher Robertsson

Blood On The Snow by Niall Cassin

Blood Orange by Bob Bollinger (story by Bob Bollinger and Jeremy Eisener)

Blowback by Greg Smith

Bomb Squad by C.J. Harrison

Born To Kill by Justin Villiers

Bound by Tracey Keefer

Brotherhood by Joel Morgan

Chasing Dakota by Paul Littell

Children Of The Sun by Ryan Gavan

Chopper Cowboys by Jeff Peters

Claus by Rafael Friedan

Cold Space by Rick Briggs

Control by Ryan Toyama & JP Ouellette

Counteragent by Sean M. Wathen

Counter-Attack by Robert Bridge

Crown Of Thorns by Mugs Cahill

Daedalus by Gareth Peevers

Dangerous Ties by Desmond Hew

Darkness Knows The Night by Michelle Muldoon

Days Of Ignorance by M. Husnu Ozkurt

Dead In Essex by Louise Pennington

Death O'Clock by Javier Pascual & David Alonso

Death Road by Jason Palmatier & Dennis Fallon

Debrief by Laura Durkay

Deployable by Ben Powell

Dogbite by Paul Holbrook

Dogs of War by Timothy O'Rawe and Cathleen O'Rawe

Do No Evil by Donald Haynes

Dragon Hunter by Ma Heng Chi

Dreadnaught by Ewald Lammerding

Drone America by Dianna Zimmerman & Brad Jost

D.T. by Ken Comer

Duty Of Loyalty by Scott M. Harkless & David W. Strom

Emergence by Rob Stith

Escape From Sudan by Antoine Tardif

Every Evil Thing by Paul W. Cooper

Extradition by  Michael Caggiano

FailSafe by D.L.P. Hilborn

Farmer+America by Casey Phillips & Trent Edwards by Karl Mather

Final Exam by Keyvon Pierre

Forged by Kenlon Clark & William Rubio

Fort Knox by Ryan Chong

From The Noise Of Men by Larry V. Santana

Galway's Chattel by Dave Schmeling & David A. Pasquarelli

Game Drive by Shane Weisfeld

Game Theory by Julian Unthank

Getaway Driver by Christopher A. Mosley

Godspeed by Simon Sorrells & Casey Nelson

Golden Years by Timothy O'Rawe and Cathleen O'Rawe

Grace's War by Harv Zimmel

Grand & Humble by Brent Hartinger

Guilt by Kamal S. Prasad

Gunnar by Ken Miyamoto

Hack by Max Cohen

Heart Rate by Alan Barkley

Helios by Mark Stasenko

Hero Island by George Covic

Holding Cell by Alan Barkley

Honey Trap by Stephen Leach

Hunter by Robert S. Apetagon

Ian Simon Teal by Georges Simon Salo

In A Flash by Kate Cheevers

International Waters by Stephen Gill

Intrepid by Ben Warner

Iron Phoenix by Matt Sharp

Jack Up by Craig R. Boone

Jagged Winter by Danishka Esterhazy

Jerusalem 70 A.D. by Dinesh Singh Sandhu Delon

Kill by Rodger Griffiths

Killcount by Tom Omokaro

Killer App by Michael Simon

Killers Anonymous by J. Holtham

Kyodai by Jonathan Ospa

Latter-Day Shakedown by Scott Robert Waldvogel (story by Scott Robert Waldvogel & Matt DeMartini)

Light Of The Moon by Jeremy Kirk

Like A Good Neighbor by George Patrick Hernandez

Lost Son by Zach Zorba Grashin

Lucidity by Michelle Steffes & Timothy Lundgren

Mercenary by Galen Tong

Mercy by Carrie Wachob

Milagro by B.G. Erengil

Minders by Matt Eskandari

Nathan Riley, The Boy Next Door by Jayson Amoroso

Negotiated by Richard Anthony Dunford

Nemesis by Kranti Pally

New Breed by Alex Bram, Christina Eliason and John Palisano

No Loose Ends by Leo Li

Northern Lights by Barry Van Dyke

No Time To Kill by Emmanuel Oberg

OliViA by Elizabeth J. Musgrave

P-51D Mustang by Gordon Phipps

Pangaea by Maria Hovenden

Penance by David Linke & Kevin Linke

Perfect Betrayal by Robert Broad

Pirates At Lat 10 by Shea E. Butler & Ken Miller

Polaris by Paul Mortsolf

Predators: Hunter's Moon by Mike Wilson

Ranger Creed by Travis Opgenorth

Red Star Rising by Patrick Byrne

Revenge Is A Bitch by Trevor Hollen

Ricochet by Tim Earnheart

Riverside by Sean M. Wathen

Road Hog by Dan Hart

Ruby Diamond City by Tim Hewitt

Sardis The Merciful by Christian Thomas

Saturday Night Special by Corey Azevedo

Sawbuck by Mark Strauss

Savannah Rose by Valerie Delana

Screwjob by Patrick Steele

Sea Wolves by William L. Bradley

Setting Square by Neil Chase

Seventh Sister by Cheryl Miller

Shelter by Matthew Hirons

Shift by Jim Jackson

Sibling Rivalry by Ehren Hotchkiss & Brian Hotchkiss

Silverblood: Dawn of The Wolf by Fiore DeRosa and Samantha Talbot

Silver Soldier by Lee McDonald

Simulacra by Jonathan Barger

Singularity by George D. Obermiller

Smartphone by Scott J. Thompson

Smoke by K.E. Pragnell

Smoke On by Carmella Cardina

Soldier Of Missed Fortune by Georges Simon Salo

Sole Pursuit by Jason Siner

Someone Is Here by William B. Keller

Soul by Anthony Giambusso

Standing Room by Guy Bolling

Stendec by Janice Hallett

Stone Woman by Veronica Tabares

Storm Dragons by Leonardo Reis

Stranded by David Hogan & Frank D'Angeli

Submission by Bruce Rose

SuperHero Of The Year by James M. De Vince

Take It In Blood by Scott Thomas

Taking Tomorrow by Nick Shepherd & Toni Wynne

Tarantula by Banning K. Lary

Targets by J. Holtham

Tears Of Wrath by J.R. Jarrod

Tech And Stryker by Odin Ozdil

Tell Me A Secret by Keith Dinielli

The Adventures Of Wonder Rabbit by Robert S. Apetagon

The Alpha Transmission by Craig Clyde

The Ancient Gridiron by Don Alexander

The Ashes Of Zion by Dominic Morgan

The Aviatrix (Pancho Barnes) by Stephen Kelly

The Bloody Shepherd by Colleen McGarr

The Brand Of The Beast by Alain Soussokho

The Bunker by Dena McKinnon

The Creed by Chas Fisher (story by Chas Fisher & Khrob Edmonds)

The Crooked Cross by Wendy Appelbaum and Alanna Gisele Lewis

The Dead Ringer by Suzanne Lutas

The Delivery Driver by David Cole Saugey

The Devil, A Rebel, A Fool by Clay Fusco

The Devil At Rest by John Kiefer Radzniak

The Dirty Carries by Robert Artigo

The Enemy Within by Ken Miyamoto

The Get by Mugs Cahill and Justine Schmidt

The Gold Watch by Stephen Evans

The Good Citizen by Michael Natale

The Grow by Mark Cerulli

The Healing Center by Biljana Slavkovic

The Heat by Malibo Jackk

The Incident by John Perry Dancoe

The Interrogation Of Ike Tully by Philip C. Sedgwick

The Interview by Julie Pedersen

The Jade Taotie by Michele Hogan

The Jaguar's Fang by Mikko Tormala

The Kestrel Incident by Philip C. Sedgwic

The Last Days Of Twilight by Kingston Medland

The Looking Glass by Richard Allan Stone & Robert Arthur Stone

The Medicine Cabinet by Michael Simon

The Milagro Files by Michael Feely

The Monument Shield by Bill Lanisek

The Narrows by Aaron Steven (story by Aaron Steven and Aaron Walker)

The Night Witches by Steven Prowse

The Powers That Be by Steve Spatucci

There Is A Season by Stuart A. Creque

The Rescue by Alan Delarosa

The Right Hand Man by Darrell Costa

The Shadow Cast by Oliver Waite

The Shadow Of Lost Fortune by Scott Robert Waldvogel (story by Scott Robert Waldvogel & Matt DeMartini)

The Shepherd by E.B. Rhee

The Shepherds by Sean M. Wathen

The Spyglass Account by John Churchill & E.J. Churchill

The Star In The East by John Adcox

The Third Bomb by Phillip Parker

The TransMutant by Malcolm Wong

The Tribe by Nathan Watkin

The Troublemaker by Stefan Carow

The Valedictorian by Kathaleen Brewer

The Wolf Den by David Allensworth

Time Out by Dale Trujillo

Tinderbox by Nicole Mouawad

Touchdown Terror by Trevor Forbis

Trap by Craig Berger

Two Men (The Runaway Autopilot) by Martin Kaynan and Vivian West

Under My Skin by Jonathan Macpherson

Under The Borrachero Tree by Scott Robert Waldvogel (story by Scott Robert Waldvogel & Matt DeMartini)

Valor by Drake Shannon (story by Drake Shannon & Cade Carradine)

Vegas, Baby by Ann Clark & Jeffrey Hilton

Vengeance by Taylor Albertson

Violence Of Action by Justin Servino & Michael Springer

Voyeur by Ben Robertson and Nadia Robertson

Vultures N' Doves by Lawrence Lamovec

Waves Of Regret by Ken Floyd

Westgate by James Leighton

Wrath Of An Eagle by Bruno Borello


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