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Fall 2021 ScreenCraft Virtual Pitch Semifinalists

by ScreenCraft on October 20, 2021

Listed below are the Semifinalists of the Fall 2021 ScreenCraft Virtual Pitch. These exceptional pitches were selected from almost 900 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting!

Stay tuned for the Finalist announcement on November 3rd here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the Semifinalists:

21st Century (Digital Grrrl) Matt Perez
A Night at The Auclair Jacob Hamilton
Arbor Lakes Jasmine Coe
Auto Sam Daisley
Big Mobile Asha Bynum
Big People Make me Small Tanmaya Shekhar
Black Waters Kate Imy
Boomers Candice Caccioppi & Staci Caccioppi
Bright Boy Bryson Jenkins
Broken Things Daniel Klissmman
Colton Pierce Megan Higginbotham
Fakers  Rick Williams
Family Men Michael Elliott
Family Unit Shannon TL Kearns 
Floaties Jake Arky
Food & Drink Karen Wall
Foolish Nature Gerald Chong
Head-On Bobby Rafferty Larry Portzline
Henchman Aaron W. Bennett & Vanessa Leigh
High Seas Kylie Eaton
Holistic Admissions Laurie McKinsey
Horse Gurlz Kelly Russo
Hot Toddy Scott Cox
I am No Witch Libby Tarquinio
Inconceivable Apryle Thornburg
Involuntary Jaime Kawamoto
It's All About Sex Maureen Martin
Jack 'N Lee Larry Portzline
Killjoys - Elevator Pitch Kylie Hogrefe
Knock On Wood George Kellis
Lothario Ciara Sillman
Love in the Time of Conflict Alexander Sikarevich 
Mansplaino  Dava Whisenant & Steve Young
Marley's Chains Brian Gene White
Marlowe David Ransil
Maze Tosh Cameron
Meatless Adam Pasen
Mergays Tommy Garcia
Merry Christmas From Pittsville  Elizabeth McKenzie
Mia & The Skeletons' Night From Hell Ryan Maples
Missing Ava Alison Townson
Modern Arcana  Ivan Beste
Mona Lisa's Day-Off Julian Branston
Mourning Glory  Katie Frorer
Phenomena  Farook Qais
Pitch: Camouflage and Lipstick Lawrence Daly
Radar Raymon Rojas
Realfake  Mike Sheriff
Repair the Carrows  Johnny Cruz
Reputation William Dobson
Request Denied William Costanza
Room 099 Sarah Mokh
Sadlanders Charlie B Foster
Scare Actors Maddy "Gos" Goshorns
Searching For Yoo Marissa Lichwick
Self Care Mindy Furano
She's All Chat Jeremiah Murphy
Shining City Arthur Veenema, Jared Ruga
Shrink Proof Stephen Potts
Society of Strays  Christopher Chou Slomiak
Spaced Out Kalpana Pot
Spirits Austen Yasar Lavery
Squat Squad  Sonja Pacho, Bernie Brogden, Stephanie Parker & Tommie Turner
Squids Carolina Bonetti
Steam João Dall'Stella
Stop Following Your Heart Itai Gal
Sugar Joshua Maheu
Summer Crush: The Musical Sara Dinga
Sumo Eli Johnson
Super Girlfriend  Allyson Morgan
Superwife Seda Anbarci
Sure-Fire Michael Goldburg, Dave Chan & Steve Wisniewski
Surface Tension  Shane Walsh-Smith
Synergy Elsa Lynch
Tactile Thavary Krouch
Tales from the Woods Nick Cardiff & Riccardo Berdini
Tallahassee Daphnie Bercher
Tamika Julian Gunder
The Ballad of Icarus 2000 B.A.B Antwand Pearman
The Dark Prophecy Allison Bartels
The Formative Sins Madeline Jade (MJ) Prins
The Inseparables Max Tachis
The Kingdom on the Bayou Jace Austin
The Last Boyar Tali Alexander
The List Graeme Archibald
The Man Doctrine Pitch Christopher Prince
The Mountains Are Calling Eva Bennett
The Prode of The Tigress  Janna Jilnina
The Real Dance Moms Of Hackensack Craig Donnelly
The Waitresses Cindi Marshall Oakey
Thirstygirl Alexandra Qin
Transitions Joan B Butler
Triggers Rich Figel
Twin Destinies Lynne Hurdle-Price
Unholy Melissa Rosa
Victory and Defeat in the Truly Epic Wars of Phandor, Greenhill Meadows Park Jonny Pottins
Wampus Cat Jessica Wei
Will Candace Jackson
Winds of the West Josh Steinberg
Wingmom Pilot  Kelly Shanley

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