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2021 ScreenCraft Summit Virtual Pitch Semifinalists

by ScreenCraft on March 10, 2021

Listed below are the 100 Semifinalists of the 2021 ScreenCraft Summit Virtual Pitch. These exceptional screenplays were selected from almost 1,500 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting!

The finalists will have the unique opportunity to pitch directly to a panel of A-list Hollywood professionals at the 2021 ScreenCraft Writers' Summit Virtual online event scheduled from April 9th - 11th.

Stay tuned for the Finalist announcement on March 31st here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the Top 100 Semifinalists:

"Attachment Issues" John Kessler
"Closet Case"  Jason Myles
Alice, Everywhere  Minda Wei
Among Us Matt Brown
Attention, Please! Erin Hazlehurst
Beauty & the Beast Elizabeth Temple
Black Comedy  Matt Foss & James Dickerson
Bluebird Day Amanda Freas & Gordon Freas
Bolt from the Blue Jack Martin
Boycott jeff mustard
Breathe Eileen Hornback
Bright Angel Wells Scott
Broken Glass Emma Schulman
Charcoal Manivone Nonthaveth
Cloistered M. Rowan Meyer
Coma Dreams Ernesto Machina
Copy Cat Millie Holten
Crossover Mark Renshaw
Dylan, the boy who lived Maria Filip
Ecstasy Grant Taylor
Everything Now Connor Pearce
Exile Jeff Mustard
Exit 153 Kirti Schoener
F*ck We Killed Meryl Ariel Relaford & Jessica Kane
Family Blood  Eric Giancola
Fancy Rat Tanmaya Shekhar
Fanon to Canon Nicole Beck & Robin Blanchard
Fool Etan Muskat
Fragrance Tanmaya Shekhar
Gay People Rachel Relman & George Elrod
Gone by Daybreak Ciaran Dimmick
Gook, Geek Or Gangster, Asians in American Film  David Lee
Grace  Lindsay Kent
Gransassin Vanessa Leigh & Aaron Bennett
Henry Wallace Michael Long
How to Kill Yourself Like the Ultimate Badass* *and maybe fall in love along the way Kyle Little
Ignitable Intentions Jamila Jackson
Impunity Josephine Lundström
Last Bash Meghan Brown & Krista Knight
Letters of the Relinquished Michael Castaldo
Liberty Sarah Lawrence
Little Kills Saint Allen Austin
Looking for Janis Kate Kelsen
Mad & Frank Cody Mauro
Major Hacker's War Steve Blame
Mardi Gras Mafia Elizabeth Temple
Miss Muffet Maria Krovatin
Mount Hope Jennifer Dowd & Christopher Dowd
My Own Mother Cursed Me Chima Nsoedo
On-The-Roof Gang Matt Zullo
One Way John Thompson
Pitch - The Game of Their Lives Brian Mulligan
Pitch for Sons of Treason Sheila Rinear
Pitch: Camouflage and Lipstick Lawrence Daly
Planet Zarmah Austin Bolton
Privilege Oliver Silver
Puppet Doctor Jeffrey Mondoro & Spencer Lott
Purgatory 350 Word Pitch Aimée Kwan
Quantum Pizza Pitch Zayna Quader
Racket Adam Sleper
Rooms Of Experience Steffany Sommers
Scoopville Pitch Leah Bognanni
Shrink Retreat Sarah Mack & Josh Price
Single Person  Matt Foss
Smoke Follows Beauty Chantal Peterson
Solara Grant Bramlett & Julie Lomax
Someone With Nerve Noah Keeling
Soucouyant Teneille Newallo
Souvenir Sebastian Duran
Spirits Austen Yasar Lavery
Still Perfect Michael Fitzer & Karen Partin-Wells
Sunday Guy Joleene DesRosiers
Surviving Love Danny O'Dea
Sweet Valley Spy  Sierra Hall
Tacit Agreements Trey Kwasny
Taking Back Wonderland Louise Douglas
Tandoori Apocalypse Barry Duffield 
The Aim of Education Karyn Peyton
The Bethlehem Midwife Mark Randall
The Charge Of Conception Island Abbott Dodson
The Complete Picture Rebecca Grace
The Dragon Team  Fritz Kalteis
The End of an Error Jocy Evans
The Isolated Phillip Carpenter & Austen Yasar Lavery
The Jovian Archives Chance Smith & Harold Jackson
The Last Priest  Brian Mulligan
The Other Half Stephaan Harris
The Slump Travis Kennedy
The Token Effect Nazli Sevinc
The Town Guard Millie Holten
The Violet Hour Nicole Beck & Robin Blanchard
The WASPs Virtual Pitch Albert Cook
This Is America  Lyric Fergusson
Three Sheets to the Wind Roblyn Williams & Steve Theroux
The Waiting Room Alex May
Wheels On The Bus Chelsea McEvoy
When We Were Mermaids Amy Bizzarri
Where Light Hides - Pitch Yvonne Paulin
William Sarah Wolf
Y2K Jack Martin & Michelle Hantman

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