2021 ScreenCraft Family Screenplay Competition Quarterfinalists

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Listed below are the Quarterfinalists of the 2021 ScreenCraft Family Screenplay Competition. These exceptional screenplays were selected from almost 1,000 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting!

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Here are the Quarterfinalists:

4th and 14 Michael Sokol
90 MILES Ihor Gowda
A Baker’s Sweet Tale Jessica Fallico & Kay Bell
A Christmas Miracle After All Wally Lane & Wash Phillips
A Work in Progress Joël Doty
Abby Warren & The Search For The Kelly Gold Millie Holten
Ada Jason Porath & Emily Rifkin
An Otter’s Tale Daniel MacMunn
Andrew and the Orange Blossom Cassandra Dickerson
Ari Vs. Raj Miriam Rahimi-Cholensky
Artie Filbert is Comin’ to Town! Ted Collins & David Mickel
Babel: Pilot Patty Carey
Bad Pussycat John Mahony
Ball Humbug! Michael McIlraith & Heather Wilk
Baseball Mom Candace Kearns
Be You Mirella Muffarotto 
Becoming Hillburns Joshua Laufer
Becoming Mrs. Klaus Annika Pampel & Jeffrey Decker
Beneath Storm Mountain Kara Jacobson
Betsy and the Emperor Staton Rabin
Big Little Victories Sarah Edge
Big Shirt Shaun Radecki
bOb Alberto Chumaceiro
Born to Pull Orso Vesperini & Toby Osborne
Buck and the Angel James C. Schlicker
Built By Hart Alison Bonn
By Fire and Water Jan Dalby 
Camellias at Christmas Heidi-Marie Ferren
Camp Grimwood Itai Lev
Caterpillarland  Roxanne Beck
Century Jason Fraley
Chaos in Paradise Jay Smith
Chasing Sunsets Tayo Talabi
Chasing Toots David Bosley
Chivalry George Alexanian
Chiye Kalvin Ogbuefi
Chocodogoholic Jill Dudley
Christmas in Maple Creek Rebecca Thoroughgood
Christmas Littles Suzanne Metzger-Haugh
Christmas Wars Amy Falkofske
Church(ed)  Leah Gibson
Cloud Of Witnesses William O’Leary & Vanessa Logan
Concordia Emanuele Daga & Marcela Cantu
Cookie Brenda LePage
Cowslip And The Intergalactic All-Time Journey Jared Neumark
Crash Site John Thibault
Creaptures Chad Aaron Keller
Daintree Runaway Sam Gibson
Dead Rich Aliaksandr Aniskavets
Deaf Blood Giulia Cardamone
Dear Santa, It’s Me Again Jennifer Phillips
Declaration  Victoria Keffer
Desperately Seeking Santa Elizabeth Weigandt
Destiny’s Road Kameishia Wooten
Dog Lady Jennifer Tebben
Doudou Thomas Guyot
Download Jason Hefter 
Dream Dancer Neringa Bryant
Dreamcatcher Shaun Radecki
Edge of the Rainbow Barbara West
Edith’s Magic Voice Andres Barrientos
Elbow Alex Ricciardi
Emily Has A Secret Greg Batiansila
Emma and the Impossible Jan Kimbrough
Family Trip Julia Dosik & David Schultz
Feed the Baby Renee Padmore
Finding Mayberry Jennifer Koon
Firebird Kathryn Machi
Firsts Oliver Warden
Flash Before the Bang Jevon Whetter
Fly Girl Philip Davi
For The Love of Popcorn Ken McCusker
Forced Journey Rosemary Zibart 
Foundlings Armelle Lajus
Four Strings Gregory Poppen
Fowl Road Matthew Flynn
Furred, Feathered, and Fanged Jennifer Ramsey
Ghost I.T. Eric Brown
Ginger Barbara Lettieri
Gospel Truth Heather Hughes
Gotcha Alex McDonald
Greg the Puddle Shaun Radecki
Gristle Heidi Hornbacher
Hail Mary, Full of Grace Sarah Wallin
Happily Never After Almas Haidery
Hebrew School’d Jessica Jacobs
Help From Above Jonathan Wax & Matthew Hoch
Ho’omau Kayla White
Holiday Getaway Christian Scott
Homing Schooled Andrew Hopps
Hopscotch (A Musical) Paul Cenzoprano
Hot Santa Elizabeth Dean
Hotshot Ella Wagner
How I Spent My Christmas Vacation Ken Lingo
I Am Cham-Cham Audra Wheeler
I’m Dreaming of a Perfect Christmas Laura Harbin
Incognito Maud Brizard
Indian Summer Madhu Powar Garg
Interloopers Unite! Elizabeth San Marco
Into The Dreamscape – Pilot Jay Kasten
Invisible Cynthia Riddle & Peter Hunziker
Irish Eyes Andrea O’Malley
Isle of Despair Margaret and Ben Silebi
Ivorywood James Hess
Jack Lori Ochsner & Michele Evans
Japanese for Baseball Ray Keller
Jonah of Gath-Hepher Tim Roberts
Jude and Aria around the World Barbara Lettieri & Daniel Shertz
Kayla Baker, Curse Breaker  Laurie K. Miller
Keepsake Connie O’Donahue
Knocked Offstride Robert Hamm
Let ‘er Buck Maren Curtis
Life As Egypt Khadija Diakite
Little Green Mend Linda Whitmore & Brian Menz
Little Sister Barbara Ward Thall
Living in Technicolour Imogen Dow
Love and Insurrection Ernestina Juarez
Mestengo Theresa Carey
Missy Understood: Professional Problem (Solver) Karen Lukesh
Model Home Barbara Sundstrom
Morning Star Gary Blackwood
Mummy Business Angelo Campos
Mustard Green Patrick McConnell
My Ex’s Xmas Wedding Molly Sullivan
My Secret Zoo John Parenteau
New York Times Robert Simon
Nick’s Fix Melissa Calderone
Ohana Christie Hayman
Old Folks Trevor Garner
One More Hit Brad Max
One of a Kind Kendall Myers
Opal Stephanie Palacino-Hernandez, Scott Porterfield & Rusty Watkins
Our Better Angels Steven Michael
Out of My Comfort Zone Ivy Vale & Rick Reil
Package of Dreams Bradley Look
Parental Consent Bart Baker
Paw Prints Guide My Dreams Julie Young
Perfect to a Tee Sharon Spaeder
Personnel and Confidential  Holly Hofmann
Pieces of Eight Bruce Leaf
Pirate World Michael Horwitz & Julia Nickerson
Pixylations Joe Laudati
Playground P.I. Elliot LeBoeuf
Princess UP! Tina Field Howe & Carolyn Meland
Professor Pepper’s Ghost Jon Miller
Puzzle Island Chaz Pruchnicki
Reading Christmas Piper Ozmer
Real Heroes Richard Hohenrath & Carolina Lovera
Rooks Sultan Santiago
Rooster Greg Kaufmann
Roy Rydell Johnny Arnold
Royal Paul Newcombe
Running Gun Mike Bencivenga
Santa Claus Lane Lynda Halligan
Santa Hood Claudia Johnson, Matt Stevens
Santa’s New Sleigh  Elizabeth Dean
Santa’s School for Santas Ben Gillman
Saving Ivy Loretta Caravette
Say Boo Francis Abbey
Second Place Jake and the Soda Pop Kid Stephen James
sELFie Elisa Eliot
Shade Nick Inglis
Skyjacked to a Starless World Adrian C Catarzi
Sled Race Kevin Jordan
Slow Moe Xan Wynne-Jones
Small Fryes Chad Aaron Keller
Solomon’s Train Troy Perkins
Song of The Dolphin Lise Pyles & Richard Scott
Space Homey William Maxwell
Special Treatment Colin Murphy
Spirit Box Rumi Oyama & Joseph Pham
Spirit Guide Matthew Gutierrez
Spun Eva Flamm
Star Sailor Matthew Katz
Starlight Hunter Cline
Strike it Rich Anthea Piscarik
Summer Crush: The Musical Sara (Dinga) Behl
Summer’s Demons Greg Scharpf
Super Nova Soma Helmi & Sam Boyer
Super Puppy Boy Marc Rosenzweig & Davey Jarrell
Sweet Valley Spy Sierra Hall
Teenage Villain in Love Laura Becker & Donnie Becker
The Adoption Linda Cattani Mark Schimmel
The Ark Teri Brown-Jackson
The Bla-Tinos Marco Martinez
The Blue Ball Jona Doug
The Bunnies Elizabeth Shew
The Buugs Enkhee Chuluun
The Christmas Coma Marta Reeder
The Christmas Eve Party Menelek Lumumba
The Christmas Notes Craig Clyde
The Colony Drina Connors Kay
The Curious Journeys of Samuel Mullins Katie Combs
The Elsewhere Gift Janice Leverett
The Fight Is On Keisha Jackson
The Flame Tree Judith Duncan
The Friends Who Raised Us Kayla Blaise
The Glassmaker Chaz Harris
The God Machine Michael J. Bowler
The Good Coach Scott Winfield Sublett
The Great Wingzini Shaun Radecki
The Half Life of Harry Figg Mark Wesley
The Hero Lori Ochsner
The Homecoming: a Christmas Story Teresa Burke
The Hunt for Summer Chelsea Perrotty Talbot
The Kidnapped Claus Conor Dwyer
The Knight Witch  Emily Shelton
The Last Ones C. D. ‘Pete’ Peterson
The Last Shootout of Calamity Jane Laura Morton
The Latchkey Kids Richard Martin
The Long Hard Night  Steve John Bennett
The Magic Coupon Book Stan Evans 
The Magnificent Vectors Barbara Lauria Moore
The Miracle Moment  Bryan Marvis & Brian Doyle
The Monarch Guild Jason Ancona
The Peculiar Predicaments of the Mississippi River Rats Rain Story
The Quarterback’s Christmas Julie Young
The Rainkeeper Sarah Brogren
The Secret of Boomer Lake Peter Schnell
The Skeleton Crew Evan Powers & Alex Brown
The Slimies Jeff Delaney
The Tinkerer’s Rose Julie Coles
The Ugly Crow Genna Masia
The Wishing Tree Astrina Patten
There’s An Alien In My Bathtub Randall (RW) Hahn
Tiny Dog, Giant Cat: The Olive and Appelflap Mysteries Joel Gelman
To Fly Debbie Castanha
Touch Point Wayne Christensen
Trick Jeffrey Ullman
True, Love Javid Rezai
Tsunami Stuart Creque
Undercover Elf Tony Binns
Unwanted House Guests Jennifer Phillips
Upstate Shanda Sawyer
Volos: First Appearances Trey Thompson
Vulcan Station Robert Mitchell
Wait for Me Hannah Bate Nelson
Wanted Duane Piedmont
We Are the Memories Eric Endres
Whalk Daniel Yonathan
What We Leave Behind David Duty
What’s Left of Us Joseph Hemsani
When in Rome Amy Amani
With a Little Luck Laura Becker
Y’All of Fame Christopher Cayen-Cyr
Year of the Ox North Saylor
Yes We’re Related Teaa Taylor
Young Will Carolyn Cameron
Zen + 2 Miranda Filippides 

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