2020 ScreenCraft Horror Competition Finalists

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Listed below are the Finalists of the 2020 ScreenCraft Horror Competition. These exceptional screenplays were selected from almost 2500 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting!

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Here are the Finalists:

“Attachment Issues” John Kessler
Abrigo Rhodri Wooltorton
Be Prepared Gregory Noel
Beast of Virginia Matthew Corley
Blood Revival Doug Knox
Corona Anne Marie
Dear Sleep Jessy Yang & Jakob Medina
Derivation Sara Vitale & Ellen Pillsbury
Fangs Malcolm Badewitz
Ghost Signs Jace Daniel
Grieving Vultures John Taylor
Guardian Jess Gupta
Haunting at 1600 Asabi Lee
Heinous Schuyler Brumley, John-Paul Panelli & Eva Gustavson
Hell Is An Open Door Jim Lopezzo
Horrorgate Tim O’Leary
How I Became a Vengeful, Psycho Killer Laura Becker
Insection Mark Keavney
Into the Reprise Matt Perez
Limp Benjamin Baraad
Locked Andrew Creme & Jeff Verge
Longwall SJ Davis
Molepeople Nathan Elston & Nicholas Pratt
Ocean Effect Heather Farlinger
Okeus George Bicknell & Randall Cropp
Paragone Travis Neufeld
Project VR Jennifer Concepcion
Púca Luke Wilson Hanley & Michael Hooley
Rage Don Roff
Renner Martin Medina
Reunion Devin Shepherd & Nora Unkel
Sexy Teen Squad: Undercover Monster Hunters Jon Bershad
Spawn of Kaitlin Aaron McCann
Tartan Army Neil McLarty
The Descending Patricia Harris Seeley & Peter Symons
The Gem Laddie Ryan Crisp
The Guardian Boise Esquerra
The Maulers Adam Dick
The Mold Jon Comulada
The Monsters Are Here Zach Roe
The Painter Patrick Westwater
The Red Death Kayla Zinger
The Severing Ash Lazer
They Live on Skid Row Daniel Hanna
Throwback Rachel Woolley
Toxic Phil Claydon & Hannah Brown
Wall of Sleep Stephanie Stanley
Where He Buried Me Joe Bousquin
Witches Bitches Colton David Coate
Your Donation is Greatly Appreciated James Yantko

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