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2020 ScreenCraft Comedy Contest Quarterfinalists

by ScreenCraft on June 3, 2020

Listed below are the Quarterfinalists of the 2020 ScreenCraft Comedy Contest. These exceptional screenplays were selected from almost 2,400 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting!

Stay tuned for future announcements here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages within the next few weeks! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the Quarterfinalists:

"The N-Bomb" Jerome Perzigian
(UN)CLAIMED Carolyn Ratteray
2079 Tiffani Joseph
25 Years! Monica Schimmer
50 x 50 Kelly Edwards
6 inches Julius Mendez
A Bed in Brooklyn Mya Baker
A Cartel Benjamin Lewis
A Chindian Romance AMRITA BAINES
A Gay Guide John Deal
A Good Man Alex Willemin
A Lady's Game Brent Delaney
A late Deferment Lilly Lion
A Tale of Two Santas Kirt Bozeman
A Tour of Tinseltown Leon Erbe
A Word from Our Sponsors Joshua Nicolás Prits
About-Face Katrina Deaton
Ace Jam Matt Manser
Acting Normal James Godfrey
Adam Undying Cameron Pfahler
Adult Acne Jade Tremblay
Adulting Jeremy Cohen, Catharine Daddario
Advanced Chemistry Alec Moore
Ah Girl Bryan Kelsey, Cameron Duroe
Ahistorical Thomas Butler
Alien To Love Kerwin McLaughlin
All The Ghosts Are Girls christine trageser
Altered Egos Navid Nobakht
American Ghostwriters Prashant Nashi
American Puppets Chandler Kilgore-Parshall
And No One Mourned Ky Rogers
Animals Can Talk Tommy Oler
Anxiety Is My Boyfriend Alexis Reliford
Anything and Everything Sarah King
Arise, Ser Hunchback David Snee
Arranged Mithra Alavi
As Burns This Saint Jake Baird
As Dead As it Gets Bruce Kalish, Mackenzie Kalish
Asian America Avery Lee
Aunt Margaret Julie Tortorici
Auntie Em (PILOT) Emily Bell
Autocomplete Oscar Madrid
Avery Carroll Is Not Dead Anne Junget
B.B. Amanda Verwey
Babytown Steph Garcia
Bad Romance Chad Wellinger
Balls and Strikes Ellen Adair, Chris Carfizzi
Banbury Manor Allie Jennings
Band of Others Arun Narayanan
Bank of Good Fortune Bailey Kobe
Bankers Sparky Truman
Bardown: The Billy Buchanan Story Justin Kueber
Beached Jaime Silverman
Bearings Amanda Herley
Bears and Ghosts Fredric Lehne
Beaten Senseless Kai Martin
Behind the Scenery Eric Bergemann
Being Brave Ambika Vas
Being Keisha Keisha Prince
BEST BITCH Rachel Hein
Best Christmas Never Bob Cousins
Best Laid Plans Kelly Anelons, Megan Anelons
BETTER LATE THAN NEVER Spot Kelly, Ben Hargrave
BIG STAR Melanie Holmes
BILLY FEZ Michi Broman
Blackout Andrew Heisel
Body Farm Karen Hendry
Body Parts Ryan Simantel
Bonspiel Allyson Simon
BOOMERS Candice Caccioppi, Staci Caccioppi
Bots and Bugs Danel Buchillon-Triff
Boys Kill Me Francesco Lucia
Breakfast Club Sumin Kim
Breaking The Fall Jonathan Guy
Bridal Party Taylor Chukwu
Bridesmen Kevin Revie
Broadway, Ohio Mary Ruth Clarke
Broken Up Mike Wills
Bronco Vanderbilt Jack Lovett
Brown Swan Asmita Paranjape
BTW, I'm An Alien J. L. Paxxiel
Bucket List Boy Daniel Davis
Buckin' Hell Erick Ziegler
Buenos Hombres Zack Schaffer
Bugaboo Morgan Milender
Bull Boy Ryan Ebert
Butlers Harris Markson, Devin Crittenden
California King Cool Eli Stern
Camouflage and Lipstick Lawrence Daly
Camp For Us Mara Shuster-Lefkowitz, Oscar Klausner
Camper and Yuko - My Summer Job Jake Ward
Captain Jack and the Kangaroos Joy Fox
Captain Midnight Jay Spenser
Catch Mo Moshaty
Cats in The Cradle John Graney
Charles Island Olivia Cohen
Charlotte and Branwell Andrew Stone, Meredith Levine
Chase Me Kyle Tiller
Chef's Unstable Benjamin Bell
Chivalry James Yantko
Chosenville Jessica Kane
Christmas Can't Wait Natalia Chown
Christmas Underdogs Eric Adams
CINDS & MILLA Billie Bates
Circle of Illumination Trisha DiFazio
Clay Adi Blotman
Climate Changed Alan Field
Clocked In Matt Harbert
Clover Gets Abducted Marta Reeder
Coach Mom Nicole Myrick
Code Natalia Salazar
Codependents Katie Benvenuto, Elie Choufany
Comedy School Jessica Moniere, Eric Keogh, Spencer Vierra-Tathen, Brandon Joojustie
Coming Everywhere You Are Brad Kofman
Commander Impeached Vince Carranza, Andrew Rau, Miles Rau
Con. State Madeline Cash
Confessions of a Former Teen Superhero Keith Hartman
Content Danny Harries
Cookie Crumbles Eliza Janssen
Copycat Ryan Anker
Correction, Fluid B. Wright
Crawdaddies Andrew Zeoli, Christian Wagner
Crazy or Stupid Hanna Safar
Crazy Train. A True Story? James McDonald
Cream Puff Lloyd Barnett
Crunch Miguel Barahona
Cuesta Verde Matt Flynn
Cult House Anthony Cruz
Cumspringa: The Inevitable Unravelling of a Tightly Wound Prude GRADY WOOD
Cupid James Yantko
Cupids Angelo Calarco, Nick Grills
Curveballs Suzanne Reed
Dark Christmas Skyler Gray
Dating Up Anne-Cecile Ville
David Cronenberg Lives Next Door Heather Baillie-Brown
Dead Cat Bounce Jack Caswell
Debbie Loves Dallas Jason Lee
Def Sheppard Alexandra Keister
Definitely Cursed Brennan Gilpatrick, Erin Walsh
Derblin Paranormal Ryan Manns, Jocelyn Manns
Destiny's Child Taylor Chukwu
Dick Allscock: Celebrity Chef Anthony Petito
Die Hard at Comicon Joel Buxton, Leonard Chan
Disasterpieces Steve George
DISCO DAZE Harrison Pierce
Distant Relatives Lou Wollin
DNA Heather Farlinger
Do Us Part Reed Arnold
Dollar Van Matt Baetz
Don't Panic Samantha Manning
Doors Nat Miles
Dorsett Dreams David Gray
Double Dating Kevin Walsh
Doublewide Dreams Robbie Daw, Tyler Steele
Drinking In Church Kieran Angelini
EELS james bray
Eight Dates & Nights Tom Hartig
Electra David Allyn
Elephant in the room Thomas Morris
Elle Courtney Gee
Empty Buffaloes Chris Aresco
End of the Line Rani DeMuth
Enjoy Your Stay Kevin Kilcommons
Everything's Fairground Jeremy Black
Evil Twin Alec Moore
Excellent Ell Orion, Pepper West
Exes and Ohs Isabella Vergun, Isobel Bradbury
Expats, Episode 1: The Price of Freedom Jerome Peck
Fake News Gerald Large
Fakers Tyler Smith, Issac Walsh
Family Valuers Paula Dixon
Fanta: The Max Keith Story Nick Cammilleri
Far Sighted Adeeba Noor
Fat Ghost Rich Camp
Fear No Evil Mia Farmer
Feckton Nation M.M. Kagan
Fed Up Sam Kimelman
Fever Derek Steiner
Finding Joey Leo Raudys
Finding the Reins Lyric Fergusson
Fire On Holy Mountain Daniel Grove
FIRST AND GWEN W.E. Richardson
First Bro Eliot Gerstel
Five Kingdoms Craig Koller
Five Years Later Arthur Veenema, Marta Reeder
Fix Daddy Thomas Gresham
Flaking Out Tessa Shaffer, Shane Shaffer
Flew It Adam Vaughn
Floating Wendy Moulton Tate
Florida Man Decides To Kill Guy Who Started The @FloridaMan Twitter Account Eric Landau
Fool's Gold Alexandra Shields
For Better or For Worse clara bijl
For the Culture Phylicia Pearl Mpasi
Fountain Of Youth Justin Palmer, Kathryn Cord
FRAT STAR Lauren Fields
Freddie Prinze Jr. Jake Duerden
Frown James Marios Ellinas
Fuck Face Stephen Padilla
Fucked! Anniken Gjelstad
Full Moon Over the Nudey Bar Daniel Bridges
G.O.M.A.D. Patrick McDaniel
Gay For Jesus Jason Laurits
Gay Fury Joel Mahr
GAYFELLAS Marc Edelstein
Get A Life Irina Prokhorenko
Get Happy Thomas Douglas Mann
Ghosted Timothy Edwards
Glitter Box: Dicking around at dawn (S1. Ep1) Jennifer Le Roux
God, I Need to Get Laid Brent Delaney
GOLDEN SHOWERS: The Search for the Presidential Pee Tape Joe Ayella
Good Enough Josh Sullivan
Good Hair Katie Nathan, Daniel Landroche
Good Vibrations Nathalie Ahmadzadeh
Goth Phase (formerly Oh My Goth) Kat Corbett
Graduate Assassin Barry Ambrose, Armand Kachigian
Grandeur Shaun Perry, Jay Perry
Gransassin Vanessa Leigh, Aaron Bennett
Greta Samantha Manning
Gulls Jeff Stern, Jay Farrell
GUNCLE WEEKEND Philip Hall, Erin Fredman
Half In / Half Out Eric Stroud, Rory Kulz
Happily Ever Anna R Blake Harrison
Happily, Ever After Andrea VanEerten
Happiness Therapy Ornella Ohayon
Hat Trick Janet Hyde
Heartless Jo Newman
Heavy Metal Heat Sam Hergott
Hebrew School'd Jessica Jacobs
Hell On Earth Gary Blake
Hemlock Justin Bregman
Her Excellency Guljan Toktogul
Here Come the Bastards Brian Otting
Hero(?) Carter Michael
Heroin and Dandelions Callum Fordyce
Holy Spirit Jordan Imbrey
Homestyle Hospitality Flynn Hams
HONEYMOON HIJACK Vanessa Every-Burns
Hot Girl Summer Michelle Askew
Hot Toddy Scott Cox
Hothouse Flower Heidi Hayward
How Heather Survived the Apocalypse Amanda Graham
How It Ends Dicot Alvarado
How Soon Is Now Vincent Venturella, Jack Guimon
How To Be A Good Citizen Allison Kilkenny
How To Be Dysfunctional After Divorce Erin Keefer
How to Cope After Spending 3 Years in Space Theresa Gunarso
How To Date A Stripper David Rorie
How We Got Laid karolyn Carnie
Human Resources Jason Horowitz
Hustlers Anonymous Peter Gazdag
I Am Afraid To Live In This House! Greg Smith
I Hate LeBron James Alan Johnson
I KILLED TOFU troy elliott
I LOVE MY DAD James Morosini
If Lost, Return To Tori Novie
Illegal Dorothy Nguyen
Imaginary Friends Jack Hutsey
Immigrants of Rainbow Heights Raza Mughal
Imposter Syndrome Emma Power
Infancy Edits J. Steven Madura
Influenced Charlotte Lobdell
Influencer Justin Feinstein
Inspector Bill -- Thank You For The Murder James Hannan
Institutionalized Clarissa Carson
Irreparable Damage Ken Molloy
JAANI Suhana Chander
Jack N' Jill Weekend Marco Amato
Jack, the Stripper, and the Mormon D. Hamblin
Jane Dough Peter Quinn
JavaGinas: The Competition Denisha Read
JIYAN Daniela Saioni, Mazdak Taebi
Jose & Guy Paul J Lucero
Jumpland Danny Homan
Junior Andrew Butcher
Just (Gay) Married Marc Breindel
Just Happy to Be Here Brian Farrey-Latz
Just Jamie Jennifer van Heeckeren
Just Listed Scott Butterfield
Just Potential Piyali Syam, Vick Krishna
Kansas, Anymore Heather Farlinger
KARMA Tommy Dugan
Killer Queen Noah Thomas Grossman
King of the Beasts Robin Madden
Koreatown Noah Kim
Lab Rats Jess Kim
Lady Parts Bonnie Gross
Laid Jon Saks
Le Dame In Rosa Leonardo Foti, Martin Donovan
Leakers Andrew Ford, Matt Moskovciak
Les Go! Catherine Vouvray
Let's Get It! Martyn Eaden
LET'S ROB MEL GIBSON Anthony Petito, Joe Petito
Letting Go Amaya Cervino
Ley People Tom McLean
Lifetime Achievement Cara Pomanti
Like At First Flight Jeff Justice
Living Out Live Barry Hite
Lucky Spanish Fools Joshua Bernard, Fernando Saballos
Mad & Frank Cody Mauro
Make A Marriage Great Again Henry Barrial, Greg Pitts
Making A Move Jessica Hilscher
Making Babies Sarah-Doe Osborne
Making it Work Ian Wittels
Male Delivery PAUL PENLEY
Mama Jama Joggers Stef Piermattei
MANCATION Jason Spangler
Marge's Alley Vincent Gumina
Mary and the Early M Shannon Ayers, Tia Ayers, Andrew Hallisey
Maternity Leave Marguerite Spellman
Mating Season Jon Aird
Max and Tony's Epic One-Night Stand Thomas Kivney
May December Misha Bledsoe
Me&Jezebel Lucinda Spurling
Meet Cute Ariel Bond
Men Are Dogs Jason Chan
Men with Feet Amy Bernstein
Mental Vacay Jamie Colboth-MacLeod
Mermaids of Media, Pennsylvania (Pilot) Carol Sabik-Jaffe
Merry Little Marketers Kate Bryce
Mid-Life Showdown Jack Robertson
Middle Age: "Village Idiot" (Pilot) Myles Hewette
Milbert's Tortoiseshell Erik Charbonneau
Mildred Wants to Die Anthony McMillan
Millie For President Shruti Saran
Million Reasons Aurora George
Missed Connections Zachary Griffin
Missus Softee Cinder Chou
Modern Kicks Andrew Dawson Smith
Mom Jordan Champagne
Mom Brain Elise Bhushan
Monsterville Danny Baram
Mother-In-Law Heather Brannon
Mr White Sathish Easwaralingam
Murder by #'s (Murder by Numbers) Eric Wang Schwager, Bill Mergner
My Cuz, The King Alessandro Garau
My Good Friend Ben Ian LaFont
My Monster David Carren
Mysterious Ways Rodney Gibbons
Natural Disaster Kendahl Landreth, Nicole Townsend
Ned Peter Ireland
Never Ever After Ryan Preston
Nice Briefs Navid Mehrjou
No Place Like Hutch Jake Farrago
NOBODY MOVE Relly Pemberton
Non-Profit Quinn Hatch
Not Safe For Work Ben Teys, Dane Pidgeon
Nudie Mag Kevin Dembinsky
Nutcrackers Chrissy Lessey
O'Shea's Taylor Fox
Oaksterdum Nemanja Colovic, Aleksandar Filimonovic
Ochampion Matthew Jinargyros
Off Camera Shalice Coutu
Ography Aaron Jay Rome
Olive's Alter Ego Anna Verbuk
Option Amber Lane
Oregon Decorative Rock Grant Davis
Our Grandparent's Deep Secret Andrew Williams
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Elizabeth Floyd
Over Qualified Erik Sternberger
OVER THE LINE Santino Morelli
Pablo Escobear and the Lost Girls of Neverland Christopher Hood
Painting With Dog Eliot Applestein
Parallel Proposals Andrea Zastrow
Paranormal P. D. Episode 1: (RE) Possessed Real Estate Jamie Marchetti
PENELOPE'S WAR Marc & Sunny Ellis
Persian Family jeremy yadegari
Persian in America Shari Vasseghi
Peyton Rachel Chapman
Physical Dylan Murphy
Pick Up Sidney Natalie Higdon
Pillburg Corey Hill
Plumeria Megan Wilcox-Free
Polite Caitlynn Richard
Popped Sam Rosati
Pops Jane Miller
Portcullis Eveline Powell
Possessive Ervin Anderson
POTUS Daniel Russell
Poultrygiest Jeff Shevlowitz
Presidents Day Eduardo Presa
Pride and Prep School Alexandra Calamari
Princess Royale Jonathan Rechter
Producing People Andrea Metz
Professional Dick Matthew Sylvester
Prom Night Samantha MacAdam
Proudly Made in Buffalo Erick Pausz
Publicity Stunt Kate McCreary
Publish or Perish David Liban
Punzel and Regrettal Lynn Petko
Puppet Strings nick wheelehon
Putz Angelo Camos
QUEEN WOMAN Vivien Jastrzebski
Quest Friends Forever Chris Iredale
Quinn Leary's Winter Break Carl MacLaren
Rabbi Zev Clayton Fox
Raghead Natassia Halabi
Rat Park Liz Thompson
Ready Set April Hilary Miller
Real Bitches of Alabama Salina White
REAL MEN James Holloway
Red Rover Kevin Hickey
Regal Pete Tellouche
Remember Love Alexandra Calamari
Renaissance Man Robert Tolz
Repossessed Brenton Babcock
Republic of Winneconne Lisa Franek
Retreat Nina Wanat
Reunion Sara Moris
Revelation Jacob S. Wydra
Reversing Around Corners Lee Maddox
Rewinder Arun Narayanan
Rideshare Mike Dee
Road to Bernal Guillermo Lozano Martínez
Rock + Roll (Anthology) Moutaz Jad
Rockaway - New Anna Bierhaus
Royal Inn Vinny Anand
Ruff Justice Leah Baxter
Runner Adrian McNair
S-Watch Joe Haar
Sasquatch Down Casey Cooper Johnson
Scare Me To Death Joe Borriello
Season of the Bean Justin Norman, Jacob Withers
Seeds Dan Acosta
Seldon Seen Peter R Feuchtwanger
Selfies Andrei Enache
Senior Trip Kelly Shaw
Series W Erin Conroy, Katie Novotny
Seven Devils Theodore James
Seville Paul A. Mendelson
Sexy Teen Squad: Undercover Monster Hunters Jon Bershad
Shamesgiving Landon Bradford
Shaq Frost Quinn Powers, John Lackmeyer
She's Electric Brandon Gale
Sheep-ish Nich Esposito
Shelter County Micah Taylor
Shitstorm Sandra Rosko
Shitty Fucking Advice Elissa Aron
Show People Josie Andrews
Shrinking Up Abby Schwartz
Silver Foxes Thomas Zambeck
Silver Wings Hanna Safar
Singh-Chan-Jones Sumit Singh
Site 106 Callum Campbell, Benjamin Green
Smart Puck Ryan Anker
So Much Dystopia Mark Zinski
Space Captain Smith John Palfery-smith, Bruce Hanson
Space Girl Liar Tony Faria
Spacewiched Isaac Smith
Sperm Burglars Frank Papsadore
Spotter Joshua Brine
Sprawled Out Connor Savage
Stalemates Daniel Van Nostrand
START WARS Nick Citton
STAY Janine DeMaria
Steve Maryanne Melloan Woods
Stoned Dead Bryan Jackson
Storied Cloisters Sacha Waters
Straight Up Alexia Verbeke
STRANDED Esmeralda J. Kendall
Strange Events in Crimson Grove Dino Sardella
Street Legal Timothy Lundgren
Stressline Patricia Harris Seeley
Strike Three Korey Hosch
Stuck Inside Christopher Seehase
Stuck-Up Scumbags of the 8th Grade: Illustrated Luke Johnson
Stupid Cupid Marena Domingo-Young
Success (As Seen by a Loser) Christopher Cayen-Cyr
Sucking Mangoes Naked Tad Israel Wojnicki, Amil Abraham Thomas
Suit Stuff Timothy Mason
Sumo Football Scott Jacobs
Superfake Mitchell Klebanoff
SuperHumans Harish Janardhanan
Surreal PolitiK Joshua Harris
Swan and Crow: The Tulum Machine Vera Neverkevich, Katherine Eyres
Synchronized Allie Jennings
Take Two RC Atchisson
Talents Max Lorne
Tamber Dawn Benjamin Lewis
Team Player Kris Crenwelge
That Damn Sinbad-Genie Movie Joe Schlegel
The #Mood Podcast Curtis Spiliotis
The 50th Shannon Ayers, Tia Ayers, Rebecca Ayers
The Administrators Damien Higginbotham
The Amazingly Spectacular Amelia Watson
The Andy Special Andy Kozel, Stephen Laddin
The Anklebiter Andy Jones
The Artificial Heart Henry Mason
The Bad Luck Buddies Nicholas Canchola
The Bad Yogis Dan Zailskas
The Bat Boy Ryan Dingus
The Bee Rhonda Deskins
The Betrothal Jacob Menke
The Big Balloon Brandon Menace
The Big Pig GB Hajim, Jeri Klein
The Boswell Show Zane McWilliams
The Change Naomi Sheridan
THE COMIC Shaun McConoughey
The Companion Christine Sneed, Michael Marcus
The Company I Keep Michael Perl
The Compound Heather Stiteler, Mikaela Shwer
The Culturists Miroslav Macala
The Darkest Hour Gothic Emporium Leanne Mangan
The Day We Tried to Live Sergio Padilla
The Deal Breaker Stacie Shellner
The Dependables Daniel Lauder
The Devil's Serve RAY CECIRE
The Diamond Exchange Timothy Ammendola, Steven Wear
The End is Nearish Rosario Pellerito
The Family Jewels Elizabeth Ditty
The Fish In The Elevator Liza Donnelly
The Flawed Man Stan Evans
The Flutist Justin Rubner
The Franchise James Grayford
The Freshmen Adam Karlson, Joe Hayes
The Golden Age Shaun McLaughlin, Tom Mason
The Golden Boy Alex LoSchiavo
The Happy Body Killer Jonathan Hurtado
The Healdsburg Home for the Terminally Sexy Pamela Weiss
The Heel Glen Brackenridge
The Heist is Right Anthony Giambusso, Nicholas Anthony
The Homie Sean Fine, Christopher Collins
The Huntleys Julia Ireland
THE ICE QUEEN Rachel Feldman
The Impostor Paul Maritato
The Inescapable Weirdness Allen Cordell
The Jesuit Jordan Guingao
The Juantabo Sisters pilot: Birthday Gift Candace Boulay
The Killers Andrew Snyder
The Last Lost Boy Mike Cochnar
The Latter Day Saints Alex LoSchiavo
The Lesbian Guide For Idiots Yolanda Buggs
The Locals Riley Helm
The Love Trials Theodore James
The Mafia Supermarket and the Outrageous Story of Revenge Gabriel Lugo
The Matriarchy Philip Atlakson
The Meaning of Wife Harmony Hasbrook
The Menacist Zoe Fraser, Chelsea Mcevoy
The Missile Richard Geiwitz
The Mistress Whisperer Jeanell Allen
The Mulligan Jerry Perez
The Murder Trust Jason Azziz
The Naked Man List Morgan Pepper
The Newcomers Stephanie Williams
The Next Town Over Brian Pack
The Official Visit Osahon Tongo
The One True Sport Philip Moynihan
The Optimist Club Julianne Hall
The People Pleaser Haley Melikian
The Pros and Cons of Dying James Roberts
The Race Barney Elliott, Conrado Falco Raez
The Rebound Christian Wolf, Chase Badgett
The Revisionist Christine Sneed, Michael Marcus
The Roller Clans Shaela Adams
The Root of Desire Mark Baldwin
The Royal Lou David Bright
The Run-Away Matt Scruggs
The Sherwood Forest Christian Wolf
The Shift Chloe Holmes
The Shrink Adi Blotman
The Smoke Out Lisa Doan
The Spacer 6 Alexandria Sinclair, Sara Detrik
The Spirit Of The Game Tom Goodall
The Thingee Casimir Nozkowski
The Toy Store Lashanda Willis
The Weasel Brianna Cohen
The Whole Shebang Asher O'Briant
The Wizard's Unpaid Intern Lindsay Gilman
The World's Largest Man Harrison Key, Mark Blanton
The Wreck of the DOPE AF Brandon Nelson
They Didn't See HIM Coming Jolanta Kissoon Young
Thrax! Hunter Patterson
Three Tonys Dale Keith Pitman
Thursdays with Earl Michael Maitland
Tier None Operator James Slavyanski
Time Pooper Brendan Boogie
Tom Hanks Hates Us Jay Elias, L.T. Verrastro
Travel Buddies Amanda Jaros
Trip Lee Matsumoto
Trip Deck Ethan Gunn
TRYING Mike Heller
Tutto Bene Marcela Cantú, Emanuele Daga
Twin Flame Adrienne Aiken
Twin Games Danny Schutta
Uncle Sean Liam McEneaney
Uncle Steamroller & Champion Rabbit Brian Kowalchuk
Under Act Nir Shelter
UNFINISHED Eric Giancola
Unperfect Match Ervin Anderson
Unrelated Moira Stevenson
Until You Don't Want Me Aiden Jordan
Unusual Education Dan Zailskas
US Inc. Joel Michalak
Value War Jack Logan
Vanity Road Tiziana Giammarino
Victoria Sucks Daniel Lobrace
Vintage Vic David Popkins
Viral Video Sean Kearney
Virgin For Sale Lena Murisier
Volleyball! Or the Many Misadventures of the Pirates of Northgate Alex Carroll, Cameron Martinez
VoyHer Evan Pitt-Payne
WABI-SABI Hana Zalzal
Waking Up Dead Tom Massmann
Water Cooler Nation Nancy Safavi
Watersheds & Tinfoil Hats Ryan Anker
Wee Wee Chris Rosser
Weekend at Bernie's III Craig Miller, Pete Johnson
Welcome to Jackson Noah Frank
West Pole Santa Kiz Mentor
What Are We Doing Here? Peter Baron, Ryan McMullen
What We Know Ashley Lenz
When Harry Took Hostages Gerald Lenton-Young
Where's Kate Keith Macri
WHITE BOYS Shari Sharpe
Who Killed Ricky Gervais? Riley Madincea
Why Didn't You Tell Me? Jade Shine
Willy's Jonathan Pichardo
Wing Night Saj Pothiawala
Winner Winner michael raymond
Winter In My Heart Adam Gaulke
Working Relationship Matt Warren, Aaron Nelson
Yes Chef peter Sreckovic
You Didn't Come to See My Band David Ballard
You'll Pay For This Nancy Safavi
Your Best You Corey Hill
Your Driver Is Here M.P. Andretti
Zombie University Paul Newton, Scott Chema

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