Announcing The 2019 ScreenCraft Pilot Launch Winners

By January 22, 2020Blog, Contests, Featured, Pilot Launch

We are excited to announce the winners of the 2019 ScreenCraft Pilot Launch TV Script Competition. Culled from roughly 2,500 submissions, Kinks by Rachel Feldman has been named the Drama winner, Trolls by Yuri & Vlad Baranovsky has been named the Comedy winner, and White Wash’d by Gloria Peña Olivares has been named the Web Series winner.

Kinks is about Dr. Erica Novak, an unconventional sex crimes profiler known for her uncanny instinct in tracking down predators. As a consultant to law enforcement, with a lion tamer’s fearlessness in confronting deviancy, will her gift for zeroing in on pathology fail her when she becomes personally involved with the son of an infamous criminal?

In Trolls, it’s 2014 and a pair of Russian American sisters are unwittingly drawn back to the country they fled to help create the Russian Trolls program. Their mission is to help their former country regain its lost glory, divide their enemies across the globe and maybe rig an election or two along the way. It’s not exactly how they thought their lives would turn out.

White Wash’d is a comedy/thriller about María, an ambitious 40-year-old Mexican immigrant in Canada, who, after losing her job as a cleaner, starts pursuing a new career: becoming white.

Lost in the Flood by Sean Collins-Smith has been named the Drama Runner-Up, while Fake Friends by Caitlin Harris & Moira O’Neil has been named the Comedy Runner-Up. The following projects have also received special mention:

Bastards Half Hour Erin Muroski
Elements One Hour Dustin Drye
Ghostrunner One Hour Jonathan Flicker
Mercy Toys One Hour Elena Perez
Rebel Arc One Hour warren kinney
Safe A$ Milk Half Hour Michael Lipschutz
Saint One Hour Luke Wilson Hanley & Michael Hooley
W.A.T.T.S. (We Are Taught To Survive) One Hour Manfred Moore
Your Best You Half Hour Corey Hill

In addition to the ScreenCraft team, this year’s jury was comprised of creative executives, coordinators and development heads at Sam Esmail Corp., Berlanti Productions, Walt Disney Television, NBC Universal Television and CBS Television, as well as a story consultant for NBC’s Writers on the Verge.

Grand prize winners Feldman, Peña Olivares, and The Baranovskys will receive cash prizes, consultations with the ScreenCraft team, and personal introductions via phone to top managers, agents and producers who specialize in drama and comedy TV development and production.

Congratulations to these winning writers and finalists, and thank you to our judges and to everyone who submitted projects; we read a number of remarkable pilots. If you are interested in reading any of these projects or connecting with the writers, please contact

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