2019 ScreenCraft Drama Screenplay Competition Finalists Announced

By November 20, 2019 No Comments

Listed below are the finalists of the 2019 ScreenCraft Drama Screenplay Competition, selected from over 1,000 submissions. We’re excited to be exploring this classic genre and to have received a slate of such compelling screenplays.

This year's jury is comprised of agents and managers from LBI Entertainment and Kaplan/Perrone as well as development executives from Fox Searchlight and Paramount Players. Stay tuned for the upcoming announcements of the grand prize winners here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages within the next few weeks!

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Here are the top 50 finalists:

A Suspect in Arms Selcen M. Onsan
A Tale of Two Cities Annie Phillips
American Venus Tatiana Seay-Reynolds
Angel of Rain Lawrence Kennon
Animal Milena Korolczuk
Avenue of The Giants Thomas Thonson
Bette Caitlin Scherer & Jessica Sherr
Better Angels Helen Darvall
Beyond the Seas Mike Spohr
Black River Marielle Brinda
Blood Law Keith and Cassie Hayasaka
Borderline Kenyetta Smith
Captain Science John Nugent
Carousel Brady Morell
Chó Jon Shaivitz
Faster Than Bullets Patrick Holden
Faster Than Horses Chris Mul & Michael Mul
Forget Me Not Samantha Brewers
Funny Accent Barbara Shulgasser-Parker
Girl Walks On Joseph Whaley & Ronda Barendse
Good Saint Binky Tom Batha
Halfway Lukas Hassel
Helldorado Billie Bates
Here Comes the Night Zach Vest
Hills of Gold Lia Wang
Instantly Gene Golus
Insurrection Simon Bowler
Into The Dark Randy Kornfield
Jasmine Lee Cipolla
Jenna Nathan Chitayat
Keepsakes Rich Orstad
Land of Blood Graham Leverton
Letters from the Blue Nicola Sersale &. Nick Calori
No Man's Land Elad Ziv
No Room at the Inn Sean Kirkpatrick
On The Boundary Sejal Pachisia
Punchbag Steven Snell
Put Out This Fire Sade Corneille
Requited Bill Johnston
Scuppernongs Lynne Ashe
Shoshanna Justin Olstein
Station Number Six Tim Sasaki
Stuck in the Mud Tyler Welch
The Brothers Darwin CL Russo
The Fight Inside Merridith Allen
The Master of Storms Demetra Pittman
The Sins of Our Mothers francesca nider
This Is How It Ends Melia Gabriel
Tungus Aaron Whitten
Untouchable Dhruv Kanungo

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