Announcing the Spring 2019 ScreenCraft Film Fund Semifinalists

By September 3, 2019Blog, Contests

The following projects have been shortlisted for the semifinalist round of consideration for the Spring 2019 ScreenCraft Film Fund backed by BondIt. Selected from over a thousand applications, the projects in contention are listed below.

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The Fall 2019 Film Fund is currently open for applications on this page here.

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Here are the semifinalists:


¡salsa! Antonina Kerguelen
4 Little Girls: Moving Portraits of American Civil Rights Kerri Edge
Addie & Addy Adenike Thomas
After Parkland, Healing a Community and a Nation Linda Corley
All the Children Martin Barshai
Alors On Danse Irene Ashu
Asking For It Rebecca Scott
Asking For It Yusra Khan
Beach Babe Cheryl Wong
Birth of a Queen Shaun Escayg
Blood On Black Leather Thomas Banuelos
Blurb Matt Schuman
Bone China Sophie Nash
Brick House Olivia Kuan
Bun in the Coven Sara Lohman
By Reason Of Clare Sladden
Call Me When You Get There Shawn Gerrard
Carousel Brady Morell
Charlie Horse Zack  Frizzell
Choj Siddesh Shetty
Coming Home Matia Karrell
Cracked Lin Que Ayoung
Crate Alex Pickering & Matthew Breault
Crescent Edward Worthy
Cuttlefish Alexandra Geller
Day of the White Rabbit Elizabeth Tabish & Janet Travis
DayDreaming Claudia Graf
De-Escalation Lillian Glass
Disco Acqua Santa Peter Spark
Dragonfly Julia Morizawa
Dream State Jolan Bastien
Dunked John Bickerstaff
dusso Erin Day
El Cadejo Blanco Justin Lerner
Fashion Reimagined becky hutner
Five Years North Chris Temple
Flying Bird’s Diary Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel
Hildie & Sonny Ryan Ward
Home Nir Shelter
Hood. Finn Mactaggart
House of Balls Kristina Thomas
How We Love/F*ck Lillian Isabella
Hyperbola Jason Ragosta
Illegally Brown Gabriela Lugo
Impersonal Jacquelyn Li
Inside Exile: Kathleen Neal Cleaver and her Black Panther Family Robin Hayes
It’s Me Anya Beyersdorf
Izzie and Yuo-Chen on a Date in Autumn Matt Ocks
Jane Lives Her Life Kelly Walker
Joppatown Hustle Michael Mirabella
Just Add Milk Sasha Cuneo
Kensington Kevin Curran
Land of Dry Bones Darrell  Lake
lapwing Laura Turner
Lemon Grove Chip Warren & Artie Gonzales
Lenny Kristen McNaule
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of a Higher Education Genesis Tolentino
Linoleum Colin West
London Chained Ulvrik  Kraft
Lost Cause Naomi Sheridan
Loulou Noelle Soulier
Loved By You Trisha Dotson
Luangwa Ashley Scott Davison
Lush Life Paula  Walker
Make Me The Tennessee Sasha Pasternak
Mande Pascui Rivas
Margo & Perry Becca Roth
Mater Mortis Rishi  Gandhi
Mid-Century Mike Stern
Monstrous April Rouveyrol
Mornings Celine Held & Logan George
No Dominion: The Ian Horvath Story Margaret Mullin
No Man’s Land Elad Ziv
Orphan Club Sebastian Lemke
Overdubbed Thom Smalley & Tess Marie Garneau
Pachuke Kendra Arimoto
Parkland Cheryl Horner McDonough
PB&J Tihemme Gagnon
Playing the Game Tyler Gooden
Pop Screen Meg Steedle 7 Zach Bandler
Potato Dreams of America Wes Hurley
Queer as Sketch Sam Macneil
Revelations of Divine Love Caroline Golum
Room Moms Nicole Kemper
Safer Stuff William Hemminger
Serenade’s End Timothy Hautekiet & Paul Neafcy
Shadow Players Mel Piper
Sheila E. Documentary Jennifer Steinman Sternin
Sold Out Susan Brightbill
Stupid Cupid Sarah Hunt & Yaroslav Altunin
The Chemical Factory Andrew Leung
The Children Of Concrete and Steel Christopher Derrick
The Chocolate Kandinsky Suzanne  Griffin
The Color of the Heart Tijuana Layne
The Game Ana Lazarevic
The Gray Hours Alyson Mead
The Killing Room Floor Kyle Andrews
The Lease of Nature Anderson Boyd
The Long Way Around Anne Pasquale
The Nine Month Mother Kelly  Ladd
The Peregrine Justin Giddings
The Perfect Victim Helen Bolter
The Pilbara Will Storr & Curtis Hill
The Rock of Ages Eron Sheean
The Scenesters Robbi Moolji & Hamid Assian
The Secret Headquarters Shaun McLaughlin
The Sweet Science Alec McKay
The Visit Jessica OKeefe
The Wolves Courtney Pape
Their Name is L Varta Torossian
To All Those Birds Of Time. Monde Gumede & Dan Nitescu
Tumbleweed Christopher Seehase
Two Yellow Lines Derek Bauer
Untitled Ady Barkan Documentary Amanda Roddy
Venus Andrew McGee
When The Desert Was Home Corey Deshon
Whoopsie Daisy Esther Caszo
Why Torture is Wrong, and the People Who Love Them Avi Bernard

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