Announcing the 2019 ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay Contest Quarterfinalists

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We’re excited to feature the scripts listed below that comprise the quarterfinalists of the 2019 ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay Contest. Horror is one of the proven genres for newcomers to the craft – and we’re always looking for talented new writers. Our Hollywood judges include Creative Executives, Managers, and filmmakers behind such horror films as Get Out, Paranormal Activity, Insidious, The Purge, Sinister, Us, Mandy, It Follows, The Butterfly Effect, Hereditary and Midsommar.

The winner of the concept category will receive an exclusive developmental mentoring prize package with Brittany Klesic of Monkeypaw Productions.

Stay tuned for the upcoming announcements of the semifinalists, finalists, and grand prize winner here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages within the next few weeks!

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Without further ado, here are the quarterfinalists:

Screenplay Category

100% Happy Jerome Velinsky
15 Saxby Avenue Daniel Hurst
66 Sycamore Matt McCarthy & Katherine Cox
A Bad Night In Talbot Tyler Jones
A Boy, A House, A Ghost Blake Hawk
A Few Acres of Snow Jonathan Hirsch
A Hagging or The Terror That Comes In The Night Jonathan Eagan
A Manifestation Anthony Piseno
A Necessary Shedding of Skin Travis Lemke
A Town Called Halloween Isaac Loewen
All Is Calm Matthew Beier
American Folklore: A Midwife’s Tale Erik Miguel Gervais
Animals Brad Everett
Appalachia Brian Otting
Appearances Bernie Rutkay
Ash Thomas Hunkin
Ask Christine Danielle Gershberg
Asylum Seekers William Booth
Babes in the Woods William Thompson
Bad Beth & Beyond Tyson Theroux
Bare Metal Jess Gupta
Begotten Eric LaRocca
Beware The Night Charles  Michael
Biterroot Matthew Kaler
Black Creek Trail Jaime Saginor
Black Mourning Briana Bougard
Blackpill Ben Johnson & Jolie Thevenot
Blackwood James McNiff
Bleed Daniel Morris
Blood Debt Jonathan Wickremasinghe-Kuhn
Blood Hound Katherine Botts
Blue Dreams Jonathan Samuel
Breach Matt Brothers
Brett For The Win Andrew Sanford
Brood 19 David Altman
Bunny Slope Nick Lentz
Burrowed Lonnie Nadler
By Your Name, Save Me James Marios Ellinas
Call On the Dark Anne Hartner
Candle Ellen Ireland
CarnEvil Steve Marra
Carve Arun Croll
Case Unsolved CJ Arellano
Channel 73 Christian Gridelli & Hunter Norris
Chemo Dreams Sam Kench
Cherry Jordan Prosser
Cold Shiver Casey Jones
Companion John Darbonne
Consumed Don Stroud
Copperhead Tim Tuchrello
Count Rushmore Aaron Holmgren
Coywolf Michael Levine
Crate Alex Pickering & Matthew Breault
Cravings Miles Robinson
Screscendo Valerian Zamel
Cro George Bradley
Damnation Joshua Tywater
Dare Rafael Diez
Dark Noise Christopher Poe & Jen Badasci
Darkspace Alex Sosin
Dead Air Sammy Franco
Dead Sea Jeffrey Miller
Dead Voices Jacob Young
Dear Marie Alex Forstenhausler
Debt Of Blood Ewan Fraser
Defend Their Own Kevin Nelson
Delia Amy Hutchins
Demoniac Rob Harmon
Demands Sean McGann
Demon Hunt Roun Tamaki
Demonic Will Robert DeDona & Adrian Carr
Denture Fangs Sonia Campbell
Derangement DANIEL MURTA
Devil’s Spring Francisco Zamudio
Diabolus Gus Avila
Disappearing Daniel Corrieri
Disquiet Matt Ronzani
Do Not Feed Saoirse Ní Chiaragáin
Dogcage Jake S. Weisman
Don’t Drink the Water Brian Troy
Don’t Fall Asleep Alana de Freitas
Doomway Stephen Polakiewicz
Downpour Alex Simon & Tom Holland
Drawing Dead Quentin Ellis
Eblis Tom Omokaro
Ellie’s Tale Rhonda R Deskins
Er’Pid Tristan Glade
Eternal Death Matt Hosseinzadeh
Evacuees Cat Moran
Extreme Horror Robert Zameroski
Fear the Knock Billy Reid
Fengdu Ghost City Ulvrik “Wolf” Kraft
Figment Kelly Luu & Kevin Luu
Final Girl Andrew Gray
Five Minutes Dead Ervin Anderson
Flagpole Ryan Curtin
Forever 27 Greg Hall
Form Mark Dowell & Dan Kerry
Fountain of You David Holmes
Fowl in a Cage Craig Draheim
Fresh Hell Dave Rock
From Here James Sweeney
Ghost Signs Jace Daniel
Ghosts of the South Courtney Miller
Gifts Josh Kaukl
Girl Trouble Devi Snively
Girls Start Rumors Tessa Whitehead
God of the Woods Kent Moran & Amy Berrian
God Wrest His Soul JT Seaton
Good Boy Luis Cuevas
Graham and Lucy’s Strange Hobby Miles Unsworth
Greener Erick Pausz
Grid Joshua Tywater
Grimoire Sammy Franco
Happy Hunting Ground Tom Ross
Hard Knocks Peter Sawyer
Haunting Brooke Greeling
Havenwood Jai Brandon
Hazel Randy Haycock
Heights Sarah Czuprynski
Hell is an Open Door Jim Lopezzo
Hellbound Strippers Elliot Campos
Hellion Rising Barry Duffield
Hero of the Good Land Logan Shaw
HG Forever Kim Spurlock
High School Horror Harrison Pierce
Holiday House john miles
Hombre Juan Pablo Arias Munoz
Howlr Jeremy Frazier
Hugh Jackman Stole My Husband Maisie Culver
Hunt the Devil Christopher Andersen
Hypefeast Sid Patwa
I Told You Not To Come Here Scotty Mullen
I’ll Follow You Into the Dark Michael Campbell
In Nomine Dei John Iadarola
In These Hills, In These Woods Jason Hawkins
Inheritance Dianna Craig
Inked n Blood Paul Corricelli
Intended Joe Vallese
Interim Avery Ward
Interrogating Ted Thomas Banuelos
Into the Trees Matt O’Connor
Inyanga: The Healer Bradley Katzen & Josh Ackerman
It Came From the Swamp Ryan LeBoeuf & Cody LeBoeuf
It Girl Schuyler Brumley
John 8:44 Noelle Figueroa
Junkyard Dan Riesser
Killer Body Bobby Sacher
Kimonos James Hu
Lampfox Trent Lombardo
Lapse Gabriel Rodriguez
Last Lights Alexander Torres
Lesions Stanley Ray
Let It Pass Leigh Hyser
Like Family Arran Shearing & Kit Redstone
Little Light Adam Hadley
Lizzie Pascal Cooper
Locksmiths James Kwon Lee
London Chained Ulvrik “Wolf” Kraft
Long Haul William Welles
Lost Pine David Sussin
Love to Watch You Bleed Borden Sisters
Low Life Jason Alvino
Lynch County George Bradley
Margot Thomas Douglas Mann
Mash Your Motor Daniel Fox
Microdon Rick Leifer
Mint Drew Guajardo
Miscreations Alan Loubeau
Mishipeshu David Bowes
Missing Andrew Mescher
Monger David Axe
Moss from a Dead Man’s Skull Aaron Brock Dehn
Muse in the Mazeum Clay Fusco & Pamela Chiacchiaro
Nail Biter Blake Horobin
Nancy’s Demon Mark Lebenon
Necropolis Dennis Clarke
Night Comes to Wolf Creek Andrew Mecham & Matthew Whedon
Night Creeps Michael DAmbrosio
No Escape Patrick Zelinski
No Man’s Land Barry Ambrose & Armand Kachigian
Nothing To Fear Chris Scott
Obscured Edward James Anderson
Ocean Effect (Today is Your Day) Heather Farlinger
Off the Chain Vince Courtney & Kelly Sims
One Passed Midnight Matthew Barry Ryan
Open House Sean Jourdan & John Ingle
Organelle Edward James Anderson
Out of the Box Robert Dorian
Parasitic Zac Loy
Periosteum Nelson Walters
Phases of the Moon Jay Reid
Pickett Gap Matthew Ray
Pieces Stephen Tronicek
Pieces of Me Julia Max
Plaquemines Alexander Salazar
Polar Christopher Kearney
Possessed To Kill Phil Lowe
Premenstrual Terror Fiona Westwell
Prisoners of a Dark Night Timothy Bryan
Project Pequod Jason Goldberg
Red Light Dempsey Tillman & Ted Dewberry
Remnants Owen Kelly & Albert Kelly
Repeater Robert Rhyne
Repression Minh Anh Vo Dinh
Returned Jennifer Grand
Revenge of the Amazon Peter Angritt
Ride-along Chris Mul & Michael Mul
Rise of the Gulon Matt Wildash
Rokoko Kirk Vanderbeek
Run Shane Isheev
S.O.S. Mark Cary
Scary Christmas Sean McPharlin
Season Of The Bitch Phil Mucci
Shadow Cody Pearce
She Jumped Daniel LoBrace
She Keeps Calling Justin Lee
Shifters Alexander Messana & Adam Messana
Sick Sylvia Alcala
Silhouette Lukas Hassel
Sinful Autonomy Miles Robinson
Sing Back at Sirens Max Nicholson
Sister Frankie Walter Orsini
Skeleton Crew Jeffrey Elefterion
Skin Lori Bowen
Skin Deep Eyal Alony
Skinwalker Joseph Lagoni
Snarlie Boy Dave Musolf
Something Not There Marc Rosenberg
Something Round Nikhail Asnani
Somniac Justin Sharp
Sons of Man D.C. Lozar
Sorceress Joel Donnan
Sorrow Justin Smith & Carrie Smith
Soul Custody Filomena Laforgia
Spectrum Jennifer Trudrung
Spirits Cliff Doug Senior
Starlight Peter Moffatt
Stitched Up Ronald McQueen
Strange Bird Andrew Mudge
Stung Dena McKinnon
Summers End Joshua Tonks
Sundown Town Zach Johnson
Sunshine State:  Duende Kai Thorup
Superimposed Chris Drzewiecki
Tarabull Esdras Romero
Temperance Julia Petrisor
Tender Zoe Vitale
The Abscess Patrick Tierney
The Bigwigs Joshua Henaman
The Black Paintings Michael Hooley & Luke Wilson Hanley
The Boy Graham Manson
The Bubble Brent Hartinger
The Burning Ulvrik “Wolf” Kraft
The Call of the Void Graham McNeill
The Carmichael Tower Bryan Watkins
The Children’s Book Writer Bruce Dundore
The Contest Matthew Franks
The Crowd Killer Troy Harwood
The Days Of Them Jarrod Saunders
The Deep Woods Eric Endres
The Devil’s Bite Ervin Anderson
The Devil’s Crown Jessica Valentine & Richard Valentine
The Devil’s Tramping Ground William Gilmore
The Dollmaker Catherine  Delaloye
The Fable of the Wounded Healer Rebecca de Fargues
The Fall of Usher GREGORY COHEN
The Fetch Bill Ellis
The Floating World Elias Almeda
The Followers Colin Dalvit & Andrew Lahmann
The Good Clown Daniel Lauder
The Home Jason Goldberg
The Hunger: A New Dawn Blair Mueller
The Hypnotist Ulvrik “Wolf” Kraft
The Jersey Devil Keith Elias
The Kill Room Sean Cunningham
The Last Cataclysm Michael Musumeci
The Long Weekend Michael James Dean
The Man in the Wood Alex Schor
The Mark Jonathan Maher
The Mothman Jackson Murray
The Night Shift Alexandra Boylan & John Graham
The Ones Who Stay Jef Burnham
The Outback Paul Chang
The Peak of Fear Kevin Bachar
The Pheasant Hunt Josh Taylor
The Pit Joseph Guerrieri
The Plague Doctor Ninon Schubert
The Prince of Earth Mike Robinson
The Progeny Bryan Holm
The Rabbit Hole Diamond Washington
The Rage of March Amanda Steen
The Rental Garry Lawrence
The Resident Mike Gerbino & Zahra Zubaidi
The Righteous Man Andrew Mescher
The Rookery Scott Baumgartner
The Secret At Chester Peak Elementary Luigi Sperduti
The Settler’s Disgrace Zed Martin & Thomas Joseph
The Something David Hudacek
The Supplicant Matthew Stedman
The Symbol Jami Tennille
The Thin Veil Michael Droberg & T.J. Alex
The Thousand-yard Stare Peter Gazdag
The Tipitiwitchet Brock LaBorde
The Tormented Chris Bolton
The Toyol Russell Southam & Brian Kazmarck
The Van Kevin Mosteller & Ashley Matheson
The Vanished Jeremy Vineyard
The Vassal Brendan Cassidy
The Villa Rosa Andy Kozel
The Vineyard Chris Santiago
THE Vodnik: The Lake Monster Vincent Thibault & Linda Niccol
The War on Christmas Kelly Flynn & Jason Lindner
The Wolf Romain Basset
The Wolf of Bedburg Jennifer Grand
The World Over Heath Michaels
The Wraith Orhan Sumen
Theory of Mind John Licata
They Come From Below Jared Kelly
They Keep Me Around Nikhail Asnani
Third Date Avishai Weinberger
Those Lead to Slaughter Travis Williams
Those Who Pass Through Max Kronick & Eliza Janssen
Thy Kingdom Come Tim Hewitt
To Fight the Evil Bill Morton
Tooth and Nail Justin Rettke
Totem Lorelei  Buckley
Toxic Phil Claydon & Hannah Brown
Troubled Child Renuka Singh
True Love Waits Sean Price
Trust and Obey Russell Ward
Tunstale mico montes
Underground Matt  Mosley
Unorthodox Judah Ray
Vanishing Place Daniel Olds
Varna Heights Raj Krishna
Venery Dan Benamor
Visions in Darkness Dan Benamor
Visitation Helen Gaughran
Walk Up Felicia Ho
We All Die At Sixteen Pierre Kakos
Wendigo Vinnie Hogan & Frank Kim
What If You Knew? Rolf Pfannerer
When the Sea Was Boiling Heywood Bess
Where I’m Kept Jacob Greenberg
Where the Heart Bleeds Mark Wooden
Who Goes There? Andrew Gayman
Winter Road Mary  O’Neil & Angela  Worth
Winterbay Abbey John  Bladek & Davonna Juroe
Wolf Moon Scott Jones
Wylde Danny Baram
Yellow Kamal Moo & Chris Yeazel
Yogo Nikhail Asnani
Your Ride’s Here Erik Van Der Wolf & Matt Serafini
ZomBees! Grant Oberhansli & Casey Oberhansli
Zora Maria Wilson


Concept Category

3 Mothers Nils Antoine Sambuc
Acid Rain Thomas Way
An Ordinary Silence Mylissa Fitzsimmons
April the 12th Inti Carrizo-Ortiz
Black Tree Ediberto Gonzalez
Crescent Creek Ethan Evans
Cry The Neck Celia Moodie
Deathcentralized Luca Filipi & Robert Jaworzyn
Eavesdropper Greg Sidman
Eddie and Jack Miles Unsworth
Forgive Me Father Jonathan Seymour
Getaway Laura Grey & Megan Stein
Home Tel Benjamin
House of Dagon Christopher Rabe
Joanne Kevin Wolfe
Johnny Quick Patrick Power
Kamunu Takudzwa Tarenyika
Killenials Jacob Davison
Kuumba Takudzwa Tarenyika
Monstrous Josh Korngut
Narcolepsy Porcelain Dalya
Nganga David Lee
Nowhere Station Natalie Bingham
Pelicans Ashley Strayer
Project Terrace Tony  Merkurii & Jade Widger
Sheol Jared Skolnick & Brian Lynch
Slash Forward Jared Skolnick
Some Kind of Creature Joel Donnan
Soul Walker Jeffery Thompson Jr
The Brooklyn Bruisers Head Down South Bam Johnson
The Earth Rejects Him Jared Skolnick
The Legend of Carrico Road Jeffery Thompson, Jr.
The Sexy Sinisters Jennifer Trudrung
Violet Daze Marisa Martin & Clare Langsford
Wade In the Water Bryan Saunders
Walk Among Wolves Dante Vescio
Warlock Renuka Singh
Zora Maria Wilson

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