2019 ScreenCraft Sci-Fi & Fantasy Screenplay Competition Semifinalists Announced

By May 15, 2019Blog, Contests, Featured

Listed below are the semifinalists for the screenplay and concept categories of the fifth annual ScreenCraft Sci-Fi & Fantasy Screenplay Competition, selected from nearly 1,000 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far, and thanks to everyone who submitted. The jury this year includes a development executive from 20th Century Fox, and managers from Anonymous Content, Grandview, and Mosaic.

The winner of the concept category will receive an exclusive developmental mentoring prize package with Jonathan Wu, formerly of 20th Century Fox.

Stay tuned for the upcoming announcements of the finalists and grand prize winner here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages within the next few weeks!

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Here are the semifinalists

Screenplay Category


Yonatan Berkovits
#throwbackthursday Tyrel Lougheed
Alien In My Pocket Joe Borriello
Amnesia Brian Keslin
Axium Effect Ari Dassa
Bitterroot Matthew Kaler
Blind Eye Ericka Dahm
Class Warfare Barry Ambrose & Juan Castro
Conflict Chris Webb
Crabs in a Bucket Tal Almog
Darryn The Bold and The Sword of Boldness Justin Best
Dawnbringer Derick Tsai
Descendant Chris Webb
Doran Peter Gazdag
Dragonfly Martin Hoerchner
Dream Warriors and The King in Yellow D.C. Lozar
Eat Me! Esmeralda Seay-Reynolds
Eden Chip Scott Cramer
Electric Gardens Amy Blackwelder & Bill Daly
Escape Pod Eugene La Haye & Buster La Haye
Fireflies Amanda Keener
Golems Inc Max Gee
Heartworm Miriam Louise Arens
Heroes for Hire: Discount Prices Christine Feldman
I Don’t Belong Here Ramon Antonio Olivo, Jr.
I.R.L. In Real Life Justin Shelton
Ink Ted Wilkes
Jellyfish Brian Lipko
Kinetic Kylie Eaton
Levels Adam Stern
Linoleum Colin West
Make Time Jon Medici
Mavelynn Strivener & The Elemental Bracelets Desmond Hew
Mother Inside Jesmond Francis
Next Stop Ash Mallory
Out of the Coffin Stephen O’Kane
Outsiders Dan Benamor
Pod Nabil Chowdhary
Pop Goes The World Joe Borriello
Punchbag Steven Snell
Quincy Hunter Karas
Reconnect Camryn Hernandez
Return to Providence Willem Grobler
Rio Miranda Fennimore
Rise Edward Coffey
Roland and Belinda Ralph Archibald
Rusalka Jonathan W.C. Mills
Rust Guy Pooles
Seed of Knowledge Eleonora Mignoli
Sinbad and the Mountain that Eats Men Dylan Dockery
Sleepy Darcy’s Y2K Journey to Love Lifu Chen & Davaughn Moody
Sole Survivors Don Welch
Steam Nye Green
Steam Powered Kendrick Wallace
Symbiotic Alexander Voltz
Synth Star Amanda Dreschler & Michael Livingston
T-Minus Travis Cox
The Bijou Chronicles Demetra Pittman
The Choice Machine Adam Bain & Erik Martinez
The Devil’s Symphony Scott Hamilton
The Eremite Mark Sposato
The Flip Robert Vaughn
The Hive Margaret MacDonald
The Humming Lee Whitten
The Keeper Daniel Judson
The Lady in the Lake Bryan Kelsey
The Machine Tom Harrison
The Mothman Jackson Murray
The Singularity War John McDermott
The Steven of Planet Earth David Sajadi
The Sun Ghost Arun Croll
The Tiger’s Daughter Jason Lee
The Understudy Jenna St. John
Those Who Pass Through Max Kronick & Eliza Janssen
Tingo Sage Musk
Venery Dan Benamor
Viclain Alexis Schwartz
Walk With Me Into Winter Sophia Khan

Concept Category:

12 Dead In Yolkona Elliot Seidel
Crash Course Jim Gourley
Crater City, New Mexico Michael Ruiz-Unger
Dead-Day Ben Bushell
Hurriya Trials Takudzwa Tarenyika
In Suspension Amara Mesnik
Natural Causes Martin Blinder
Nirvana Grant Harvey & Ijaaz Noohu
Peace Is The Mission Takudzwa Tarenyika
The Anthill Jessica Sinyard
The Boxcar Girls Caitlin Scherer
The Iron Gate Elliot Seidel

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