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5 Best Movies Filmed in Atlanta

by Shontel Horne on April 26, 2018

Calling Atlanta, GA the “Hollywood of the South” would not be an exaggeration: 320 film and TV projects were shot in the state of Georgia in 2017, many of which were filmed in Atlanta, resulting in more than $2.7 billion direct spending in the state. Hollywood studios have had Georgia on their mind for a decade thanks to the state’s healthy 30% tax credit incentives, which went into effect in 2008 and have been attracting major projects to Atlanta and cities throughout Georgia. Since then, the city of Atlanta alone has seen countless films and TV shows take the streets, woods, neighborhoods and soundstages of Atlanta by storm, making the city the third most popular location for production in the United States after Los Angeles and New York.

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So which films were filmed in and around Atlanta? Here are the best movies that all have roots in A-town.

Baby Driver

While hundreds of movies are shot in Atlanta, few take place in the city. Edgar Wright’s Oscar-nominated heist movie about a young getaway driver was originally set in Los Angeles, but changed to Atlanta once production was moved down south. The end result is a film that is truly distinctive to the city, highlighting local businesses, the city’s signature downtown, various neighborhoods and famous highways that allow the real Atlanta to shine. While most films and movies shot in Atlanta mask the city so that it doubles as either real or fictional locations, Baby Driver is one of the few productions that is a celebration of the city itself.

Black Panther 

The 5th Marvel Universe movie to be filmed in Atlanta, principal photography for Black Panther was shot in the city, with landmarks like Atlanta City Hall and the High Museum of Art popping up throughout the film. Much of the filming occurred on soundstages at Pinewood Atlanta Studios and Tyler Perry even opened up his new soundstage to the blockbuster film to help create the fictional land of Wakanda. Currently the 3rd highest-grossing domestic film of all time, Atlanta contributed greatly to the success of Black Panther, just don’t head to Atlanta looking for Vibranium.

Captain America: Civil War

Like fellow Marvel Universe film Black Panther, much of Captain America: Civil War was shot at Pinewood Atlanta Studios. The film also took to the streets of Atlanta for locations: The Gulch downtown was used for an action scene, The Avengers headquarters is home to a Porsche headquarters near the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, and several key scenes were filmed at the Atlanta Civic Center.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Mockingjay Part I and Part 2

Much of the three dystopian films from The Hunger Games series were shot throughout Atlanta and surrounding towns, and the city is still riding high off of the attention that came from the wildly successful franchise. The city’s historic Swan House was used as President Snow’s mansion, the old Atlanta farmers’ market was turned into District 11, and anyone that visits the Marriott Marquis will recognize the lobby as the Tribute Center. Fans that visit Atlanta can go on Hunger Games movie tours of the city, and there was once even talk of opening a theme park based on the film and books just outside of Atlanta.


Ava DuVernay’s Oscar-winning film chronicling Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s fight for social and political justice in the segregated south was filmed both on location in Selma, AL and in Atlanta and surrounding cities. Georgia Tech’s Academy of Medicine stood in for the front of a courthouse, while Marietta Square was also the filming location for key scenes throughout the film. Additional filming also took place in nearby Covington, GA.

Shontel has been a freelance writer covering entertainment, travel, luxury, beauty and the arts since 2011. She has written for half a dozen Modern Luxury publication magazines, POPSUGAR,, Forbes Travel Guide, The Daily Meal, Travel Noire and many other media outlets. 

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