2018 Orb Media Group China-Hollywood Screenwriting Fellowship Quarterfinalists Announced

By February 19, 2018Blog, Featured

Today we announce the quarterfinalists for the second annual Orb Media China-Hollywood Screenwriting Fellowship, who have been selected to advance to the second round of consideration for the awards. The semifinalists, finalists and recipients will be selected and announced within the next several weeks.

Orb Media Group will select two (2) winners who will each be offered an option fee, one of which will be at least WGA minimum (up to $13,374) against a six-figure purchase price at WGA scale contingent on production (up to $133,739 each, depending on the final budget of each film). Orb Media Group and its partners will financially back and develop the projects for production and distribution with partners in China and the United States. The recipients will be provided with round-trip travel to the Shanghai International Film Festival in June 2018 to participate in special training and mentorship programs in partnership with the Shanghai Film School.

Congratulations to these talented screenwriters! Stay tuned for the upcoming semifinalists announcement, here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

731 Brady Nelson
‘Til We Meet Again Russell Chan
#CLOUDMAN Craig Rosenthal
20/20: Search for Independence Harold Brown
40 Millimeter Steve Hochman
A Signfcant Life Babatunde Ojo
A Woman Abroad Amy Kersten
Absolute Advantage Mark Layne
Akasha: The Record Keeper Laura Lance
All American Kid Dominic Zhai, Wen Ren
Arcane Sebastian Watson
Arriving Home Shutan Ren
AR魔法时代 Po Chi Hsu
Aviatrix Bob Shayne
Bandits, Bullets, and a Whole Lotta Bad! Phillip Rogers
Beneath the Banyan Tree Li Yang
Call Of The Brazos Charles Crawford
Chemical Attraction Alan Field
China Gold Dan Schieberl
Conspiracy of Silence Kenneth Howard
Dax Michael Clark
Defend The Goose Island Weiwei Zhang
Dragon Ranger Christopher Dane
Dynasty Warrior Joshua Redfield
Eagle & Dragon Jason Skorski
End Game Justine Beed
English Please… Jason Chan
Exploit Mark Anderson
Finding Jason Washington Christina Chiu
Flagpole Ryan Curtin
Flying Tiger David Bryant Perkins
Foxed James Stewart
Geneva’s Valentine Sheila Robinson
Glimpse Glenn Acosta
Good Night Butterfly Scott Corbett
Gunmetal Black Dennis Venter
HaoWen & Molly Olivia Sblendorio
Hero Russell DeGrazier
Heroes of Yunnan Mark Renie
Ho Chi Minh Is Dead Maggie Hames
Hoof Michael Harris
In Danger Paul Allen III, Charles Giglia
Jack Bo Svenson
Knight’s Bridge Richard Alvarez
Kuan Yin and the Min River Bridge Kathryn Kyker
Land of the Forgotten Souls Shirley Warke
Land That We Love Julian Awoonor Renner
Last Contact Charles Crawford
Lift Ashley Quach
Mass Exodus Jon Sanhueza
My China Idol Shuo Zhang
My Father’s People Adrien Leduc
My Intergalactic Field Trip Adam Towne
Newton in China Leqi Kong
One China John Martins III
Operation Stormy Weather Martin Bernard Foley
Payola Edward Klau
Persuasion Kim Scupham
Prizzly Mary Katzke
Project Theseus Josh Mabie
Rainbow Zheng Zheng
Red Light Dempsey Tillman
Relics Alverne Ball
Rise of the Tiger Fred Skupenski
Rogue Robot Alison Kelly
Secret Service William Hyland
Shaolin Nanny Todd Weinger
Shish Kebab Western Yaron Yarkoni
Shrunken Master Salim Salajee
Silver Wings A.W. ‘Tony’ Scott
Sleeping Bears Dennis Foley
Sleeping Lotus by Elwood Kondert Helmut Metzger
Son David Bornstein, Trevor Davies
Special Guest Aharon Kampe
Stringer Andrea Janakas
Taipei snoewd cheng ching wang
The Bird Poacher Chun-Pin Tsai
The Bride’s Wedding Nikki Cole
The City of Cats Boon Siang Lim
The Dead Sea Kevin Bachar
The Deliverer Ross Denyer
The Dream Monster Super Fighting Guy David Storey
The Emperor’s Tomb A.W. Nicholas
The Flowering Ryan Weatrowski
The Girl, the Monk and the Cloud Land Shasha Li
The Golden Dragon Massacre Ryan Chong
The Great Divide Lindsay Sparks
The Halo Effect Eric DelaBarre
The Last Deer Steven Hoerger
The Lost Prince Brev Tanner
The Mirror Bosco Kim
The Monkey King Galen Tong
The Moon Rabbit Alexandra Timmer
The Panjiayuan Diary Tim Plaehn
The Path Jon Smith
The Puddle Jumper arla bowers
The Quality of a Memory Austin Nordell
The Secret Detectives Neil Knox
The Warror Queen Yor-El Francis
The Westchester Boys Kevyn Richmond
Tiger, Tiger Mark Stouffer
Time Jumping for Newbies Steven Skinner
Tongzhi Abigail Green
Unjust Lands Joshua Cavalier
Vertical Eric Christopherson
Violate Judah Neiditch
Western Scriptures Jerry Redfield III
White Lies Helmut Metzger
Winter Jasmine Jennifer Cooney
Wolfblood Jaime Silverman
Zero Day Zachary Grashin, Joe Harkins
九州羽祭  Xinghua Sun
九州荒祭 Xinghua Sun
回溯危機 Cheok Lon Ho
埋葬 Ke Wang
恶魔的游戏 Xiaoyu Duan
我最爱的老外 Robert Kaufman
拳是為了你  Jack Huang
着我旧时裳 Jia Huo
腊梅  Wei Liu
记忆死刑 QI Dong Peng
貌合神离 Dengxian Cow
那些把我们冲昏头脑的男人们  Yixue Wang
雙活  Ai-Lun Huang