2017 ScreenCraft Screenwriters Residency Program in Jamaica Quarter-Finalists Announced

Listed below are the quarter-finalists in contention for the 4 full scholarships to the inaugural ScreenCraft Screenwriters Residency Program in Treasure Beach, Jamaica, presented by the Calabash Literary Festival and the Jamaica Film & Television Association (JAFTA).

These writers listed below remain in contention to be selected for our full scholarship program which will provide four (4) screenwriters with free tuition to this six-day program in Jamaica, featuring mentorship with an all-star group of Hollywood professionals. Mentors include: Vanessa Ford from the Weinstein Company, screenwriters Peter Craig (THE TOWN, HUNGER GAMES MOCKINGJAY), Geoffrey Fletcher (OSCAR-winning writer of PRECIOUS), TV screenwriter and showrunner Zack Estrin (PRISON BREAK, new LOST IN SPACE on Netflix), Sony Pictures VP Eric Fineman and literary manager Hannah Ozer from Kaplan/Perrone Management

Congratulations to the talented writers who have made it this far, and thank you to everyone who submitted.

Stay tuned for the semifinalists announcement here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages within the next couple weeks. We’re accepting ten additional tuition-paying applicants until June 15th, 2017. Click here to apply now

Congratulations to these talented quarter-finalists: 

#In28Days Zachary Carson
00:16 to Shinjuku Eric McEver
10 Bucks A Gram Nadia Selvaggi
Adam Kodi-Anne Brown
Almost Kiana Butler
Anointed Randy Mckinnon
At Death's Door - Pilot Matthew Catanzano
At-Risk Robbie Robertson
Blown Jill Miller
Baggage Ryan Elkins
Bamboo Paper Su Ching Teh
Becoming Aphrodite  Karin Maxey
Beginner's History Emily Cheever
Belief Kris Kosaka
Birthday Pie Arthur Wooten
Blame It On The Bossa Nova Mark Bowes
Blindsighted Leslie Henderson
Blood Brothers Peter Hunziker
Blue On Blue David Dasilma
Blue Watch Andrew Judge
Bluefields Mezan Morrison
Bo$$ Moms Chanté Bowser
Botany Bay Eleanor Burgess
Broad Tree Gun Club Luke McKenzie
Broken Head Clare Sladden
Castel Montini Maria Cozzi
Choking Back The Tears Oren Weitz
Claude Hannah Patterson
Colonials Ian Fletcher
Conversations with Gunner Nadine Truong
Covered Oscar Wilmott
Crossing Borders April Adams
Curtain Call TJ King
Darknet Jake Bradbury
Default Hannah Dillon
Detroit Breakdown: Then It Was Dark Gary Allison
Device CJ Pelham
Divine Providence Ann Rosen
Dorian Keryl Brown
Dreamlanders Angela Magnus
El Dorado Juanita Cepero
Endangered Species Paul Bucknor
Enemyway Patricia Meyer
Etched in Stone Adam Fidler
Eternalizing Chihiro Liam Engels
Ethel & Dolores Yanique Sappleton
Evolution Cara Winter
Face Time Robert Tobin
Fairhaven Kurt Wright
Fated Sara OReilly
FuturePerfect Kimon Koufogiannis
Game Boy Barney Elliott
Greenwood Nathan Patton
H is for Happiness Lisa Hoppe
Hawk Thomas Graziano
Hell May-Mei Lee
Holly Springs Maria Edible
How to Deter a Robber Maria Bissell
Induction: Pilot Joseph Duerst
Inhibition Holly Baldwin
Iron Maidens John Smith
Jack's Final Five Michael Grimm
Jail Bound Amelia Solommon
Kukhuree (Chicken) Rodney Wilson
Leche Gabriella Moses
Little Con Lili Gabriela Garcia Medina
Mad Like Me Melinda Maerker
Malediction Leslie Henderson
Man in the Box Casey Lehto
Martyr Scott Pittock
Meet Cute Mariyam Mahbub
Mercurial Edison Bailey
Middle America Joe Fernandez
Most High Xavier Neal-Burgin
Mount Pleasant Cat Dale
Necromancer Alec Liddle
Overtaken Matthew Weddis
Paradise Lost Amy Taylor
Pilgrimage Heather Huntington
Poly Merridith Allen
Portcullis Eveline Powell
Provenance Tiffany Ho
Resonance Julie Restivo
Rebel Junction Anika Jarrett
Red Legs Justen Naughton
Reggae Krystal Dawkins
Ripple Heather Faris
Rise By Sin Harris Kauffman
Roommates Andrew Anderson
ROSE Chris Caleo
Scattering Jake Erica Tachoir
Secret and Confidential Ben Maraniss
Sedger Mor Catherine Wright
Seriously?! Jodi Asadourian
Shady Birch Nichole Kanney
Shelf Life Leslie Henderson
Shoot The Girl Tony Hendriks
Sinclair Roddy Williams
Six Letter Word Lisanne Sartor
Some Elsewhere Tessa Duke
Somnia Danielle Davis
SOUP Robert Porter
Southern Cross Vin Morreale
St. Claire Jessica Sieff
Stone Drive Sylvia Marie Llewellyn
Strawberry Lassi Lovinder Gill
Super! Tate Hanyok
Take Me to Church Caren Day
Taking Liberties Lauren Volpone
The 30: Pilot Michael Wickham
The Bell Nan Dillon
The Charmed Life of Mrs. Conroy Amir Mohabbat
The Consultant Hannah Fitzpatrick
The Dance of the Bull Alex Hodgson
The Desert Jewel Aimee Johnson
The Forest Kaz Cai
The Hanging of Marie-Joseph Angelique Shelley Krawchuk
The Jane Collective Lisa Romagnoli
The Joyrider Kirk Davis
The Lean Pearse Lehane
The Lions of Mesopotamia Robin Rose Singer
The Lowrie Gang Andy Froemke
The Magdalene Ranch: Hustle Up, Buttercup Charlotte Winters
The Roar Lynsey Murdoch
The Schleck Family Wrestling Alliance Ryan DeGama
The Seashell Sutra Matthew Wanniski
The Tenth And Final Christopher Browne
TheDIVISION Clea Frost
Time Again Derek Foster
To Take a Life Phill Lane
Tree House Jay Mullings
Tucked Dale Winton
Up Yours, Bridet Jones Pippa Hinchley
We Killed the Boss Alana Igbe
Weimar Ben Maraniss
Western Approaches Andrew Judge
What Rough Beast Kranti Pally
Within Our Gates Dustin Amick
Wonderfully Extraordinary & Excitingly Strange Forrest Naylor
World War III: Age of Atlantis Jose Arana
Yellow Zara Meerza
Yesterday's Rainbow Gretchen Hayduk-Wroblewski