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Learn the Pixar "Art of Storytelling"

by ScreenCraft on February 24, 2017

For all the Pixar fans (and – let’s face it – aren’t we all?), there’s some exciting news: Pixar Animation Studios has launched a free online resource covering the art of storytelling.

The "Art of Storytelling" is the third season of the Pixar in a Box series on Khan Academy. This latest season of video lessons is led by Pete Docter (Inside Out, Monsters, Inc.), Mark Andrews (Brave, The Incredibles), and other filmmakers from your favorite Pixar movies.

The aim of the “Art of Storytelling” is to provide tips, straight from the pros, on how to make stories emotionally appealing, create compelling characters, and build unique worlds. Each lesson module includes videos, exercises, and hands-on activities to guide you from an initial idea to a final storyboard.

In the introductory video, Pete Docter explains, "This season of Pixar in a Box is about how we at Pixar tell our stories, in hopes that it will inspire you to tell yours."

Watch the full video here:

We're also partial to this video, Advice for Storytellers:

The first of six modules is available now through online-education platform Khan Academy. The rest of the lessons will roll out over this year.

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