Fall 2016 Short Film Production Fund Semifinalists Announced!

By September 10, 2016Blog, Featured

The following projects have been shortlisted as semifinalists to be recipients of the 2016 Fall ScreenCraft Short Film Production Fund backed by Bondit. Culled from more than 600 submissions, the scripts in contention are listed below. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far, and stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of the fund recipients, on here, our Facebook and Twitter pages, and via @Bondit_film.


After School Special by David Gerard Gelineau

Archibald 2.0 by Bérangère Tosello

Autonomous by Nicholas Bartleet

Black Doves by Jonathan Martin Machado

Blue Fire by Nick Ronan

Broken Wings by Halima Lucas

Clouds by Matthew Kunkel

Cuts (Less Is More) by Antonio Weiss

D.D.R. Driver by Adetokumboh M’Cormack, Justin Janowitz & Matt Feit (story by Adetokumboh M’Cormack & Cullen McGraw

Death Catcher by Kenny Wright Jr.

Death Of A Telemarketer by Khaled Ridgeway

Del Rio, Texas by Abhiraj Trivedi

Double Secret by Shani Heckman

Eleven Seventy-Two by Derek Deems (story by Will Allen and Derek Deems)

Eyes Open by Alberto Mascia & Francesca Moino

Father Greg by John Marsico and Ben McManus

Figment by Peter Stass

Flop by Nick Coleman

Forever by Joyce Sherrí

Found by Aegin Ray Jamir

Ghost Stories by Caylor Klinkenborg and Michael Marin

Going Home by Nir Shelter

Good Men by Jordan Parrott

Half Nelson by Daniele Dohring & Ruben Languren

Haria’s Worlds by Houssein Hijazi

Himiko by Ilaria Fravolini

Joel y Sofía by Jeremiah Nseyo

One More Ride by William Morgan Coxford

Petrichor by Julia Rowland

Re-Quest by W.R. Buschel

Road Ends At My School by Sunil Neelawar

Roof Knocking by Lucas Abrahao

Rupture by Samuel James & Dwayne Kemete

Silver Age by Kevin Erhard (story by Michael Chrisco)

Sister by Alison C. Hall

The Auteur by Jason Skorski & Matt McHugh & Aran Singh

The Chocolate Kandinsky by Suzanne Griffin

The Gazebo by Richard Willett

The Limit Of Wooded Country by Greg Takoudes

The Real Thing by Brandon Kelley

The Road Less Traveled by Bridget LaMonica

The Terrible Ixmuth by Dwight Evan Young

The Underneath by Grant Chemidlin

The Unwishing Well by Dwight Evan Young

Thick As Blood by Chuck Sterling

True Blue by Chris Osborn

Watch Room by Michael Koehler

Within The Eye Of Fire by Sebastian Watson

Yes, God, Yes by Karen Maine


Anti-Social by Alexis Pelot & Jessica Coleman

Banana Show by Jason Skorski & Matt McHugh & Aran Singh

Black Tea by Seanna Ladd & Mike Robinson

Poppy The Elephant by Holly Hargreaves

Sweat by Jordan Ledy

Terms & Conditions by Dezera Page & Jymmi Willoughby

Uber Driver From Hell by Tino Lucente

Wheelies by Bob Canning