Announcing the 2015 ScreenCraft Family-Friendly Screenplay Contest Quarter-Finalists

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We are genuinely excited to announce the quarter-finalists of our 2015  ScreenCraft Family-Friendly Screenplay Contest! Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far, and thanks to everyone who submitted.  Stay tuned for the upcoming announcements of the semifinalists and grand prize winners here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

3D at the Palace by Kent Wilson

Afua the Dreamer by Richard Essilfie-Bondzie

A Leg Up by Isabel Holtreman Baldree

All Happy Families by McEnaney

A Setter Dog by John McGrath

A Squirell’s Dream by David (Nicholas) Hartmann

Awkworld by Colin Costello

A Zillian Zaboodles by Phyllis Heltay

Bad Elf  by John Rae

Badgarth’s Promise by Dan Doyle

Because It’s Fun by Geoff Allen

Being Ernest by Harley Wallis

Beneath the Surface by Gustavo Marcolla

Betwixt and Between: The True Origins of Peter Pan by Kenneth Wayne Wood

Bigger by Brian Rauch

Big Red by Brennig Hayden

Billy Jean Rocker by David Birkenhead

Billy Pip and His Magical Trip by Richard Guimond & Woody Woodman

Billy’s Valentine by Karen Frank

Beautiful Joe by Rodney Gibbons

Better Ask Esther Chow by Christopher Boyce

Bob Dooley by Margina Sisson

Bo Peep! by Waka T. Brown 

Boy from the Sea by John Woodard

Bronx Zoo by Steven Jon Whritner

Buck and the Angel by James C. Schlicker

Buddy, A Dog of New Orleans by Lynn Esta Goldman

Catch! by Jerry Nield

Catfish Creek by Deana Costner

Chasing Tin by Tony Goss

Christmas Inc. by Nora Dunn & Richard Marshall

Christopher Dean Ron W. Stewart

Claws, Paws, and a Blue Macaw by Theresa Giese

Clio’s Fair by Christopher Robertsson

Conjuror Woods by Joseph Forbes

Crossing Alone by Steven Hoerger

Debbie the Viking by Graham Parke

Dee by Hugh Brownstone

Digby by Peter D. Fraser

Donny Q by David Prybil

Don’t Open ‘Til Christmas by Nick Sidorovich

Dreamland by Jason D. Morris, Colby Heyer & Jeremia Draper

Dreamship by Paul E. Zeidman

Duet by Steve Lipkin

Eagle Heart by Mark Deslonde

Fantasy Football by Richard Klein

Fearless and Fluffy by Dilpreet Kaur Walia

Finding Distance by Daniel Levitan & Jodi Levitan

Finding Kempster by Bill Lanisek

Flipped by Abe Frank

Get Berty by Paul Mottishaw

Glitter and Gold by Lloyd Lee Barnett

Goners by Geoffrey Uhl

Hack Mom by Tal Almog

Happy Holidays from the Biggers by Ginia Desmond

Hare by Michael Quintana

Henry’s Amazing Machine by Dayle Dodds

Hidden Star by Colette Jeffs

I Blame Juliet by H.B. Fish

I’m a Believer by Paul Marx

In My Sister I Trust by Chari Vaswani

Izzy by Ian Kaye

Janitors vs. Monsters by Pat Carey

Jingletown by Dale Trujillo

Joy to Z World by Christopher Redwine

Kids Rule by Jill Gurr

Kissin’ Kuzins by Deana Costner

Land of Unknowns by Eric Warczinsky

Larry, Lord of Darkness by Jeff Hand

Lite Knight by Danny Ruta & Allan Johnston

Local Sugar by Andrew Garrett

Losing Arthur by Paul Mendelson

Lucky Penny by Jason Knight

Maestro! Maestro! by Frederick Calvert

Manly Guys Club by David Ernesto Vendrell, Matt Hawksworth & William Connor Devlin

Miracleville by Phyllis Heltay

Mission 405 by S.E. Dryden

Monsterkind by Jeff Delaney

Moon Camp by John Edward Uth

MoonCurser by Leia Vogelle

Moses of the Mississippi by C.W. Bennett

Mr. Cotton by Dale E. Turner

My Monster Burrufu by Alberto Corral

My Sister the Alien by Rhonda M. Hall

Nice by Jack Sekowski& Maria Veltre

No Thanks by Brian A. Webster & Ann E. Eskridge

Normal Hero by Lorenzo Colonna

Nuts! by Kevan C. Peterson

Off the Hook by John Arvai

Officer Byrd by Al Aidekman

On the Track of Unknown Animals and Other Curiosities by Rick Mitchell & Matt Quinn

Operation Black Christmas by David D. Jones

Operation Ice Cream Truck by Colin J. Stevenson

Owney by Wayne Johnson

P by Georgette Long

Patchwork by Amanda Keener

Peely’s Shadow by Bookie Daniels and Julia Ward

Planet Goop by Stephanie Munn-Tsukada

Pond 108 by Teju Prasad

Pop Up Kids by Lois June Wickstrom and Jean Lorrah

Puck Fair by Patrick Flanagan

Quest for Light, Adventure of the Magi Byron Anderson

Quirk of the Dead by Seyi Odusanya

Rabbit Rescue by Phil Lowe

Rainbow Unicorn Heart Power by Vicki Peterson

Repairing the Inevitable by R.S. Felland

Rocket & Flutter by Duane Piedmont

Rocket by John Cunningham

Rogue Hero: Or How I Got My Mom Her Job Back by Jimmy Kelly

Rudi by Michael Gibney

Rugistan by Joel Bernard Karlinsky

Sadie Hawkins Dae by Melissa L. White

Sammy Claus by Frank V. Furino

Sand Castle Dreams by Jesse Griffith

Scouting Boys by Tate Hanyok

Scouts by Sean T. Hide

Searching for Snowmen by Nic Sridej

Secret Agent Mom by Isabel Holtreman Baldree

Shear Luck by Mark M. Osburn

Signs of Warning by Taylor Albertson

Silver Alert by Deana Costner

Skater Girl by Nancy Duff & Helena Lamb

Skater Girl by Philip Suraci, Jr.

Skweaky the Email Bunny by Colin Holmes

Sky Thief by Jamie Barthol

Snow-Joes by Carey Mark Watkins

Snow White and the Seven Hounds by Saara Lamberg

Socks by Pat Carey, Duncan McIntosh & Tyler Theofilos

Spice (The Variety of Life) by L.B. Londagin

Spookwood Academy by Jim Lopezzo

Staycation by Sundae Jahant-Osborn

Stone’s Gambit by Craig Berger

Strange and Inexplicable Event of Elliot Finley by Pamela M Hebert

Stubby by Joseph Warner

Team Bandit by Anthony DeCapite

Texas Magic by Joseph Neibich

The Clean-Up Crew by Daniel Blair

The Door by Robert Cox

The Duke of Oz by Duane Piedmont

The Edge of the World by Matthew Hawksworth

The Fairy Tale Field Guide by Siobhan Marsh

The Ghost of Green Isle by Phyllis Heltay

The Great Kentino by Charles Kowalski

The Invention Of Flying by Eugenia Lomakina

The Last Pharaoh by Laurie Ashbourne

The Local by Christina Pamies

The Magic Mind of Mr. Montgomery by Douglas King

The Mask Maker by Francesca Lusuardi

The Muffin Conundrum by Diana Lee Woody

The Paper Odyssey by Joshua Grover, David Patterson & Stephen Unger

The Perfect Price by Jamie Koogler

The Prophecy of Pinta Island by Kathleen Tolley

The Slimies by Jeff Delaney

The Treehouse by Dave Blamy

The Unprincess Tale by Christina Pamies

The Wall by Anne-Marie Caluwaertand Dominic Carver

Three by Mark Hudelson

Time Upon A Once by Angelo Campos

Time Tourists by Josh Miller

Tippy the Elf by William Sikorski Jr. &William Sikorski III

Tooned Around by Nicholas Palmieri

Torito by Nicolas Ardanaz

To the Rescue by Christopher Boyce

Trader and Jack by D.M. Kamecke

Tranquility by Harry Kleinman

Trapped in Tuscany by Jennifer Rapaport

Treefort by Rich Dalmas 

Tumbleweed by Richard Dane Scott

Tuttleson’s Haunted Toy Store by Bradford Richardson

Under a Blue Moon by Carol Sabik-Jaffe

Unleashed by Danielle Silvie Gershberg

Wardrobe Function by Heidi Burris

Werepups! by Allison Moon

We Three Teens by Diane Lansing

When Swords Heal by Dr. Patrick Johnston

Wild Heart by Marc Calderwood

Young Hunters by Karl Shefelman

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