Announcing the ScreenCraft Short Film Production Fund!

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Are you writing a short film screenplay that you plan to direct or produce yourself?  Do you want financing and professional guidance?

Today we’re excited to announce our new Short Film Production Grant Program!  In partnership with BondIt, a film and media fund based in Beverly Hills, we’re giving a new production grant to our favorite short screenplay every few months!  Apply below.

We’re offering between four and ten production grants per year to talented filmmakers for short film and online series that display originality, vision and exceptional potential. Grant amounts will vary from $10,000 (ten thousand dollars) to $20,000 (twenty thousand dollars) depending on the scale and merit of the project. We also offer matching funds for crowd-funding campaigns.

This program includes creative development from the ScreenCraft team and production guidance and industry resources from BondIt and Buffalo 8 Productions.


We’re looking for projects containing 3 important elements:

  1. An excellent short screenplay with a unique voice
  2. An impressive producing team and/or director with a strong vision statement
  3. Great adaptation potential for the short film to be eventually made to a feature film or TV series

Tell us about yourself! Along with your short screenplay, please upload a letter that expresses your vision for your project. This letter is meant to help the judges get a sense of your creative vision and professional experience. If you’ve made a short film before, feel free to include a link.  Make your cover letter as fun or formal as you like. We recommend 1-2 pages in length.

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ScreenCraft is a Los-Angeles based media company dedicated to helping screenwriters and filmmakers succeed through competitions, events and educational content.

BondIt is a film and media fund with recent film credits including “Sharknado“, “Wild Horses” (starring James Franco and Robert Duvall) “31” (directed by Rob Zombie), “By Way of Helena” (starring Woody Harrelson, Liam Hemsworth and William Hurt) & “The Invitation” (SXSW winner).