You Don’t Have To Be An A**H*** to Make It

By October 16, 2014 No Comments

We’ve all heard the stories. Power agents screaming on the phones, diva actresses throwing tantrums, and producers tossing full Diet Coke cans through big screen TVs when their film opens number two at the box office. Hollywood often gets a bad rap.

One thing you’ll consistently hear in advice columns and throughout the industry is not to burn bridges, but rather to keep those avenues open when you want to find representation, new work, or even need advice.

Even though outsiders may paint Hollywood in a certain light, it is important to remember that the majority of the people here got where they are not because they were jerks but because they were nice. They took their licks, worked hard, put in the hours, and kept lines of communication open instead of shutting them down as they grew.

Everyone out here has a story about an awful job, an absurd coffee run, or a boss who was crazy, but the people who get to tell those stories are the ones who endured it all with a smile. The people who remembered their boss takes Equal, not Splenda, and did the best they could to meet the insane demands. Those are the people that rose up and treated their assistants well and eventually, had enough people that generally liked them to get their own executive or high-powered creative position.

No matter where writing takes you, it is important to remember that while it is entertaining to hear stories about the temperamental writers, the vagabonds and the  eccentrics, they aren’t usually the ones who are consistently employed. Like the video says, you don;t have to be an a**h*** to succeed.