Short Film Spotlight: MEDIATION by Francisco Lorite

We’re excited to showcase a short film this month called MEDIATION.  Bringing a unique passion to his craft and desire to make his mark, award-winning Spanish filmmaker Francisco Lorite is a filmmaker to keep an eye on.
The film had recent screenings at The LA & NY Filmmaker Film Fest, The Sunscreen Film Festival,  and The 14th Annual Beverly Hills Film Festival, and has has just been chosen as a 2014 official selection at the 8th Annual Manhattan Film Festival June 19 – July 3 
“Mediation” is the first project released by the brand new Film/TV production company entitled Top Rebel Productions – the brainchild of Francisco Lorite, actor Freddy Rodriguez (Six Feet Under”, “Night Shift”) and veteran producer Bill Winett.
The short tells the story of a divorce mediation that spirals completely out of control for a husband (Freddy Rodriguez), his soon-to-be ex-wife (Marley Shelton) and their court-appointed mediator (Lola Anthony).  Tackling the age-old question “how far would one go for love?”, Lorite shows that love has no boundaries – a theme very much remaining current and newsworthy most notably with the ongoing Pistorius trial.
You can check out the trailer for MEDIATION here:

MEDIATION (30 second trailer) from Top Rebel Productions on Vimeo.

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