The Top 15 Movie Easter Eggs

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While watching a movie, have you ever noticed a surprising cameo of a celebrity actor, or something specific playing on a TV screen in the background?  These “Easter eggs” are little inside jokes. Filmmakers include them to reward viewers who watch closely – and to celebrate their own craft.  Do you include “easter eggs” in your screenplay?

Here’s our list of the top 15 movie Easter eggs.

15) Scar in Hercules

Disney films have so many Easter eggs that they could have their own list, but here’s a tiny sample. The hide of Scar from The Lion King shows up in Hercules.

14) Sam Raimi’s car in all of his movies

Sam Raimi puts his car in seemingly every movie he’s involved with.

13) Nemo in Monsters Inc.

Easter eggs in Pixar films could be another list, but here’s a Nemo doll (with a bonus Toy Story truck) in Monsters Inc.

12) Freddy Krueger’s hand in Evil Dead 2

Did you spot Freddy’s iconic glove in Evil Dead 2?

11) Roland Deschain in The Mist

Roland, the protagonist of The Dark Tower, makes an appearance in another Stephen King creation, The Mist.

10) E.T. in Star Wars Episode 1

E.T.’s planet apparently has representatives in the galactic senate.

9) Batman in Watchmen

The opening of Watchmen contains a few Batman references. Here you can see “Bat Man” posters on the wall. Also, the scene is set up to look like Nite Owl is saving the Mr. and Mrs. Wayne from getting murdered.

8) Batman/Superman poster in I Am Legend

As Will Smith hunts in a post-apocalyptic Times Square, you can see a poster for a Batman vs. Superman movie, even though I Am Legend came out in 2007. The logo turned out to be pretty accurate!

7) Pac Man in Tron

You can see Pac Man on the map in this Tron scene.

6) The Shining carpet in Toy Story

Did you ever notice that the carpet in Sid’s house in Toy Story is the same as in The Shining? Now you know!

5) Waldo in Apocalypto

Where’s Waldo? Apparently in a Mayan mass grave! You have to freeze frame to catch this one.

4) R2D2 in Star Trek into Darkness

Look carefully at this Star Trek into Darkness scene.

3) Black Swan rave scene

If you freeze-frame through this scene, you can see Natalie Portman being stalked by characters from the movie.

2) R2D2 and C3PO in Raiders of the Lost Ark

R2D2 sure gets around!

1) The Alien Head in Predator 2

And lastly, the Easter egg that sparked an entire franchise.

How many of them did you spot yourself? How many were new to you? What are some of your favorite Easter eggs?

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