VIDEO: Future of “Genre” Filmmaking – Budget Level and Distribution

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At our recent panel on “Genre” Filmmaking at Screamfest in North Hollywood, Peter DeBruge asked our panelists about how the “genre” (action and horror) business has changed over the years.  In this video clip Lucy Mukerjee (development executive at After Dark Films) discusses how budget levels on genre films have decreased, as well as the amount that distributors are willing to pay for the films.  Don Handfield (screenwriter, director and producer with actor Jeremy Renner at The Combine) discusses “packaging themes” whether in an action movie or a survival movie.  “Horror movies are going to guarantee people a scare… and if you can deliver more than that, then that’s the golden ticket.”  Garrick Dion (executive at Bold Films) discusses “The Hole,” a good film that was nonetheless a disappointing business venture in the United States despite being a family-friendly, fun movie in 3D with great production value.  Listen to more great clips from the event on our podcast episode #22, and watch the video clip below:

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