Film Independent’s List of Filmmakers to Follow on Twitter

By October 31, 2013Blog, Hollywood News

Film Independent announced their list of top independent filmmakers to follow on Twitter.   Some great names, but who did they leave out?

Here’s their list:

@Shadowandact – One of our favorite Indiewire blogs.

@RylandAldrich – Twitch Film insider.

@ChaseWhale – “Film critic turned film pusher…”

@lenadunham – The girl behind Girls.

@Miranda_July – Future expert.

@errolmorris – One of Ebert’s favorite filmmakers.

@rianjohnson – Vince Gilligan is a fan.

@MarkDuplass – Lynn Shelton is a fan.

@davidwain – Director of our upcoming Live Read!

@pattonoswalt – Hilarious.

@douggpound – Editor of the funniest stuff on TV.

@RashisTVUgly – Angelina Jolie’s body double.

@lizmeriwether – Claims to be LL Cool J’s daughter.

@mattzollerseitz – Film lover, film writer.

@thompowers – Film curator at the Toronto International Film Festival.

@GreatDebasers – Reliving your favorite movies on your behalf.


I think it’s a great start but how about these independent film legends








And some truly independent emerging filmmakers and industry professionals including:






And MANY more!  Who should we add to our list?


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Here’s the link to Film Independent’s List 


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